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  1. Smart choice heard nothing but good things about Blackbear
  2. Sounds good I know your neighbors love a cold start every morning haha. Have you had it on a dyno since the install of the lt headers?
  3. Thanks I wish I could hear them in person to help the decision YouTube doesn’t do its justice. I had the Corsa extreme and kooks Lt on a 5.0 and it sounded wicked. If the Corsa sport is more muscle sounding I’ll go that route. Thanks
  4. Debating between the two, which is the best bang for the buck and overall has the deeper sound.
  5. I installed the sct bdx tuner on my 2018 Silverado and it completely changed my truck. I am running the canned 87 octane tune with AFM off and averaging 22-23 mpg on the hwy (tonneau cover also) Is anyone else running the sct bdx? If so what’s your thoughts I see no post about sct mainly diablo Thanks
  6. sweet looking truck you have, next on the list for me is possibly a tonneau cover, and a programmer for sure I can't stand the V4 mode.
  7. Went with the readylift 2.25'' leveling kit and UCA'S. The truck looks like a real truck now.
  8. Readylift 2.25'' leveling kit with the UCA'S. The trucks is on a sloped driveway that is why the front looks higher than the rear in the second picture, on level ground the front fenders are 1/8'' lower. Happy with the install finally looks like a TRUCK!
  9. I did not install the eibachs but i do know you do not have to change the UCA'S
  10. Thanks for all the information concerning the Eibach kit, i contacted Eibach directly because I could not find the kit in stock for sale anywhere. The reason is because the company/plant moved to a new location in California, but after a lot of research i decided to go with the readylift 2.25 leveling kit and the UCA's due to uca problems i have come across on the web. I know the rancho shocks suck too because I had them on my 2005 z71 at one time and replaced them with the 5100's, so when i can get my hands on the eibach springs and shocks they will be installed with the readylift UCA's. My readylift should be here next week so when i get it installed ill post some pictures. Again thanks for the replies!
  11. I just purchased a 2018 Silverado and interested in purchasing that particular leveling kit. How does it perform on the highway, is it worth the extra cash considering they claim it keeps all original OEM up front. Pictures will be appreciated!
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