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  1. This will be great if we get to go to Garner State Park this year. ATT is the only service that works out there. We have verizon an T-mobile so this will allow us to connect to an ATT hotspot
  2. How would I determine if it has an isolation switch? I ran if for about 4 hours with no issues this way, but Im not sure if 4 hours would have drained the battery in the truck anyway.
  3. I put on a 1.5" lift on my NHT model and added these spacers to the rear to get by until I found a better option. Search on Amazon for : ReadyLift 67-3809 Black Powdercoat Rear Shock Extension Bracket for GM/Chevy Anyway, they work fine. Not sure if I will change until the Billstein 5100s come out.
  4. I have not sat in the back so I cant comment. The front seats are definitely harder than the K2s. But mine seems to be breaking it. If you look at motorcycle seats, the soft ones end up killing you in the long run. Good seats like Corbin are miserable hard at first, but mold to your but and then fit you for the long run. Maybe this is what they are after. I suspect the harder seats also reduce submarining below the seat belt which helps increase crash ratings. At least they included decent rear headrests on this model. The k2 rear headrests were a joke.
  5. T1 loses to Ram on interior. Hell, it would lose to last gen Ram on interior. It was a pretty weak effort on GMs part. And I have an LTZ with upgraded interior.
  6. I drove a 2018 model as a rental in Albequerque a few years ago. MPG was actually amazing. Hand calculated over 400 miles through the mountains with a 3 hour traffic jam due to rockfalls and I still got 20mpg. Computer showed 22. The Rockford stereo blew away the bose in my 2014 and my new 2019. It rode rougher than my 2014 GMC I remember, but I had Bilsteins all the way around so it rode like a Caddy. Looks are okay. I think the XDs with more aggressive stance look sharp. I was disappointed that the 5.0 cummins never really lived up to its potential. It should have been a 15k lb towing truck, not a 12.5k lb truck. Both GM and Ford can beat or match it with gas engines. Would I buy one? Maybe if I got a really good deal but it wouldnt be my first choice. If i was going foreign I would rather wait to see what the new Tundra is going to look like.
  7. Just saw this and wanted to pass it along. It might fit behind the grill of the T1 since shallow. I have one of their 30" lightbars from my old 2014 that I ran behind the grill. Good quality light, and their warranty is awesome. https://www.infiniteoffroad.com/product-page/20-to-50-curved-dual-row-light-bar
  8. I had 305/50/R20s which are basically a 33 x 11.50. Had a 2" front spacer and 1.5" rear block. No rub at all, but it was really close to the UCA. They were the Nitto Ridge Grapple PXL rated ones, not the LT ones. They rode super smooth and quiet. However they killed my mpg by about 3mpg. I thought that was odd since they are the same diameter as my stock tires and relatively light, but maybe the extra width created too much rolling resistance. I swapped them for 275/60r20 BFGs and they get better MPG but still slightly less than stock since heavier. They are louder than the Ridge Grapplers, but not much. My next tire will likely be the Terra Grapplers. Had them on old truck and they were super quiet and had really good wear properties. Also got great MPG with the PXL versions.
  9. I towed my RV when I only had 300 miles on it. Oh well. She runs fine. I get 20mpg with a 6.2.
  10. Rough Country HD2s sit high and tight and look really good.
  11. I emailed bumper shellz and they said they would have the T1 numbers ready in a month.
  12. The accessory power keeps the truck electrical turned on. Usually this would drain the battery. The RV system has a dc converter that keeps the 12v system charged. Its wierd but even AC systems are run by DC controls. It will backfeed the connected vehicle. I ran the wifi for about 3 hours like this and had no issues. I'll try longer next time.
  13. When camping, I would like to keep my accessory power on to keep the wireless hotspot running. If I had a key this would be a non issue. However the push button start turns off power after about 20 minutes. Anyone know of a way to make it run longer? I plan to keep it plugged into the AC powered trailer. The trailers DC converter which should keep the battery charged.
  14. 2019 ltz here. Mine wont load any contacts at all unless on android auto and then it has to relearn every time.
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