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  1. Good Morning All, Great write up! Does anybody have a part numbers for the up fitter switch kit?
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been looking at adding a couple of cameras to my 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. These trucks can be difficult to pull into parking spaces and lots, especially if they are smaller. I just recently raised the front end about 2-3 inches, this has made parking a even bigger challenge. Yes, when parking I try to back into most of the parking spaces, but sometimes that option isn't available. The system I have been looking at is from Echomaster, this system is listed under GM accessories and is labeled Intellihaul. The multi-camera system comes complete with a interface module, wiring, two (2) cameras that are mounted within a black mirror trim piece that attaches to the bottom of the mirror. The trim level on my Denali comes with trailer towing mirrors that are all chrome, and I really didn't want to substitute the lower black trim pieces in place of the chrome. I have seen one and it didn't look that good, on the all black mirrors they look OK (Just my preference). Echomaster has just recently released a new 3rd brake lamp camera that has three (3) different viewing angles within a single camera, a right 95 degree, a left 95 degree and a rear 90 degree. Then all I would have to do is add the front facing camera. In this arrangment, I would have to utilize a multi-camera module, this module is complete with wiring harness, bracket and OEM interface jumper cable. However, the new released 3rd brake lamp camera only has one (1) video output. I would have to hard wire 3 more input triggers to make this function correctly, the left and right turn signals and reverse triggers. To operate on the OEM radio screen, I would have to depress the "back" button for three (3) seconds until the camera icons appeared on the screen. This would give me the rear cargo area. To view both the blind spot camera views, I would have to cycle the left or right turn signal depending on which camera I want to view. I would also have a front facing camera installed in the grill area, which would assist in parking manuevers. In this setup, I still would have full operation of the OEM backup camera when in reverse. I think this would be a good option and give me what I was looking for. When I talked to the tech assistance at GM this afternoon, he said that the system would be awkward to operate. I would like something that is plug-n-play, a system that I didn't have to rely on to take to dealer to program the radio, BCM or any other related modules. What is everyone doing about adding cameras to your truck, what sytem and options have you looked at and/or are utilizing? Do you like your truck with the camera addition? What are your thoughts? Thanks,
  3. I have not installed the kit as of yet, I will be doing so in the near future.
  4. I like the look of your upgraded tail lamps, you are right, GM should have upgrades to LED's for the rear. I was looking at just adding Reverse bulbs, they are really that bright when utilized while backing up. Will I need to use the PGamboa wiring harness for just the reverse lamps?
  5. I like what you have done I also picked up some lights, in what location did you tap into the trucks wiring harness? Also did you have to add any resistors to your LED lights or inline?
  6. Hello Everyone, With the days getting shorter, I'm going to work in the morning when it's dark. I back into my space at work and it is really hard to see, my backup lamps don't put off a lot of light. I still have the incandescent bulbs in my 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT, has anybody upgraded or retrofitted to LED's ? I know with some to the older systems and LED replacement bulbs you had to install resistors, do you still need to do this? You can purchase just about anything in LED and they are they won't break the bank these days. Has anybody performed this upgrade, if so what brand of LED's are you utilizing? Are you only retrofitting the Reverse lamp bulbs? What about the Turn/Brake and Running lamp bulbs, if you retrofitted them to LED, would they be too bright? Interested in what others are doing.
  7. I will send you wiring schematic tonight once I get home to PC, hard to do on a phone.  


    No instructions came with the relay. 

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    2. Seapacer2




      My jumpers are as follows:


       - LO / COM

       - SL / SL

       - TRV+ / VCC

       - TRV - / GND


      Hope this helps.

    3. RACERX7775


      Hmm. When i had it on LO-COM it didnt work. Ill have to recheck wiring tomorrow. Wonder if the relay assembly is bad. Or my switch isnt putting the signal OUT to the relay. This pic is with the jumpers correct. Just doesnt work with the headlight switch to activate it. 


    4. RACERX7775


      Ok!!!! GOT IT WORKING!!!! I traced it down to the broken gray wire from the headlight switch down to where the BCM is. I left the harness that I got from Phil in place and just hooked it up to the relay board. I checked for power. Was getting power at the board CH1. at the connector where i spliced it in, but no power at the headlight switch.  I cut the wire at the headlight switch, ran a new gray wire down to the relay board AND NOW IT WORKS!!!!! I only have to do a simple tap on the headlight switch and it turns on and off.  The switch lights up amber but no icon on the dash.



  8. Yes, you hold the ORL button down for a few seconds, it turns on. Push button again to turn off. i have attached a photo of the 4 channel relay, disregard the wiring color, I utilized what ever I had in my tool box to test the operability of the system.
  9. I got my latching relay from Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BLRV92L/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 NOYITO 4-Channel Relay Module DC 5V 12V 24V Self-locking Triggering Interlocking High Low Level Trigger for PLC Industrial Control Arduino (12V) Pay close attention to your jumpers, I had to move them to get it to work, this latching relay works great.
  10. I'm still having issues after installing my new switch and wiring harness, my ORL light in the cluster does not come on or no voltage is being outputted from the switch. The other day I acquired a latching relay, with it connected to the BCM, the switch does not operate and stay on.. I disconnected the BCM terminals from the wiring harness, the switch works great. No ORL at all on the dash, but the ORL indicator in the switch lights up. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT, has anyone else had this issue?
  11. After doing searches on here and some additional Duramax forums, I have decide to go with the Zone 3" Adventurer Kit, Where is the best place to purchase Zone Products?
  12. 426 Power, What kind of tip did you utilize on your exhaust? Thanks,
  13. Hey All, Well I cranked the keys up between 1.75-2.0", truck still is sitting low in the front, there is a big difference in ride quality with turned up keys. My original measurement was 3.25" difference between the front and the rear. So that tells me one thing, I need to purchase a leveling kit with new designed UCA. Is everybody purchasing complete kits with UCA, Keys, Differential Spacer and new shocks or are you just getting components? I have been interested in the Zone 3" Adventure Kit, but don't know yet about the shocks, most dealers are not willing to sell just certain components or a partial kit. My ultimate goal is to have Bilsteins or Fox shocks on all four corners. Or do you just buy the Rough Country Kit, save the $250.00 up front and go purchase the shocks once they are available? The major cost is the UCA, there are so many out there, what really is the difference in them with the different manufacturers? What are most guys doing? Thanks,
  14. Good evening Phil,


    I have watched the Tinkeringfox video on the LED Light bar install, he mentioned on the video that you have a wiring harness available for this install, are they still available and what do you want for one?

  15. I have been doing a lot of reading, and decided to crank my keys up a little and see what it does, before adding additional components. Does anybody have the dimensions of the front shock mount extensions?
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