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  1. Battery life

    I'm going to likely have mine tested, maybe my definition of struggle just means it doesn't fire as quick as when it was brand new LOL Barely 3 years on an OEM battery I feel I should be safe with atleast another year..
  2. Battery life

    I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 I purchased in nov 2015, we are coming up on nov 2018 or 3 years. It’s about to get cold, to avoid being stranded should I replace my battery? It struggles just a tad but normally never has a problem firing up. how old are your batteries? What would you recommend replacing with if I do.
  3. I have the tow package, G80, 3.42s, I could not imagine having a 3.08 and running anything but stock tires. Ive debated on trading this truck since its not 4 wheel drive but really do not want to go back into debt..
  4. Thank you sir, loved the side walls enough to push me to them!! What options could you not get? Im confused why my color was discontinued
  5. Anyone else have this color? Looking for how you guys have your Slate Gray setup
  6. Current wheels or swap??

    If you go 24's... and are near Texas i'll happily buy those 22's
  7. 2014-15 Sierra Morimoto XB LED Foglights

    if this falls through ill take them, got paypal ready -located in TX aswell
  8. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Could you post a picture of your angles and the gap between the control arms and bumpstops? It sounds like a stacked level unless they have different control arms on the TB
  9. +1 to Falken Wildpeak AT3W, have a set and they are absolutely amazing tires!
  10. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Does it look possible to put a extra leveling cut under the factory one? Still too much rake , nice truck
  11. T1 Refresh

    What are you expecting to possibly change when GM does their mid cycle refresh? I'm guessing we will see a redesigned front end as usual for both models and possibly a gauge cluster? Hoping the refresh comes sooner rather than later as well. I was thinking the 2021's should be made nicer.
  12. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    Looking for this answer as well
  13. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    How would running dust caps over the leds not create a heat issue? I run 55W HIDS but still get this urge to run LEDS because I like the color more.. Heard they arent much brighter then stock though
  14. X2 to this comment, I personally am not a fan and it just seems cheap but I like the red on my sierra!
  15. Do the 2019's all have Auto-Stop???

    As many times a day I get in and out of the truck it really would add up in being a hassle..

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