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  1. Just my idea, and your truck looks great ! Light bar is my next mod. But thinking much rather remove the shutters keeping them intact. place the light bar behind the grill ,without cutting it. Fab brackets . Keeping the shutter motor in place so no codes. Just my idea.
  2. Took mine to the dealer for a headlight housing replacement. Came home with more damage than you can believe! Even had a screw driver under the hood , closed mind you ,so the hood was sprung!!! Hell those Bums cant fix there underwear. Never again
  3. Eastwood supply. quality stuff, spray can, gallon , rubberized . Makes the frame, exposed metal look new, touch up is easy,
  4. Send them back before you install them , no improvement with the high beams, and not worth the cost for the low !. bad design by GM.
  5. Regardless of the trucks mode of drive selected. The tire grip is everything. The factory tires today are garbage. Weather your running the 18" or 20" ,in snow or wet conditions factory tires are substandard. Besides really because the roads are wet these trucks call for a part time 4x4 . Seems lame.
  6. Have the gray seats in mine , I always put in the gray husky floor liners regardless of seat color. the gray compared to black floor liners hide the dirt much better.
  7. Totaled 45,000 worth of truck I doubt it. If your a mechanic. Mig the cracked metal prime and undercoat it and a THICK backing bracket should be a permanent fix. Then check the other mounts. I have owned more than a few Chevy's 1/2 tons every time I buy one ,install my plow I say to myself the metal on this truck is cheaper ,weaker than the last one. Lighter better mileage has to come from some where . Fix it yourself at least you will know its done right.
  8. Exhaust manifold leak usually at manifold to exhaust system joint, Start your truck , get your hand close to the joint, you will hear, and feel the leak if that's the source.
  9. For what I can find out on the Michelin tires The RWL 10 ply tire is an LT .and cheaper than the black wall 4 ply tire . In my area . I plow so 10 ply seem to suit my needs a bit better. Just seeing if anyone else had any opinions on them Thank you
  10. Think your right. I just contacted Rough country , They tell me there light bar will not fit behind the grill with the active shutters,. I need to remove in order for fitment.
  11. Ya thinking I might buy a bar. But the 14 has a different light than my 17 . Led . Thanks thou . Any suggestions to a quality light bar??
  12. Has anyone installed a in grill light bar (led) , and wired them to go on with there high beams on the 2017 Silverado, DS5 high intensity LED bulbs???? Wondering if it would work out. Low beams are live-able with the aftermarket 35w . But the high beams still are terrible. No I don't want to re-wire the fog lights . I am kinda looking for distance lighting in the high beam mode. Would it be putting to much of a draw on the system, overload the wire gauge size?? Just an idea I have been kickin around
  13. Truck was new, no marks. have 9000 miles. Marks both lenses , cant tell me this is normal. And yes the lights are off , the marks are there. They are the High intensity LED

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