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  1. Sure. Text me at 832.226.3009. I'm in clear lake
  2. After using the gator for a year and a half I'm not sure i still love it. Its a solid cover when it's closed. And it holds up well to weather. I drove in 40 mph crosswinds and it stayed closed well without the velcro ripping open. Negatives: When it gets warm its like a wet noodle and rolls up crooked and likes to fall inside the rails. Its not near as sturdy as the access tonnea was in this regard. Also the latch being only of the left side is a huge pain in the ass when a trailer is connected. Finally, the access could be closed with the tailgate closed but the gator requires the tailgate to be opened first. All In all its an okay tonnea but I would probably bay a little more for a different brand next time.
  3. Has anyone opened the console and taken measurements of the sub box? I was considering making one to fit an 8 like folks did in the K2s. However I've been looking at some of those "under the seat" subwoofers on Amazon. I know they won't hit that hard but the bose sub doesn't hit at all, so I figure I might try to fit one in there. Any info is helpful. Thanks
  4. I have a aubwoofer box that fits in the console of a K2 that I never got around to installing. I bought it on ebay. Sealed it extra tight. Then traded truck before I got it in. I'm keeping the sub but the box is over 100 bucks online. If u live I Houston and drive down to clear lake, its yours. I'm not shipping or going to any effort more than meeting in my driveway. Lol. Let me know if you can use it. PM me for address
  5. Awesome! I was hoping I would be simple like that!
  6. I recently added the rough country grill light bars to my ltz. Right now I have it on a remote control switch from infinite offroad that allows me to use my homelink buttons to turn them on-off. I was wondering however if I it would be possible to the switch to the hi beams somehow so they worked together automatically. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Found an LT grill locally for $300. I think I like the less chrome. Did what I should have done originally and installed the rough country insert LED slime lights. They aren't as bright as my old double row 30" bar from Infinite Offroad but they compliment the LED lights on the LTZ well. They add a lot more spread.
  8. Maybe you need an actual load or a completed circuit. The trailer connector adapters are still leaving you with an open circuit. Try hooking up one of those sets of magnetic trailer lights from harbor freight.
  9. Where are you located? How much would you want for it? Thanks!!
  10. Yesterday I received a Rough Coutnry 30" light bar to mount behind the grill of my LTZ max tow. It has no active shutters so it should have been easy. However, in my creative impatience, I eneded up butchering the grill while looking for options and never found one. Rough Country 30" = no go on this truck. Oh well. So now I need a new grill, or at least the back part where the vents are. I never really liked this big chrome thing anyway, but also am not crazy about spending a fortune to fix it. The T-rex grills look awesome but not gonna pay $1200 for a grill. So options? There is a black grill on GMs website and all the parts websites that looks like it fits an LT. It says it wont fit my tuck, but when I try other models, apparently it doesnt fit ANY truck. The website does not get specific enough as it asks what model I have. It defaults me to grill with a camera, that I dont have. I wouldnt mind "unchroming" this thing some more. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/grille-in-black-(for-vehicles-without-hd-surround-vision-camera)-84320548?vin=3GCUYGET3LG363107 The biggest problem with this grill is the insanely high shipping costs! Holy crap. I wonder if I could just order it from my local dealer. Or the ebay raptor looking "Hevrol" grill. Has anyone actually tried that one? It looks interesting. Just dont wanna try it if its a total hunk of crap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-2019-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-Black-Front-Grille-with-3-2-LED-Lights/324161032746?fits=Year%3A2019|Model%3ASilverado+1500&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4b7980d22a:g:b2wAAOSwGFRetryc&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickk5v8gVt3hEWLVg%2F253w6XCcV%2Bvz2mwtMGaL7JGKc1NeWAX8RnJW9aldY0s%2BrOlbh5%2FzqlAGMrvSVcTQb1H4Z1XS%2Bp2kNJxMyJXJVCYFNgidpcgv6oKmO7JwtHzer1jCOJ%2BSXfBDFXkqkBNtIJzDy%2BYbnp3Uzm8sPhvxirRRc2x9eFyr%2Bg1AQ8BYeiKUVYwRbdIAtb4CQZkl4R9r8X8XL5Oy6BhOABoSdEzeUhkEn32myuT2QAGCMQ%2FS288lzcONM0jJtSWM6sBKqIMaNtna3Z%2FDITCFxdWWlxiW3r%2FPnbPRIGyNmq9IswUJc%2Bb%2FSE41oqzdF7%2Fo3sZls2CCKCERi5KpxA83h9ADo0S7v1RyBDC9%2FpiZ2DIceu1rW95UOipt7OVjanxr2MCL3ukMt3a3gNTsAPgIp0sV%2FBqhbNggAepYiyC7AS1cqzptVfzWqoQcRf1OgK9x0HZ%2FMuwBLxkfA4vup8eitaKQsei87rZ07cPedNJaCGi2HQtrChKQmG%2BKwDdh06pU531LtIawt8Pgon2Gu%2Fgcp2Pti9AbBUxomFJaY3Nxb%2BUsAGGncR2Hlw%2BIRDSzsK85WKxrYsE0IWXV1AqgrEWEM2amhTd3etxqSEfaYCCx14lmkqx1%2B2QWMDznlxl7hPA7RDzCvDr1kFfMn5rhq4WPaMVoWM1H8MNEpjkKJHvTYslZyCU%2Bia%2BhhqvQvNj%2Fu%2F60An4U5EOhXR4grLxArepGPRGQmzPta%2BHDbpK%2B3yEAKYmEL2fp1mm65iw1%2FpYuy4BjWJIe6R034fcY55AgpCkmaUR%2FdKuwUeBDVmMes%3D|cksum%3A32416103274674fe95f69e5946828daa414f8966211b|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 Any other ideas? Ive looked on craigslist already and could keep looking but nothing there now. Thanks.
  11. I tried this yesterday with my LTZ using a 30" Rough coutnry curved light bar. Magnificent fail. Ended up messing up the grill and need to replace it now. I can see how its possible to get a bar back there - LOTS of room, but no good mounting options like on the K2s.
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