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  1. I’ve read that the 305/45/22 size fits also. That size is the same diameter as stock so no speedo/odometer issues, 1” wider, xl 4 ply and they weigh 47lbs. AT tire without the stiffness and MPG loss that the e-rated tires will give you.
  2. Some sites may just list it wrong. I have the same truck, 2020 SB Denali without the carbon pro bed. Bought my cover from realtruck.com. Seems like every site lists them for about the same price. I did a chat on real truck and they verified the fitment and gave me a much better price that what was listed on the site. This is my model number. RTX-80481 - RetraxPRO MX Tonneau Cover Matte Finish
  3. Any concern about going down in size going that route? The sidewall is already so small on these 22’s. The stock 275 50 22 is a 32.8 tire, 285 45 22 is 32.1.
  4. Yeah, I think the 305 45 22 makes the most sense, as long as they don’t rub.
  5. Should I stay away from E rated tires on my truck? I have a 20 Denali crew cab with the 6.2. I’m in northern CA so roads and weather are not a big deal. Truck will see some towing but nothing crazy. I’d like a tire that is good for Tahoe snow next year. Problem is I have 22” wheels, the stock Bridgestone tires suck and there are very limited options for replacement. Sticking with a highway tire I can stay in the stock size with a Michelin but I’d prefer an AT tire. For AT’s I can go 285 50r22 with Nitto terra or ridge grapplers but they are E rated tires. They also have a XL 305 45r22 but that may not fit on the stock wheel. Frustrated with the lack of options. I emailed Nitto earlier this week and they said there were no plans to make their AT tires in our stock 22” size. Question is, if I go with the E rated 285, is it going to kill my mileage or make the ride too stiff? Any other alternatives out there?
  6. The 2500 is completely different. Any 1500 Denali’s out there with bigger tires on stock suspension?
  7. This works! Pulled the bars apart and then swapped them side to side. The rattle was driving me crazy. Thanks!!!!
  8. Wondering the same. I’ve seen people with High Country’s say that it works with no mods but can’t find a Denali. Debating on the 305 45 or going with a LT 285 50 22. Scared of ruining the ride or a big hit to mileage.
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