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  1. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Rock lights project is finished
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Even though I just put a new tip on the truck 4 days ago I changed it out to this slightly bigger one. Original 3.5" Flat Black 4.25" Black Chrome 3.5" 4.25" And I wrapped the exhaust pipe that's visible from the rear of the truck and through the wheel well with some Black Wrap.
  3. Sorry I missed this. The lights are still holding up great and get used daily. I've been super impressed with them from the moment I unpacked them. The 5d optic really does make them like a laser. They reach so far down the road. Held up two Canadian winters now with absolutely zero issues. Too bad they don't seem to offer these exact units anymore.
  4. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    reserved 12
  5. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    reserved 11
  6. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    reserved 10
  7. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Installed the rear husky liners and finished the rear rock lights. Before After Changed out the 3.5" Flat black tip for this 4.25" black chrome tip After that decided to wrap the visible exhaust pipe with some black wrap.
  8. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Another thing that always bugged me was the lack of an exhaust tip. Easy enough thing to fix. Ordered this 2.75" to 3.5" 10"long bolt on unit and slapped it on. Stuck out to much for my liking so I cut a short piece off and refit it. (you can see the little piece I cut off)
  9. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Got bored again, so I decided to wire up some interior lights with spare parts I had laying around. I originally was using a bluetooth controller that allowed me to use my phone to change the color, patterns, and brightness but I decided to throw in a cheaper RF based unit that had a stand alone remote. Here is a picture of the controller mounted in the driver side fuse panel. You can also see the convenient spot I tapped into to power for the LEDs and Dash cam. The LED's come on automatically to the last setting used when i start my truck.
  10. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    One of the biggest regrets on my truck was that I could'nt get the LED headlights that come on the LTZ trucks. The orange bugged me and still being in the vinyl mood I hit up amazon again and picked up a small roll of Vivid Dark Smoke dry aplication vinyl and applied over the signals. This is a mod anyone with these headlights should do. Its under 25$ and makes the truck look SOOOO much better. The vinyl does not block much of the light at all. Driver side done. Passenger Finished Signals are still plenty Bright I also used some of the left over tint and did the factory 3rd brake light since I have the sports bar that has its own light and the factory one is disabled.
  11. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Happy with the light set up (for now) I moved to the interior of the truck. I had almost a full roll of carbon fiber vinyl left over from a different project so I started wrapping all the interior trim that I could pop, pry, or wiggle off and a few peieces I did in place.
  12. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Now I had these bright lights mounted up top but because they were so far back there was uneven lighting that the factory headlights just didn't match up. Being a 17 I have the active shutters so I had to look at alternate options. Decided on trying out the rough country bull bar w/ inter-graded led. Light bar is single row and uses 90W of power. I had to remove my tow hooks to install it which GM did not make easy but I got it done. I took this video of the different lights but it did not really represent the lights properly since it is only footage from my dash cam and it is auto adjusting for the exposure.
  13. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    I'm a huge light nut and now I have all these switches and a factory sports bar with no lights on it. Time to fix that problem. Hit up amazon spent a night reading reviews and decided on getting 2 of these liteway 12" combo beam with 5d optics. These lights really impressed me the 5d optic give them laser like throw and the few flood leds paired with them being mounted high and far back really light everything up. A video of me aiming them in a field and the other video is of a bad wind storm we had where I used them a couple times while driving around obstructions in areas where power was knocked out.
  14. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Back on track now. First mod I did after getting my truck was installing the factory upfitter, I knew I would inevitably end up adding electronics so it made sense. I got the switch for 50$ cad and wired up some relays from amazon to get them working. At the same time I hard wired a A119 Dash Camera.
  15. Crazyjoker77 Not So Stealth 17 Silverado

    Here are a couple shots of my other vehicles. If you just want Silverado pics Skip this post. 2014 Mustang GT Recaro/Track pack. This was my daily driver before I bought the truck. It was a replacement for my 2012 V6 premium that got written off when some underage girl drove into it while parked... The v6 was pretty heavily modified but I did not follow suite with the new mustang. These pictures are of it bone stock and all I've added is an exhaust and redid the suspension to drop it a couple inches. Next up is a 98 Eclipse. This is my baby I've had it since I was 17 and being that I'm from canada these are super rare as mitsubishi never sold anything in the canadian market till 2000. It was imported from the nevada. There are way to many mods to list. Runs low 11s on street tires (and 26# of boost) For awhile japanese market cars where being shipped over to canada and could be had insanely cheap so I ended up picking up a few as they became legal(15years). Some people are really against these cars since the steering wheel is on the wrong side but I daily drove a JDM vehicle for almost a decade and think most people are ignorant and it really is not a huge deal. 94 GT-4 WRC homologation. For those that don't know much about these cars its full time 4wd that came with a turbo 4cyclinder motor that makes 295hp from the factory. This particular car came with tons of mods already done. Full suspension, roll cage,intake, exhaust, OZ wheels, gutted interior, Ladder brace, boost controller, full gauge package. This car was my daily driver for almost 2 years untill I bought my first mustang then it got retired to "winter beater" for the days the mustang couldn't handle the rough canadian winters. 91 Gt-4 A spec This was my daily driver for nearly 3 years I put almost a quarter million KM on it while driving it with no major mechanicle issues other than needing wheel bearings almost every year. (this was a known issue on these) I still have it but don't drive it much since I bought the new generation 94 above. Also picked up a 92 MR G-limited that is bone stock. I always wanted one of these so when I seen a completely stock unmolested black T-top go for sale I quickly picked it up. I can't seem to find any pictures of mine in my gallery but a google search will show you what a stock mr2 looks like.

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