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  1. $7000 off msrp

    They are already lowering the prices because no one is buying them! I litterally only see 1-2 a day max! Tons of 18s with new plates tho!
  2. 22 Denali unlimited wheels

    in houston area.. are TPMS sensors included? intrested
  3. If its a 14-15 youll need to upgrade the headlights, other then that ive had no issues minus regular maintence on my 2015 Sierra, has 70k miles and is great! Hope to drive it to 200-300K!
  4. Anyone See A Double Cab LT Trail Boss??

    Wait and find a way to get a crew cab, the bigger back seat is always better.
  5. Has anyone opened a set of these fog lights and painted the inside from black to another color? If you have opened them, what process did you use to open and close them? Thanks for any information!
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Thank you! You think the entire front? I honestly havnt seen a 14-15 in my color Sierra wise colormatched.
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Trying to figure out what to do next... Remove airdam, black out gmc logos? Any suggestions appreciated!
  8. Slate Gray Trucks!

    Looks good, I would honestly remove the side steps unless you need them! Wheels/tires are definitely your game changer on this one!
  9. Slate Gray Trucks!

    I see maybe on average 1-2 a week in Slate Gray.. I love the color, it had to grow on me but its a pretty cool color I think. I think they brought it sort of back for the 2019 models as santin steel looks really close to it. Any suggestions for my truck you guys have? Jake Post up some pictures first!
  10. Slate Gray Trucks!

    With upgraded 16-18 LED headlights. Truck specs are 2015 CC 2wd slate gray GMC. 2.5" level on 275/60/20 Falken AT3W Pictures before the headlight upgrade
  11. 2018 6.2 vs 2019 6.2

    How are the headlights at night? Can you get a photo of the beam pattern from the drivers seat?
  12. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    You being serious? Your probably screwed if you signed on the dotted line..
  13. Rough Country 3.5" Knuckle Lift

    Does this knuckle lift increase track width?
  14. A/C Condenser

    Is the 9$ bracket worth installing on a 15 Sierra?

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