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  1. I'm for sure no computer wiz , but if there is a sensor telling the computer the air flow is interrupted. If the Dams are removed, And this throws a code. There has to be a high performance application out there that programs for full air flow.
  2. If the shutter delete is what your after? Why can't you leave the shutter motor, or motors , in place, Also sensor's if any exist.And just remove the flaps . The move-able dam that blocks the air? Seems like this should not throw any codes ???, And give you what your looking for.
  3. Nope its not 2 sided tape, there are little tabs that the color portion fits into the projector part. if the tabs break off the color part will come loose. They will try to tape it but it will not hold. A fix is a zip tie through the tab (small Zip Tie) securing the two piecies together. Or replace the painted piece.
  4. Just received a letter for my 17 Silverado stating additional warranty coverage on the fuel injectors. 10 years or 150k miles. If repairs were made reimbursement is available. Maybe I missed it ,was it posted someplace?
  5. Welcome to BLACK. Said I would never buy another. Love my trucks clean and shinned ,Wax on Wax off. but that black . No matter how good you are ,how well taken care of it is. If you use it, It's gonna show marks!
  6. Had the same thing in mine, drove me crazy. Turned out to be there is a plug, on the passenger side near the visor. factory is supposed to tape the plastic hard connection. Well they miss the mark. It rattles against the metal roof when hitting a bump. It was my issue anyway. I wanted to burn the truck when I first purchased. Good luck. If I remember correctly mine was the plug for the vanity mirror passenger side. Just had to pull the visor mount.
  7. I have a 17 , I did the thermostat delete , I live in upstate NY, plow snow with this truck, The way I figure , If it doesn't work out I can always replace the assembly , I think the cost is about 55.$ . I have watched the Trani temp run 240 plowing, compared to the 2011 I traded that's 65 Degrees hotter. Had to give it a try !
  8. The only way to get exhaust bolts off without breaking them is an oxye-acetylene torch with a small tip , With the heat directed at the nut, not the exhaust stud. Do it any other way you will break one for sure and be pulling the manifold.
  9. Just pull the belt as per the manual , or YouTube start your vehicle . narrow the source of the noise down.
  10. If you think its coming from the belt or the idler pulley . Pull the belt and start it to see if the noise is there !
  11. Been thinkin about the light bar for my 17, Why hasn't someone wired it into the hi-beam and eliminated the need for the extra switch?
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