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  1. Something tells me this Chinese Thermometer is not accurate at all. I guess I will have to go back to town and get a better one tomorrow. I should have guessed the Chinese one is junk. I'll check it again with a good one and report back. It's a 100 mile round trip for me to go to town again ..... but I have to get this fixed. Thanks again guys, and I'll report again tomorrow.
  2. OK, Guys. I checked the temps on the Cat Converters. I did use a Harbor Freight Laser Thermometer..... Hope it's accurate enough. It goes over 800 Degrees on my Fire Pit. Passenger Side Converter Front - 195F Rear - 210F Passenger Side Converter Front - 175F Rear - 197F
  3. OK, I'll go to Missoula and buy one today. If it ends up cold with engine at operating temp, that means the Cat is bad, right? Thanks.
  4. What's a good way to check for leaks ..... Stethoscope or maybe a hose?
  5. I ended up buying New AC Delco O2 Sensors and installed them. I still get the PO420 Code. I'm pissed.
  6. OK, so I replaced both rear sensors with AC Delco parts, and still getting the dreaded PO420 Code. I also replaced the Spark Plugs with AC Delco Originals. Still getting a low speed miss part time. What do you guys think about this part to replace the Converters? They're $400 on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GMC-SIERRA-1500-5-3L-Y-Pipe-Catalytic-Converters-2009-2013-BrandNew-OBDII/332336407404
  7. That's what I thought too, why does it not alert me of Door Ajar. Like I was saying, I did install a brand new door latch actuator also. I find it odd that when I went to the dealer yesterday, they couldn't answer my question either.I was hoping someone here could report with similar issues they've had. The electric door lock works just fine on all doors with both the remote and Manually.
  8. Thanks for the response. No, there is not a switch like that anywhere on the door. I am baffled as to where it could be. Amazon even says it doesn't fit my truck.
  9. My truck is a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE with 5.3L I forgot to gas up when I was in town last week, and was almost completely out of gas. I pulled into a small town just off the interstate, and found a small un-attended fuel station and filled up the tank. The next time I went to town, about 60 miles, I noticed my GMC Sierra was idling very rough and stalling at lower speeds. When I got back home, it was still running rough, so I pulled the driver's side front spark plug and noticed it was all crusted over with some white colored junk like ash. (Photo) I'm hoping I can fill my tank with good fuel and the problem will go away. I am buying new spark plugs today. I know there are some really smart guys on here. Any input here would be very helpful.
  10. Oh, thank you for that info. I had no idea it has to be programmed. I will ask my dealer about that. You mentioned the Dome Light Switch. We have looked and looked for that switch, but have not been able to find it. I did see the little plastic arm looking thing on the rear door that pushes in when you close the driver door though. Is that the dome light switch? We have checked the dome over ride switch many times. I wish someone would chime in here that knows for sure because I hate having to turn off the radio every time I get out of my truck ..... LOL
  11. Should I install the new sensor in the downstream (Rear) on both sides?
  12. How do you manually run in V8 mode when it dos all the switching automatically? I have a live data scanner, but I'm not very experienced with it, but I can look at live data tomorrow and see if I can find that info.
  13. New development: Today I was sitting in Lowe's parking lot and the engine started running very rough, missing. My first thought was maybe moisture in the fuel, so I added heat brand water remover and injector cleaner. It ran better on my way home, and I haven't noticed that again yet. OK, so use one of those laser thermometers and measure the outside of the cat? How does this plan sound? 1. Check the temperature of the driver side cat. 2. Install new spark plugs and wires. Install New DEnso brand Sensor in location 2 .... downstream driver side. I'm pretty sure my warranty is gone with 132,000 miles. I'm sure my warranty is long gone with 132,000 miles.
  14. SYMPTOMS .......... Opening driver door does not activate the dome light. After closing the door, the stereo and dash lights remain on for 20 minutes. The passenger side door works correctly, and turns on dome light as it should. I have tried the brightness switch on the dash to no avail. I was told on another site that the dome light switch on the driver side is built into the door latch. I purchased and installed a new door latch, but it still does not work. Can someone here point me in a direction to get this solved? I know there are some smart guys on here that probably know what's going on with this thing.
  15. So what fro you think about me getting 2 of these and replacing the 2 Red Oxygen Sensors? These are OEM
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