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  1. What type of camera interfaces are on the module? Just wondering if it is an RCA jack so any camera would work.
  2. LED light bar inside grill

    You are correct. I didn't need to fabricate any new brackets, just used the RC kit. I did have to add an additional hole in the flat plate but that was all I did to the RC brackets. Just take your time. I will admit that mounting the flat plates isn't easy because to get to the nuts on the backside, you have to bend you arm in ways that it wasn't meant to bend.
  3. I have a 2017 with the 5.3 and had the same issue. Eventually it threw a code. Brought it to the dealership, turns out an the #2 injector went out.
  4. Sort of... there are 2 holes in the hitch frame so I added a bracket that bolts to the hitch frame and allows the pods to drop doen to where I wanted them. You have to lay under the truck and the holes are in front of box tubing.
  5. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Check out this forum below. I posted more pictures and details on what I did in that forum. There is another guy on here who only added one spacer per side but has to modify the shutters more. I only had to clip the edges from two shutters but modify the grill a little more. PM me if you have more questions or want more details. I can also give you the details of how the other guy on here did his.
  6. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    I have a 2017 Sierra with active shutters. I did mount the RC light bar but did have to modify the grill and add spacer to the mounting brackets.
  7. I installed the RC light bar behind the grill of my 17 Sierra with Active Shutters. Slight modification to the grill and used nylon spacers to allow the light bar to stand off from the shutters. No issues and no CEL.
  8. There are four 7 mm screws holding the plastic panel underneath the passenger side dash. This will allow you access to the door hinge grommet from underneath the dash. I used a wire coat hanger and pushed from the inside out with my hand pushing back on the rubber grommet from the outside. Once wires were pulled through, I sealed the pass through with silicon. As for the removing the door sill panel, watch Phil's video on replacing the door sills with illuminated door sills.
  9. LED light bar inside grill

    Thanks, I am happy with it. I added nylon spacer between the brackets. I got the spacers from Lowes; the picture with the white bags are the spacers and longer bolts I purchased. The spacers were white, so I spray painted them black. I did have to trim a small section of the shutters to allow for the bolts to fit (picture 2). I also removed the shroud from the grille. I tried trimming it to allow it to fit around the brackets but realized it was only held in place by six clips. I also had to add a second hole in the Rough Country bracket that mounts to inside of the frame. The active shutters has an alignment pin that interfered with the bracket. I did have to cut out the vertical sections in the grille to let the light bar fit. There is one section of the grille that is up against one of the bolt heads and I thought about trimming the grille more, but I was able to get it to fit. Hope this helps and let me know if you have more questions. I'll be glad to help out.
  10. I just finish adding Rough Country X5 LED pods as auxiliary back-up lights. I wanted a factory look so I wired the relay to be switched on by the cargo switch. I have a jumper going from the passenger side fuse box to the LED relay mounted under the hood near the battery. To turn on the lights I just flip the cargo light switch.
  11. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Got the ORL light hooked up (with Phil's harness) and LED mounted behind the grille. I do have the active shutters so it took some modifications to the grille for everything to fit. Next up is adding the latching relay. I would like the light bar to turn off immediately instead of holding down the button.
  12. LED light bar inside grill

    I was able to get the Rough Country LED Light Bar to fit. I did need to modify the grille some but in the end everything fit and I still have the active shutters.
  13. I finished installing the Rough Country Behind Grille LED on my 2017 Sierra with active shutters. I did need to make some modifications to the grille but was able to get everything to fit. I replaced the factory light switch with the Off-road switch and Phil's harness so everything looks factory.
  14. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    I got the harness from Phil and everything works as it is supposed too. I’ll take a look at what seaspacer2 has put together. Basicaly when I am driving with my LED light bar on “ahem” off-road and another truck is also driving “ahem” off-road I want to be able to turn the light off instantly.
  15. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    If I did have the switch with ORL and i switched #6 & #10, would the fog lights come on when i push the ORL button and the aux light when i push the fog light button? I am trying to be able to turn off a LED light bar quicker than holding the ORL button for an extended time. Not as worried about turning fog lights off quickly.

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