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  1. Thanks. This is the first time Ive seen a picture of the Bose sub box in the 2019+ trucks. It looks thinner and longer than the K2s. Im not sure an 8" sub could be made to fit in that space. It would have to be a really shallow one. This may have saved me a lot of time. Looks like I might take that kicker 8" from my 2014 and put it under the back seat.
  2. any updates on this topic? Im getting bored sitting at home. ready to mod!
  3. I think that if you look at a trailer up to half the max tow rating you will be fine. You will have plenty of margin. My 2014 5.3 Z71 would haul out 4500lb (dry) RV just fine. I upgraded to a new 27ft that is about 6000lb dry and it still pulled it fine, but you could definitley feel the tug in the hills. My new 2019 Max trailer 6.2 has nearly a 13000lb tow rating so now I am back well within comfort zone. More important than the oomph to pull is the ability to stop. Dont pull without trailer brakes. You can get by just fine without a load distributing hitch, but once you get one you will regret having waited. It helps with the wind sway too not just the squat.
  4. Impressed with my 6.2 max tow today. Usually get 8mpg towing my 7k lb RV. Today towed with a slight crosswind from houston to lake travis on the other side of austin. Made it on one tank! I couldnt beleive it. Averaged just under 10mp for the trip and until I turned off into the hills in was doing 11.5 on my 50mile rolling average. I did just have some recall updates installed so I'm not sure if that changed anything. Maybe shes just finally starting to break in. I can live with 10 mpg but 8 is just crap
  5. I have a 2019 with the trailer camera package and cameras in my side mirrors. Mine does not show me my blind spots when I turn on my blinkers. Is there somethign I need to do to activate this? Agree with the power of these. I was doing 60 behind a slowpoke with my loaded 6500lb (empty weight) RV and a loaded truck and I passed them with ease. Hit 80 before I knew it. My old 5.3 would have just blown a head gasket and laughed at me. I get pretty crappy MPG towing though. I usually do around 8mpg, but I almost always have a heavy crosswind or headwind. Seems like its never behind. In dead calm weatehr I can do about 10mog if I keep at 65. My old 5.3 would do 10-12 all day with a Diablo tune on it so I was diassapointed with this. I looked into the towing MPGs on the the new 2500 forum. Honestly they are not doing that much better. The small fuel tank is the most annoying part of towing to me.
  6. I had a 2006 Ridgeline. I put a 2" lift on it and some 31" tires. it looked pretty cool actually. Like a mini Avalanche. It was a comfortable truck, but like all Hondas, the road noise was terrible. By far louder than GM or Toyotas. Even after I added dynamat to it. It was also gutless and got worse gas mileage than my current 6.2. But the biggest complaint was the constant need for scheduled maintenance and that everything was Honda proprietary. Transmission fluid was a special blend. Transfer case too yet another special brew. I ordered online, but if you had to take in to Honda it would cost a fortune to own it. I ran it for 100k miles and it was an okay truck. I really liked the utility of it The AWD was awesome. You couldnt beat it in sand. The bed trunk was awesome. But never again will I have a Honda given how much of a pain in the a$$ they are to own. Also the new model is hideous. The old one was ugly-cool. This one is just ugly-lame.
  7. My truck keeps asking me to "Please Confirm Password to Continue using connected services". What does this mean? What password do they want? Is it for my phone? Is it for my Onstar internet account? No password that I know works here. It usually seems to happen when I have my phone connected via USB-C. I have a 2019 LTZ with Nav, if that makes any difference. Lately my phone has been more screwey than ever. The bluetooth does not reliabley connect. Still have no contacts or favorites via bluetooth. Thanks for your help.
  8. I get about 16mpg (DIC 50 mile avg) in town with my 33" BFGs on a 6.2 max tow with 2" lift. Sometimes with lots of really short in and out trips it goes down to 15. That is about the same as when I had the stock bridgestone 2ply tires that came on it. For a little while I had 305/55/20 Ridge Grapplers on it. That dropped my in town MPG down to around 14 avg. Also killed mpg on the highway. Thats weird because its the same diameter and lighter than the BFGs. They were quieter and rode better too. Must be the extra inch of width that really effected it. Not sure.
  9. I have a 2019 NHT 6.2 and it is a towing beast. Compared to my 2014 5.3 with 3.42s and a 6 speed this thing does not even struggle when Im pulling my 7k lb RV. The 10-speed with 3.42s is awesome. Motor barely revs when climbing. The alternator cooler works great. I am dissapointed in MPG tough. I use to get 10 in my 2014, but now I only get 8. Of course that already had 50k miles on when I started towing and it had a Diablo tune. The springs may be beefed up, but they are still not that strong. I added airbags and a compressor and it made a world of difference. Would I ever tow a full 12000 lbs with it? Hell no. You really do need a 3/4 ton to pull that much safely. But for medium RVs its awesome to have that extra oomph. They are hard to find though. You really have to search. AutoTrader is almost no help because dealers just cut and paste generic ads into their desriptions so you get a lot of false leads. I think you can get the NHT on a High Country. I got an LTZ. I despise the chrome bumpers but there is not enough upgrade on a high country to make it worth it for me.
  10. Can someone post a link with easy instructions? I'm sure this is one here somewhere but I dont want to go through the 50 page thread on stereos to be disappointed. I figured since we are stuck at home it might be a good time to look at the Bose sub and see if it could be swapped with an 8" sub like the K2s. Thanks!
  11. Yes, but sometimes when you cant get completely away from work you need ability to check in and function. Otherwise you have to cut your trip short and leave. Thats what modern society demands.
  12. This will be great if we get to go to Garner State Park this year. ATT is the only service that works out there. We have verizon an T-mobile so this will allow us to connect to an ATT hotspot
  13. How would I determine if it has an isolation switch? I ran if for about 4 hours with no issues this way, but Im not sure if 4 hours would have drained the battery in the truck anyway.
  14. I put on a 1.5" lift on my NHT model and added these spacers to the rear to get by until I found a better option. Search on Amazon for : ReadyLift 67-3809 Black Powdercoat Rear Shock Extension Bracket for GM/Chevy Anyway, they work fine. Not sure if I will change until the Billstein 5100s come out.
  15. I have not sat in the back so I cant comment. The front seats are definitely harder than the K2s. But mine seems to be breaking it. If you look at motorcycle seats, the soft ones end up killing you in the long run. Good seats like Corbin are miserable hard at first, but mold to your but and then fit you for the long run. Maybe this is what they are after. I suspect the harder seats also reduce submarining below the seat belt which helps increase crash ratings. At least they included decent rear headrests on this model. The k2 rear headrests were a joke.
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