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  1. I used a 10' USB extension that I cut both ends off. Works perfect as a USB cable is 4 shielded conductors in a nicely coated cable but really you just need any 4 wires to go from the back of the new switch to your aftermarket relays. They carry almost no current so they don't need to be very big at all. My truck had wires already in the plug that goes into the back of the switch but didn't have any of the other factory parts to do a oem installation so I just cut the wires and soldered my usb cable to the 4 wires. (the yellow,red,grey,and blue striped wires in the following picture) If your truck doesnt have those wires to scavenge GM does sell pigtails that will plug into that black connector that you can crimp/solder your wires to. GM Part Number: 13575783 . They are kinda of expensive though at almost 13$ each (the part number is a single connector with about a 4" wire crimped to it so you need to order 4)
  2. gonna sidetrack the thread and see if anyone knows what size the sport bar's bars are. I got a free rough country 20" lightbar that I want to hang under the sport bar shooting back but need to order the mounting brackets. I'm thinking there 3" but would like confirmation.
  3. I've posted numerous other times in other threads how I've done it. Just search my posts you'll easily find it. There is also a whole multi-page thread on the switches and whats needed to get them to work. I went the easiest route and just ran a 4 pin cable from the back of the switches to a set of aftermarket relays mounted in the engine bay.
  4. Add-A-Fuse for both a dash cam AND radar?

    First off fuses should be sized by the size of wire they are protecting and the wire size should be chosen based on the load it is supplying. GM already provides a very nice spot to tap accessories into that is rated for a large load. (not that a radar detector or dash cam is either). In the drivers side fuse box there is a spade terminal you can put a connector on and then a inline fuse to feed your accessories. (you can see the blue spade crimp connector beside the purple box fuse right next to the giant blue connector) This spade provides rap power and is perfect for most accessories I've got a dash cam, radar detector, 4ft of leds, and an extra power socket all tied into that single spot.
  5. Under truck lights?

    I bought a roll of waterproof flexible white led strips and put them in my wheel wells. More of rock lights i guess but they light up the area under the steps just fine and functionally work the same. Used the left over and put them behind the grill. total cost was around 30$ Easy enough to tap into the dome light at the BCM if you want them to come on when you open a door or unlock your truck. Could even wire it up to a 3pos switch for on/off/auto functionality.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I used the dark black for my front. Took a picture with one done cause i knew people would want to know. It doesnt block much light at all and really makes the headlights looks a million times better.
  7. Not sure if your aware but GM offers an upfitter switch. I used it and am very happy with it. Be aware though it wires up differently than conventional switches. (ground controlling) I'm kind of jealous of your relay setup I mounted mine to the firewall behind the battery out of site. Kind of wish I did have a 5th input.
  8. I put rock lights on my truck on the cheap by using strip lights instead of the conventional pucks. Even though the Led strips were waterproof already I slid them in some silicone sleeves and filled them with clear silicone to fully encapsulate them. Then used marine epoxy to secure them to the wheel well liners. Used the leftover strip lights and put them in the factory grill.
  9. Window tint question

    FWIW i also put some 20% ceramic tint on mine and experienced the same thing. From the outside they match but looking out the front windows are a more cool tone while the back is more sepia tinted. That being said I just used cheap 30$ stuff and did it myself because its not legal here and I didn't expect the cops to leave me alone very long.
  10. I was in the same boat not to long ago. I originally purchased this guy which should meet your requirements. Black, Stock inlet size, 3.5" out. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00GMNL36E/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thats as far as it would push on, it stuck out to much for me so I cut a little off the factory pipe. CUT I didn't quite think it was big enough so I then ordered this guy. Again fits the stock pipe but is 3.5" but flares to 4" outlet. Its black chrome. Seems to of jumped way in price compared to what I payed. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B075V49BSX/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also hated the contrast of the stock pipe with the tip so I purchased some jet black exhaust wrap to cover it up.
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Added some LED strips to the back side of my grill and took a few pictures of the truck at night.
  12. $50 and under modifications

    Got the grill thrown into the truck tonight. Couple quick pics in my local field.
  13. $50 and under modifications

    ...ALL IN and that's only about 2% of the collection and are just a few of my single emmiter jobs, keeping the big guns under raps.... I got more stockpiled lithium and silicon than most small countries. Same as the guy above I'm sure, I used 50/50 60led/M that come on the 5m spools for a couple bucks. I used a full 5m for my grill and wheel well lights of the 5000k white strips. For the wheel wells I got the already waterproofed led strips then put them in some waterproof sleeves then pumped the sleeve full of clear epoxy, since they are exposed to so much more abuse that most other places. For the grill lights I just used the waterproof LED then epoxied over them to hold them in place. To get good results you are going to need to learn to solder. You can just tap into the existing bed lights they are already fused/protected.
  14. $50 and under modifications

    I see your $300+ illuminated bowtie and raise you a $10 backlit grill...
  15. Cluster visor

    I wrapped mine in Carbon Vinyl. I really like it.

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