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  1. I had 305/55r20 on my factory wheels with 2" level. Not trail boss. Fit fine. Those nittos rode smooth and quiet. Replaced with bfgs in stock 33 size because they looked kinda baloony to me. I might try 285s next time
  2. Hello, i have a 2019 LTZ max trailering 6.2. I have a 2" block in the front, 1.5" in the back. With a 2" shock spacer. It rides okay on the road but its like a cocvered wagon if I go offroad or two. The front is fine. But the rear is awful. Im curious if its just those max trailering shocks or if its the 1.5 lift with a 2" spacer leaving them slightly compressed. It seems like that shouldnt be a huge difference. Maybe its just heavier springs. I dont know. I have lift bags as well but only ride with 5psi when not towing. So the question is what do i do? Im considering the trailboss specific billstein 5100 rear shocks amd removing the shock extender. I had billsteins on my 2014 and it was night and day over the stock ranchos. I figure it cant be any worse but unsure if it will fix it. Also wonder if i should do 4600s and leave the spacer. I dont think they make lifted truck versions of 4600s but they are more for towing. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  3. I currently have a 2" front level with a 1.5" rear block on 33s. Considering the rough country 3.5" lift but I tow a lot so im afraid to upsize tires too much and ruin axle ratio. Does anyone have pics of 33s with a 3.5" lift? Just curious if it would look okay or if would need 34s to really pull it off. Thanks!
  4. Added this to my truck today. Overall wasnt too bad but it took some creativity and a lot of cussing. Now need some lights! Ive liked the sail panel/chase rack look ever since i had and avalanche. I liked this one over most others because it doesnt extend so far down the bed rails.
  5. Oddly enough, after removing bumper again and reconnecting it works. Maybe just a finicky connector
  6. Hey all, i had a small fender bender. Had to replace a fog light and thr bumper bracket that holds it. To get to it i had to remove entire bumper. Afterwards it now says service parking assist on DIC. The sensors were not hit and look fine. Ive checked all their connections. Ive double checked harness and looks okay. Does simply disconnecting the harness piss off the computer? Ive tried demating and remating the harness. Still happens! Lights and fog lights are fine and go througg same harness. Im pretty sure it was working fine until i disconnected it. Any ideas? Any way to test the wires or sensors for continuity? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Had a fender bender that jacked up my LTZ bumper. Looking at options but one of them is an off-road style bumper. However, I have factory fog lights and parking assist. Several models have holes for the park assist sensors, but noe accept the factory fog lamps. Honestly the factory fogs are okay at best. Would it be possible to adapt the factory fog wiring to a different cube fog lamp that was installed in the bumper? Seems like 12V DC is 12V DC. But these trucks have codes and logic for everything. Is that gonna make it mad and not work? Considering the Rough Country bumper that comes loaded with a 20" bar and two pairs of light cubes. Already have the rough country grill LEDs. Thanks!
  8. That is amazing MPG towing. When I pull my 7000lb RV I usually do about 8mpg with my 2019 6.2 10 spd. Lots of wind drag with that, but still thats a big difference. I do 13 with my single axle utility trailer with no weight.
  9. Thanks. I have a 6.2 Max Tow with added air bags. its tows my 7000lb loaded RV without any issues. I can even pass with it while towing. Power to spare and the 10 speed is seamless. My only complaint is the amount of fuel it sucks while towing. I can, like you, get around 20 unloaded. But with that trailer more like 8mpg. 7 in wind. If I have a tailwind and keep it under 65, maybe 10. Thats not much, especially with such a small fuel tank. What kind of mpg do you get when towing with the 2500? My bottomline was operating expenses. The deisel adds $10K to price. Thats a lot of fuel. Plus def, plus maintenance, plus fuel additioanal costs (though deisel and 93 are pretty close in price). Seems like pre-DEF deisels got much better MPG towing than the new ones.
  10. I have the maps on my SD card. It would tell me this quite often. I took to dealer about 2 months ago. They flashed the radio firmware to the newest version. Completely fixed it as well as lots of problems I was having with the backup camera.
  11. Mine does it at startup. By the time I get backed out of the garage, its gone.
  12. This Rough Country Bumper fascia would cover most of the problems once I fixed the fog light. Assuming the bumper isnt bent.
  13. Well, I screwed up yesterday and hit a car at the Costco parking lot. To be fair she was parked on the wrong side of the aisle, but....whatever. It was low speed, maybe 2 mph. Anyway, at first glance I thought nothing happened, but on inspection I realized it shifted my bumper about half an inch, cracked the fog light, and the trim panel that goes around it. The thing is...all this stuff, other than the bumper can be replaced relatively cheap. I have a $501 deductable, so if the bumper was okay i could likely fix myself and not process a claim. However the other party has already filed, so it might not even matter - my rates are going up. I guess if I didnt file, I would avoid a carfax report for resale. Not sure if that is really i big deal or not. Bumpers are devious things. Since its shifted, it could be bent. The brackets behind could be bent. Who knows. Also, now I have a check engine light. There is no way this caused engine damage, but maybe its associated with onstar being pissy after an impact. Options: 1) file with insurance - fix back to factory spec 2) dont file and repair myself. Just re-alight everything and replace the broken parts. 3) File and try to get the money to repair myself a) replace with an aftermarket off road bumper b) replace with a painted bumper (always wanted color matched instead of chrome) Any thoughts, wisdom, ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Back when i still gave a damn about covid I was using it to power an oxone generator. If put groceries under tonneau and smog them out on the way home. I got over that long ago tho
  15. I have a 2019 6.2 max trailer. Traded from a 2014 5.3 z71 with a tuner on it. Bought it to pull my rv with more authority without the bumpy ride of a 2500 when unloaded. It pulls incredibly well. Big differencr. I could have never passed someone on the highway before, now i do it with ease. The 10 speed with 6.2 is awesome. I usually run 89 octane around town and will do 93 when towing, though i have towed with 89. My biggest complaint is the crappy mpg when towing. 20+ unloaded all day long. 8-9 while towing seems sad tho. But ive learned to get over it. Mostly. My 5.3 oddly would do 10-11 mpg when towing samw rig.
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