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  1. I ordered my new blade and the reinforcements so I will wait for them once mounted I would make a geometry I need to put the axle back in place it exceeds one on the right side
  2. well apparently I speak your language so badly that it was pointed out to me that instead of answering I report the messages again sorry to all of these errors I am French my father warned me when I was children (learn English well his will serve you one day) lol I should have listened to it
  3. yes the left side sags and the front a little too on the other hand as soon as we put a counterweight at the right rear to balance the front of the truck is in line I think it was badly strapped on everything the left side I will already repair the blade problem to see the correction on this model we can not cheat by adjusting the torsion bar there is none
  4. without putting down the blades we can't see if there is a break in one place I think that to know if it's breaking we have to disassemble at first sight just by looking below we can't see anything
  5. yes I also think of that on the other hand we are talking about pieces breaking my blade to be deformed if the truck has remained strapped for 15 days in the container
  6. indeed for me the cause comes from its I am afraid that I have to change the blades or I am told about it what do you think?
  7. thank you to all the people who answer me and who are understanding that I do not master the language well again sorry
  8. I believe that during the trip from Canada to France when they were strapped, we had to strap it very hard on one side which crushed the rear left suspension blade
  9. Hello I am French and I have a very poor command of the language I am bored with my silverado of 2016 crew cabin LTZ here is my rear bed leans almost 2 inches I am attaching pictures to you. must we realign the suspension blades ?? should we change them ?? what is the problem? the chassis leans on the left side front and rear when I but the weight at the right rear the front becomes normal I noticed a significant gap on the last right suspension blade I will tell you but some photos can you give me a solution thank you to all of you
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