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    Goodluck with Sale, good deal for someone. LEDs are far superior to HID!
  2. Rough Country 3.5" Knuckle Lift

    WOW, very intresting.. Might consider for my 2wd.. Will the spindles fit a 2wd? I wonder if I could buy the spindles alone. I'd love to get rid of my 2.5" spacer, get a 3.5" knuckles...
  3. ugly mirrors, and funny looking front ends and a work truck interior. GM needs a major refresh ASAP. I almost feel bad for the first year owners, but not my money!
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I think so, great looking truck but the rear end looks like it needs another 2".
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Looks good but i think they forgot to send you the rear part of the lift?

    time to trade it in on a 18!
  7. Brand New 2014-2018 GMC Denali Headlights

    GL with Sale, these should go quick! Any 14-15 Sierra guy's I highly recommend them! Love my 16-18 LEDS
  8. Anything you hate about your truck?

    I dont hate my truck.. I just wish I had got a few other options Looking back I should of found a 4x4 or 6.2 but since I just drive highway to work I guess it'll just come with the next truck! lol
  9. Did you install the struts after? I see coilovers maybe being a overkill for my application. Im only at like 70K miles on my truck but I feel its getting close to shock time... ride quality good on 2.0s?
  10. For someone who does ZERO offroading, would a coil over be smoother on the highway? At MAX height plus a spacer would the ride be smoother then a 5100? are Springs included on a coilover? It seems like it might be cheaper to purchase coilovers with springs preinstalled then pay to have someone remove the springs off factory struts and onto 5100s?
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Thanks man! I wasn’t a huge fan when I first bought it but I didn’t want white or black. It’s def grown on me since day one and I wouldn’t trade it. The coolest part is I can not wash it for weeks and from 5+ weeks away it still looks clean. I’m sad they got rid of it after 2016 but I think the new version of it is satin steel metallic on the 2019. Thank you for the compliment! Leaving everything on the outside alone since converting the front end. Next up will be new shocks and struts lol
  12. Thinking of Purchasing 2014-2015

    Honestly a set of hids will cure most people’s needs which will set you back 200 if you get quality products. I ran cheap eBay ones for 2 years with no issues but eventually swapped to 16+ Denali headlights which are a new level but most people can be satisfied with just hids. The Chevy headlights if they aren’t ltz on the 14-15 I hear no issues from. I actually swapped my 14-15 gmc front end into a 16-18 front end due to loving the leds but it cost me around 2k total, but I didn’t want to jump into 10-15k more debt for some lights so I did the swap and kept my 15 since I’ve maintained it since day 1.
  13. 19 Denali issues

    trade it on a 18 and save yourself many more headaches
  14. Thinking of Purchasing 2014-2015

    Look for a 15 over a 14. I have seen many more problems with 2014's that got resolved with the 2015 models. My 15 Sierra has been really good to me, if you can find a 6.2 def get it but i went from an 03-06 5.3 to a 2015 5.3 and this motor is ridiculously stout and more then enough for most needs. If you look at GMC just keep in mind you'll need to throw in a set of HIDs or upgrade the headlights as the 14-15 Sierras had horrible headlight issues. GREAT trucks though, smart move to skip the 07-13's.

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