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  1. I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 that the stereo went Waco in. It goes into the scan mode on it's own, and I cannot use the stereo at all. I purchased a used stereo from Ebay, but I need to know how to unlock it. Does anyone here know how to do it without getting ripped off from the dealer? My stereo is pictured below.
  2. Would this scanner work on my 2013 Sierra? They don't indicate which software it comes with, but they say "Latest Software" https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tech2-Scanner-Diagnostic-tool-for-GM-cars-trucks-SAAB-etc/254841357062?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3b55ba8306:g:mvwAAOSwAXhgCkN2&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkrDx%2B2NLp21dg6hHbHAkGMZNLKY93QliFSiF%2Fr4bsN11zNFtEldo8es%2BBPzyx3tboT6V8DLC0Hjxy30PIodTM1iZfc8wnf0pchfixtLM4lFhfl12Ydb7ihr3iXxLpV0CHkGMz2HzdNz3sYXKIezR4vbGvDrVX7fGiPdXkUw8eRTQUhHC%2BUgBCtROIJj7IU3J4ulcins6gOja5a0XkeW7NHAdLlTI50UXgVSMrzyM4BWg3LkzhKiKClzxnvGpdkVJYgClwUrxxMaIzA9S45KQSiJ0fqs9YXb06nggvuWwkZ4ivKDC1PCqAy%2BMjmgTpSfYVTWl5BvkSzA8rYk0OkmtOqMshNxImEIT1hWRi0eX46547h8v3%2FPgSPnL70n%2B7bRYZI5aSd6XKdVLuayvN6T6hFZri6%2B0qadXuKWDIhzMjrss9TzMQNLObJJxVGVfX4Q8K%2F%2FrfODmtnDSqluraWFRBvxEhvqYEwxdXN0V25RywJ0SY8Gve7oHMKEkr8SMMgbOQtELkOQvXAs0C7Cf9Z%2FcINHxb6zDeBjmrt%2BskF8mYpQoqqdQn%2BbbaOSkBBt6jTX%2BfbAuwia6wpp6%2BxVQrnO5%2FH%2BdaCdxmtjiXctyUBTaSJne%2BZV0k2nFKvfdNrzKZpUmSxjbix8cf2JWuHeYndrG%2BG8MRWubWf6JZrx5iss%2FPSvnOlZkJ4gZ5lItafoPTJPZo%2BEvbC6Ou2ekHRVeIiCuoYqajP9ORcAohRQsI13RGG6OCMUF4MVc7rClr5rKLd0w3Ro6XIzgnXDIMCUokXOxiLQ%3D%3D|cksum%3A254841357062d4e0abf72add400890ba8e2672896b1e|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  3. I'm between a rock and a hard spot on this. I thought the dealer would be able to figure this out. My only hope now to get this solved is that the new mechanic next week can get to the bottom of this. This has gone on way too long.
  4. I think you are right Cameron, and I don't relish the idea of another $2000 to install cats and not fix the problem. I talked with a different mechanic shop, and they want to look at it next Friday. So from what you have said, and the fact that both Oxy sensors responded when they squirted brake cleaner into the intake and got 800 MV spike, maybe it's the ECM.
  5. Hi guys . I took my truck back to the Chevy dealer today, and they did a free diagnostic. They are still insisting it's the Cats causing my problem. They said the got these codes.: PO155 / P0059 / P0050 / P0154 They want $1750.00 for the parts plus labor to install the Y pipe. I trust you guys more than ny dealer at this point. Let me know what you think now.
  6. Hi everyone. I took my truck back to the Chevy dealer today, and the still insist it's the Cats causing my problem. They said they found codes PO155 / P0059 / P0050 / P0154 Here is their Diagnosis. Please let me know what you guys think. I trust you more than these guys. They want $1750.00 just for a Y pipe ..... plus installation.
  7. I found a little shop in Missoula with a good reputation, and he's going to try and figure it out. It seems I'm just getting the P00530 code now with the running poorly after it is driven, shut off, then run again. I'll suggest what you said to him and see what he says.(If the wiring for the O2 sensors is good, then it is time for a new ECM.)
  8. I just had the 2 front sensors out and swapped them around. I didn't see any oil on the sensors, and they are brand new Delco sensors. Something is causing it to set the codes and to run very poorly.
  9. I have to agree that the Cats are probably not the culprit. Everyone I have talked to has said these after market Cats work just fine. I don't know what to do at this point. I arguably paid the bill and picked up my truck today. It still misses and runs crappy just like before, especially when I drive it, then park for a while, then drive it again. Code P0050 was reset when I parked it and started it again at home. Could it possibly be something like one of these and the shop tech just doesn't know what he's doing?
  10. So this is where it stands now. They found Codes PO523 / PO155 / POO59 and POO50 ..... All on Bank 2 Sensor 1 They charged me 8 hours labor total, and they did not find the main problem with the mis-fire. Most of the $800 plus labor was their diagnosing the misfire, and they didn't fix it. They blame it on the after market cats. I am happy with the tranny flush, and the door wire fix. Tell me what you guys think. I am desperate here.
  11. This is my bill from our dealership. 3 pages, so I will have to do 3 posts $1000.00 and they say now that it's the aftermarket Cats causing the problem. And the codes are still on.
  12. Well, I took my truck to the Chevy Dealer in Missoula (Karl Tyler) and here's what they're telling me. They found the oil. cap missing, I have no idea what happened to that. They say this could set off codes and there was a code on bank 2. They cleared the codes. They are saying that the Cats I had installed are not original GM Cats, and that I need to install the factory Cats. I paid almost $600 for these Cats, and paid a muffler shop $250 to install them. They told me the parts alone for them to install GM Cats is over $1700
  13. I just watched a video on the GM Tech2, and it looks like I would be wasting my money unless I took a course on how to use it. I only have Apple Mac and iPd also.
  14. I swapped the Front 02 Sensors last night. I'll drive to town today and see if that P0030 code comes back. Where can I buy one of those Tech-2 meters?
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