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  1. What radio do you have ? also If you have a two-way radio shop in your area , tell the your problem - They may have a answer for you .
  2. Phil - did you also run the ground cable from batt ?? also unhook your antenna from radio , remove antenna from mount and take a meter a check the cable - center wire to ground should not move > That what I found on by system , replace PL-259 , work's great . Good Luck Steve n0oow
  3. Check E-Bay , Amazon or any VINYL Shop - Tint Shop / VINYL wrap .
  4. I can see it now - Dad I wash the truck , can I borrow it on the weekend ??? Just give it time.
  5. Look under the truck and you will find a rubber plug near the rear of the cad ( under back seat ). that wear I ran mine wires - Antenna & Power cables . NOTE: that on a 2015 DC . GOOD LUCK
  6. I found mine on e-bay - that work on Door , Grill , Door Still Plate's - that cover the RED Z , also found inlay for Bed Rails ( Silverado ) . good luck
  7. Welcome - Yes most people will help you.
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