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  1. 14-15 chrome bumpers?

    There are prime bumper's out there , or LINE-x . I replace my rear bumper , body shop order a prime one and painted it Black .
  2. $5 DIY Raptor Style Grille Lights

    Look's good - job well done. LIGHTS on for safety . P.S. I have a Black truck with Led Light strips running down the side , above running broads
  3. TO all High mileage truck , HOW long do you plan to keep it ???? mind is at 80, Cheaper to do service Then by NEW .
  4. Thank You for the info.
  5. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    HE Just asking for HELP on the emblems . Maybe he just want the emblem . IF YOU can't HELP , DON'T Answer .
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Wish mind was clean ?? I trade you snow ( 36" plus) for your grass ????? good looking truck
  7. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    scan down on that page , they show some with mounting plate , or check Dealership - Parts ?
  8. You got white stuff too ? What running broads are those ? Good looking truck.
  9. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    Try this # 23469243 ( Amazon ) , Hope this help.
  10. Off-Road DIC cluster display

    Welcome - check owner manual , on my 2015 I went to the DIC - info -setting - scan the list an turn on , most the stuff was turn off. I had to show Sale person how to do it. Good Luck

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