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  1. I’m looking for some new jack stands and I’d rather be over safe than cheap. What do you use? I came across these by US Jack but not seeing tons of reviews. Wondering what others are trusting. Thanks! https://www.usjack.com/products/garage-jack-stands
  2. That’s awesome didn’t know it was there. I’ll play with it see what I find. Thanks!
  3. Yeah I parked and connected it still no button. Those pictures are right after I connected to home WiFi.
  4. I keep getting a notice “application failed to install” when I start truck. So I went to look for updating software I thought it was supposed to be over the air? truck is 2017, google has videos of people with a software update button in settings but mine just says “save data to usb”?? Anyone know what’s up here? Thank you!
  5. Brilliant! I had no idea thanks. I took it to my friends shop and hooked up scanner and reset it. Appears to track well now!
  6. Tire pressure is all good 35 all around brand new tires were put on day before. Michelin Defenders. Here is image of the before and after he gave me...
  7. Anyone happen to have or know where to get the factory alignment specs for a 2017 Z71 crew cab short box? I have had a slight pull to right for a while, put new tires on few weeks ago and got it aligned but I think they did a crummy job aligning just barely getting it into green and it still pulls right, almost worse. I just wanted to compare to factory before I took it back.
  8. I have the GM intake kit for my ‘17 Silverado part number 84016022 and I don’t recall instructions for the filter. The dry cone filter is part number 23231630 can it be cleaned or does it need to be replaced every so often? If cleaned, what is best way to do it? thank you much.
  9. Thank you. Defenders are straight up road only tires it looks like? Can they handle gravel/dirt at all or just a slippery mess?
  10. Time is coming up for new tires. 2017 Z71, stock height and wheels, 265 65 18 with factory tires on it still. Mostly road driving, no snow here. Some off road and rain obviously. Was looking at the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S which seem to be liked? Not sure I like the white letter sidewall though lol any others in that category worth looking at? Also, do I need to replace TPMS as well? Thank you!
  11. I bought two slippery Pete pumps on amazon, one for quarts one for gallons and neither fit! can someone point me to a pump that fits AC Delco gallon jugs? They have a huge cap and I don’t want to randomly buy another. thank you.
  12. Want to drain and fill my coolant, wondering how much the radiator holds? I know specs say the cooling system is 16.6 quarts, but how much will come out of a drain so I have enough on hand? Also, I am assuming DexCool from dealer is concentrate and not pre mixed right? How do you guys mix to ensure 50/50? Do you mix into a spare bottle or something first? Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys, maybe I’ll get a couple quart ones to do the transfer case and keep the gallon for trans fill. hopefully the pumps screw into AC Delco quarts... lol
  14. I bought a gallon of Dexron VI from amazon because of price. Was going to do my transfer case and noticed the gallon pump I have is too small for it. The jig has a huge lid! Anyone know a pump that works on these?
  15. Just saw this, reminded me of how I did my phone mount a couple years ago, still love the location and works great.
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