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  1. ran I when my power wires from the battery alone the farm , thru a plastic plug under the carpet in front of your back seat . I had a plug on both sides . Hope this help ?? Note: some have used the Rear cab air vents between cab & box.
  2. look's good , What about the open space on both side of the bar ??
  3. Look's good - Any photo's of the grill off, or night photo's ?? Thanks
  4. That's were the dealership said they plug it in . Other people also have plug there lights in there . It would not hurt to take a look maybe it's not plug in . or check with your dealer.
  5. when mine were installed the cable plugs in to the box behind the rear bumper , by spare tire . flip the switch and they work .
  6. on my 2015 I mounted it to that lip - great light output , my 2019 mount between tailgate and bumper - light output is OK . If I did it over I mount it to thee lip . Hope this help .
  7. You been very busy - Good looking Truck
  8. on your light bar - did you mount it to the plastic right behind the grill , ANY info will be helpful. Thanks
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