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  1. Adding Bass to Stock System

    Do you know the exact model of the amp. Looking up 750/1 on their site only returns the hd750. If that is the amp it does NOT have high level inputs and would require a separate LOC. Lc2I is great and I've used them several times personally.
  2. Recovery Hook Replacement Bolt

    I will confirm that my 17 is different. I added a bull bar and planned on following that video. All the bolts now face the front of the truck with no clearance to get st them without removing the bumper. I ended up cutting the one bolt with a hacksaw. Even more frustrating is realizing that chev could of flipped that bolt around and had no clearance issues.
  3. Aftermarket bumpers

    Did these bumpers ever get finished and mounted would love to see some further away shots.
  4. $50 and under modifications

    No video yet but here is a pic of the hazards right after applying the film. This vinyl really doesn't have much affect on the visibility of the lights. Still the stock incandescent bulbs.
  5. Mobile mirroring

    Is there some secret to getting Android auto to work. My truck has the 7" touchscreen and has the screen projection icon on the home screen. I have the Android auto turned on in the audio options. I've tried with a galaxy s4 s5 and s8 with the original Samsung cables plugged into the usb ports in the jump seat lid. All the phones work with Android auto in my gf Hyundai. Usb ports defiantly work as the phones Will charge and I can play music from a thumb drive. I've tried with them hooked up to blue tooth but still no go. I watched a YouTube vid and when they plug their phone in the projection screen changes to an Android auto one. When i plug a phone in it stays on screen projection and clicking it simply gives me a message saying to connect a compatible device
  6. 20" OEM Black wheels

    buddy just picked up some aftermarket wheels that are very similiar from a local tire place for winter wheels. http://www.rtxwheels.com/en/wheels/rtxwheels-glacier
  7. $50 and under modifications

    Couple bucks of tinted vinyl really changes the look of the front. Few more dollars transforms the interior.
  8. 20" OEM Black wheels

    few pics of mine.
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Everything I did today I did wrapped in place. I know the upper console comes apart fairly easy as If i recall from the thread about guys retrofitting the wireless charging into it but I there not much to gain by removing it from the truck. I believe the cupholder trim can come apart but I believe its quite involved so I just opted to do it in-situ. Took a very big piece of vinyl to make that relatively small surface area. I'm quite impressed with this vinyl I got its actually for exteriors and is really thick compared to others I've worked with. Still doesn't even look like I've touched the roll I guess 1.75x60M was too much =p.
  10. Puddle light wire?

    Phil any insight into this little light I stumbled across today? It comes on when you open the doors and fades out with the dome lights but does not illuminate with the dome light if you use to overhead switch. Is this connected to the factory puddle light circuit? OT but I find it kind of amusing the GM uses a warm white light for the door pockets(3500k), a neutral white for the cup holder illumination(4300k), and a noticeably cooler white for the dome lights(6000k)...
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Just clips. The door and vent trim is stupid easy. The stereo shroud is a bit of a pain though even though its just clips. Even with my trim tools It felt like it was going to snap before coming off. There are 2 screws you can take off the back of the vent shrouds to remove the little window diffusers. Drivers side vent shroud is exactly the same except it has 3 wiring harness's with lots of slack that can easily be undone after pulling it out. Quick vid showing how stupid easy the other trims are. Got carried away again and used another few yards of vinyl. Started with the steering wheel trim (I was debating leaving the piece where the stereo steering wheel controls would go but it looked odd so I decided to cut it out) That went so smooth I carried on and did the door pockets. (never knew there was a light in there...) Again, everything went swimminly so I carried on and did the glove box latches. (I'm Not sure I like them but it got me thinking it might look good with the both glove box doors done and the center piece of the upper dash but that's for another day) Things went to smooth so decided to punish myself and do the console and cup holder surround. (It was by far the hardest piece I've done. Not to mention I used one solid piece with no inlays to do it.) Was thinking I might tackle the upper part of the outside mirrors and the door handles since mine are just black plastic anyway but again for another day.
  12. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Its crazy how 4$ worth of tint will change the look of the truck. I always regretted not getting the Z71 for the clear signals but the blackout really works on a black truck.
  13. What have you done to your K2 today?

    More carbon skinned interior bits done.
  14. 12 volt power sources needed

    I'm sure the celllink neo will work out for you fine. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the price they want for it. Absolutely insane markup. Personally I would have a hard time justifying going that route when I could get a full size quality deep cycle battery and a battery isolator and run the entire truck on a dual battery setup and still end up cheaper than that thing with added benefits of having all the accessories battery backup-ed and having a extra battery in case the primary starting battery goes dead. Not to mention you end up with a 75-130AH+ battery instead of the little 6.5AH that the celllink offers. You could probably have a shop install the dual battery setup with the parts and still end up cheaper than their asking for that thing... most dashcams pull ~3-6W while fully powered on so that cellink with its 76W/H battery will probably only last 12-25 hours between starts. The f800 does have shock activated parking mode which if you use that will probably last weeks though. There are also battery drain protection devices out there that are only like 15-30$ that would also achieve what you want and always leave you with enough power to start the vehicle. https://www.amazon.ca/Hardwire-Motorcycle-Charger-Cellphone-Protection/dp/B072J3L2JN/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1528181522&sr=8-7&keywords=micro2+fuse https://www.amazon.ca/Blackvue-Power-Magic-Pro-Prevention/dp/B008B8ERIO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1528182429&sr=8-3&keywords=power+magic That inline fuse will work fine I used one exactly like it with a blue spade crimped on one end and a butt connector on the other side.
  15. 12 volt power sources needed

    Ya you can still use this spade terminal. Fuse ratings are a capacity and the actual current going through the circuit is based on the loads that are connected to it. So in theory since this device charges at 9A you could safely run 5 of these at once off that single point(which you wouldn't) Yes, you absolutely should should go from that spade terminal to a Inline fuse. I would also recommend trying to stick with the same kind of fuses the truck already uses(micro 2) so you can use the spares chevy conveniently provides in the case you end up blowing one. Ideally fuses are chosen to protect a given wire size and the wire size is chosen based on the current the load is going to pull. Usually for 20A you would want 12G or 14G wire.

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