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  1. Have '10 Tahoe and '05 1500. '10 axle seals went at 50k miles. '05 1500 has 130k on it. just changed the oil in differential few months back. In October it started to leak. its axle seals. so looking in to if they make a better seal? I would think on the '05 are the original ones. . thinking might as well get same Acdelco ones if there is not a better product out there.
  2. what ac delco part number do I need? 2005 1500 5.3 L crew cab and Vin T. only difference from $160 one to $300 one is level sensor? is that needed or re use the old one ?
  3. Ground wire was the issue. Not 1 but 2 problems on 1 wire. One on the front and other was on back of the motor.
  4. Now it will start up fine and once it gets warm it shuts off.
  5. 2005 5.3l 1500 130k on it. The other day going off an off ramp the truck quit and would not re fire. turned over but would not fire. checked fuel pressure at motor and it had it. it has enough fuel pressure. changed the crank sensor and that was not the issue. its throwing no codes. so what could it be? something electrical?
  6. Have a '05 here with same issue. Almost ran in to the front of the barn and thought truck was not going to stop. so pulled the fuse. I think the sensor on wheel bearing went bad and that is also a sign that the wheel bearing is going bad also.
  7. Update on this. I took it to a shop and they found a broken wire under the driver seat.
  8. all I did was put JB weld over the hole in the cover on the outside. This week I did take it to a transmission shop. They said they do a lot of them. They tore it all apart and fixed it with the kit, new chain and cover.
  9. how long does JB weld last? just ptt some on the hole.
  10. narrowed it down its a short in a wire not sure what wire. blew a 50 amp fuse. twice.
  11. what about leasing a new one have you thought of that?
  12. Had a similar problem problem here. Gas smell and no idea where it was coming from. Found it was the fuel line on top of transmission that had rusted out.
  13. more diagnosing now have no power to front seats and still not on passenger side of the truck what controls that power?
  14. You can turn off the AFM with a plugin thing for obd port.

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