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  1. I installed these on my 6.2 NHT 4x4. I had a lot of trouble with the front clamping bracket that goes under the brake line cover. The cover just wont fit. I had to trim down the standoff height of the bracket with my chop saw. Not sure if the NHT is different than normal axle or what the deal was. So far I'm just filling with the Schrader valve when pulling my 6000 lb camper. Looking at which pump to get. Probably go with the wireless one. It rides super smooth.
  2. I've got chrome and really wish I had painted. If anyone has some shadow grey handles with the keyless entry I would happily trade.
  3. Does anyone else get a buzz or vibration in their doors from the bose speakers. I dont bass or even have it up loud. Heck sometimes it even happens on talk radio. It is bass frequencies that cause it but it seems ridiculous. I have the bass set at 7/10. But like it said, normal to low volume. I think it's the door not the speaker but I'm not certain.
  4. 2019 6.2 4x4 NHT with 33s. I do great unloaded. Can average over 20 if I keep it under 70. But with my 6000lb camper I only get about 8. It pulls like a dream but I could get 10mpg with my old 2014 5.3 z71. Maybe it will get better as i get more miles on it. I've done as bad as 7 in high winds. Wind is the killer with these rvs. I think it's worse than the weight.
  5. I have this noise too at cold startup. It goes away after driving it. Well, at least I don't notice it anymore.
  6. Hey folks, my passenger side window will go auto-up and then bottom out fully closed, then slightly retract about 1/2 inch. It isnt open, per say, but it isnt fully closed. It reminds me of a garage door where the down setting is set too far and it reverses when it bottoms out. Im hoping this is just a limit switch adjustment at the dealer. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. There are several names for this color on lots of different vehicles. Regardless the color code if GJI. I have searched high and low to find a powder coat that would match but to no avail. I really want to color my chrome bumpers. The local bedliner shop that does kevlar spray said they could color match kevlar. Its kinda cool, and would be tough as nails on a bumper. Its a little rougher than I like though.
  8. Folks are saying on different sites and reviews that this wont fit the the high country or LTZ models. What is the difference in that grill and the LT or RST?
  9. I run 89 unless I am towing. Then Ill go with 93. Im just piddling around town so I dont need high performance to cruise to wrk and haul kids. It runs fine and gets the same MPG.
  10. I wonder if a 20" straight bar would fit. I've got one of those around here somewhere
  11. Was your grill the bowtie or the custom "chevrolet" style grill. It looks like turkeeslapper has a custom grill. Maybe that's the difference
  12. Looks cool. Can u share what brand of 32 u used? I have an infinite offroad 30" straight bar but it sound like wont work. Darn.
  13. My front is 39.5 and back is 40.25 with no air in the rear bags. I got around 15-16 in town with stock 33s and with the 33" BFGs. I got around 14 w the wide ridge Grapplers. They are only 33.25" tires and pretty light so it had to be the rolling resistance, either due to the tread or the width or both. They were smooth riding and quiet tho. I lost about 2mpg highway with them as well.
  14. I had 4600s on the back of my old truck and they rode super smooth. 5100s up front. The 5100s should come out this year according to the Billstein rep I talked to last fall. I did 2" upper block in the front and a 1.5 in the rear. Left me with .75" rake, unloaded. I would probably do 2 and 2 if I did it again. I added AirLift bags to the back to keep it from squatting under load. It rides like a dream when I tow the camper. I may change out the rear shocks though. Not sure what to use. 4600s are not really for lifts. Currently on the stock shocks I have 2" spacers on them and they ride okay. I had ridge grapplers in 305/55/r20 on the truck and it rode super smooth. But MPG went to hell. I traded them out on 275/60/r20 (stock size 33s) BFG KO2s. It tows great. They are a hair louder and a little rougher though. Better MPG, likely because they are narrower with less rolling resistance.
  15. Added the HD2s. I really like them. Sit up nice and tight on the pinch weld so they dont reduce clearnace much. I can still roll under the truck on a creeper to change oil without needed to put on ramps.
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