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  1. I did all the work myself minus getting the bumper cover painted. Fender trimmed to save a few hundred as opposed to buyin new ones
  2. I’m thinking of having bilstein 5100s installed and a smaller spacer so they can pull the coil off and reseat it. Wonder if that might fix it.
  3. So I’ve had my 15 Sierra with a 2.5” level for 60k miles and for the past 30-40k it’s had a slight popping noise when you turn the steering wheel left or right at low speeds. ive learned to live with it but still can’t help but wonder what is causing this minus the leveling kit?? has anyone fixed this yet?
  4. Bump same rattle behind steering wheel sounds like metal on metal. My screws are tight
  5. My service advisor said they adjusted labor codes? I got a brand new condenser and it all fixed in under 2 hours. Im sure i got some kind of "GM assistance", but I honestly didnt question that number LOL. Agreed, I knew this problem existed but didnt think id get unlucky and it happen to me.. sure is frustrating when your just about to have it paid off.. I know this might influence my next purchase later down the road.
  6. Might want to edit out your personal details. GLWS
  7. Unfortunately my truck has 75k miles.. havnt had issues yet but has anyone had luck with my type of miles?
  8. My front is about the same but my rear is 40.25" with stock block.. Nose doesnt seem high to me but it all depends on the angle? lol
  9. What are your fender heights? I feel like mine has settled since I put the level on 50k miles ago and i'm not a fan of rake lol
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