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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome - Look's good
  2. new here

  3. New to GM-Trucks

  4. Red Rally 2 build

    need photo's when you do it ??
  5. August 2018 TOTM VOTING

    They ALL Look good. BUT I vote for yours red one .
  6. looking good . now if my dealer would get some ?
  7. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    It was a photo that pop up , right after your LED light bar photo ??? Green gage Cluster - [email protected] or [email protected] - He a NEW vendor on the Forum Sidekick Running are made by opt7 . I have the recon Big rig running lites
  8. 16 Black 1500 Custom Double Cab Standard Bed 5.3L

    Now that you have Green lights , Maybe a Green gauge cluster ??? ANY info on the sidekick running light. Thanks
  9. Back in a GM

    Welcome Back HOME
  10. ANY Photo's of your headliner ?? How do you light the RB-20 ?? Why not RB-10 .
  11. Thanks. The one I saw had 5 amber Led . TO many truck Photo's ???
  12. look's good . did you used them on your grill also ?? or did I see it on some other truck ???
  13. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    Thank You

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