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  1. LED bulbs really dont work well in housing not specifically designed for them.. a 50W hid will output more light.. Highly doubt they put out 10k lumens to the road..
  2. 2015 LTZ purchase

    Yup, I have a slate gray 2015 gmc crew cab. Color has grown on me, get lots of compliments as opposed to the usual white and black trucks you see EVERYWHERE lol
  3. Lift Kit Help

    I mean you could probley stuff them and have minor trimming/do some zip ties but I bet those things def rub backing out of a driveway ha. If you just drive on the street you might can make it work.. Are your 35s mud tires?
  4. Lift Kit Help

    No problem! send me a message if you need anything man
  5. Lift Kit Help

    Im not certain how they feel but I bet much much better then the standard shocks most kits would supply. For the rear if your looking for a smooth ride it'll come with a bigger block and hardware to install. Depending on how you like to sit (nose down, level, or squating) you can get a bigger or smaller block if needed.
  6. Lift Kit Help

    Yes, I believe Zone for example includes all new tie rods as opposed to say rough country you have to cut your factory ones. Smoothness is going to come from mostly good shocks and keeps your angles as flat as possible. Rough country is good if your on a budget, it'll get the job done but really it comes down to what makes you feel comfortable. Tons of people run the kits and never have issues.. If you dont mind spending more I would no doubt say get the Zone or BDS lift with Bilstein or Fox shocks, you'll love it.
  7. Lift Kit Help

    Yes rough country isn't premium but it gets the job done for most people.. For our trucks me personally I would spend the extra on Zone or BDS, both very high quality and fitting for a 40k+ truck. You'll spend more on a higher quality kit but like the saying goes you get what you pay for.
  8. Lift Kit Help

    No not a body thats a suspension lift like the rough country lift I suggested. The second picture is what happens when you buy a kit that does change the angles of your lower control arms, most of which are the 3-4" "LIFTS" they are essentially massive leveling kits that ruin your front end.. I have a 2.5" front level and my angles arent terrible but I would not go above it..
  9. 2015 LTZ purchase

    I am partial to the slate gray..
  10. Lift Kit Help

    Bracket lift i reference the lift kits that include new crossmembers that drop all your components down so that you keep stock angles. The rough country 6" is essentially a 4" lift with a 2" spacer added, if you dont add the spacer your truck will be 4" taller and still maintain all the factory ball joint angles/tie rods/ etc. Lift kit example - any kit without the crossmembers/new knuckles is going to put your angles in a bind.. This is what a REAL kit will make your angles look like Heres what a stretched level basically makes your angles...
  11. Lift Kit Help

    Any kit thats not a bracket lift is going to eat your ball joints with a 6" uncranked itll sit completely like stock and you would have room to go bigger in the future.. Just google angles of 3-4" kits they are terrible... Do not go above 2.5" on a level if you want your front end to last, you could likely combine the level with a body lift for a little extra height.
  12. Lift Kit Help

    6" rough country and leave it uncranked for a solid 4-5" of lift.. best bang for your buck so to speak. I wouldnt put a RC on a denali but if your speaking strictly price itll do the job.
  13. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Fender measurement guys? Does 2wd sit lower then 4wd?
  14. Lift Kit Help

    Keeping stock wheels?
  15. Numbers don't lie.. Very disappointing in GM to not up the power.. ON TOP OF THAT make the trucks UGLY? COME ON

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