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  1. Yea i have, they wouldn't budge, they aren't discounting anything. maybe in another month or so it will get better.
  2. I'm ready to buy a 2020 1500 denali or high country. I live in MN and no dealerships are giving any incentives. My last vehicle i bought from Laura GMC however i'd prefer not to drive down there to get it as life is busy. Wondering if any dealerships will deliver for a nominal cost. Otherwise i guess i'm gonna have to make the trip.
  3. Anybody seen a shadow grey metallic Silverado 1500 or Carbon Metallic Sierra 1500 yet?
  4. Anybody know when they will have the 2020 1500's online to build? only see the 2500 and 3500's?
  5. This may be a silly questions but i recently picked up GM OEM 22 inch rims, currently have 18 inch OEM GM rims. Can i use the same lug nuts? I'm thinking i should get a set of locking lug nuts. How do i know what size/ratio to get?
  6. Any Specific Brands work better? https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=silverado+TPMS I see they have different models #'s?
  7. Nobody knows where to get aftermarket TPMS?
  8. I found some 2013 GM 22 inch rims on craigslist for a good deal. $500 for the set, used but in pretty good shape. a few nicks here and there and did nick a curb but not bad. Anyways, i'm in need of some TPMS and tires. I'm running a stock 14 silverado crew cab 4x4 with no lift or level. Wondering what size tire you suggest and where is a good place to buy aftermarket TPMS. I found some on Amazon but not sure if thats what people would suggest. I was thinking 285/45/22 for size and maybe running Lionharts or Sentury? or do i need to step up to goodyears or falken ziex as a minimum. I'm only going to run the rims in the Summer.
  9. Do any of you have mud flaps on the front? wondering if that would cause a rubbing issue.
  10. Do you have a stock ride, or did you get a leveling kit? i love those rims.
  11. If i searched then a [email protected] like you couldn't have your fun during the day.... Thank you to the others that responded. i'll look for 275's
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