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  1. Got a scare from the gas station

    Stations near me in Houston are 2.39 ish right now
  2. I dont like the idea of the engine turning completely on and off.. I plan to turn AFM off as soon as my warranty is up. Something just doesn't feel right that an engine needs to turn off at every stop light..
  3. Rc upper control arms

    PM me im intrested.
  4. Autostart/stop is one thing I WILL NEVER OWN. Should be an option on vehicles not forced upon us..
  5. Well I finally did it...

    Respect for not jumping on my comment as being an ****. Im partial to 14-15 Sierra's so I was just curious haha. Enjoy the new truck man!!
  6. Level, Shackles or Remove Rear Block?

    2.5" level, leave stock blocks.. looks best and still functional.
  7. New ride

    nice truck but why trade down??
  8. Check out the falken Wild peak at3w, great tire at a good cost. I run a 2.5" level with 275/60/20 with 0 rub.
  9. Well I finally did it...

    nice truck but i mean what was wrong with the previous? couldnt imagine myself trading just for a different color or something small aesthetically.
  10. Mirrors

    good god those are ugly
  11. Crew cab vs double cab

    Crew won me on looks, once they put handles on the dbl cabs they just started looking weird.. Im a city folk so i prefer more cab space and anyone who rides in my crew has never complained about being uncomfortable. Now when they rode in my 03 ext cab no one wanted to ride with me lol.. Crew any day of the week, if you need more bed, you need a trailer..
  12. Leasing?

    Not a fan of leasing, normally when I see higher trimmed vehicles my first thought is oh thats lease lol.. to each their own.
  13. I have 275/60 Falken's, for the price they are AWESOME! very quiet and have been wearing very well after 8k miles. Would not hesitate to buy another set, super deep tread aswell.
  14. 2019 Silverado LT TrailBoss

    How much was it?
  15. LED bulbs really dont work well in housing not specifically designed for them.. a 50W hid will output more light.. Highly doubt they put out 10k lumens to the road..

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