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  1. Didn't realize that I was ranting or raving about anything. Simply asking others if they were experiencing the same thing.
  2. My truck did this same thing, service ESC and steering assist reduced drive with care, stabili trac symbol was also lighted on dash showing that I had lost traction but I wasn't moving. Took to dealer on Monday and it was showing a code for yaw what ever that is. Tech reset and said would see if it does it again. When all this was going on I could not tell any difference in the way the steering was, seemed normal.
  3. My truck came with the Duratraks, I've been in some pretty deep nasty mud and am so far pretty impressed with the performance. They are somewhat noisy as others have said, I just turn up the radio and can't here them.
  4. I do not pay any attention to reviews put out by the likes of car and driver, most reviews are very subjective and biased in my opinion. Have driven GM for 45 yrs and will continue to do so.
  5. For me it has nothing to do with justifying it. I trade when I want, usually 25k - 30k miles which is normally 2-3 years.
  6. Going back to dealer next Monday for that and a couple of other minor issues.
  7. Although it clearly appears to be her fault I would bet that if she doesn't admit fault her insurance company will not do so either. You may have a battle on your hands. You may have to get your insurance company involved. Good luck and sorry about your truck. Although it can be fixed there will always be that thought in the back of your mind about what happened, I know, have been there. Hope everything turns out well.
  8. I have used this app on three different I phones, currently an 8 and in my last three trucks and have never had an issue. I would be upset also as the main reason I keep on star is so I can start my truck from anywhere when at work so it's warmed up when ready to leave. If you haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as posted above I would suggest that though not sure that will solve your issue. Good luck
  9. Anyone else having any issues with infotainment screen doing strange things, I've had this issue with the bottom of screen on three occasions now. First time was when I was driving home from dealer, shut truck off and restarted and it was ok, about two weeks later it did it again and stayed that way all day, next morning it was ok, did it again today and so far has stayed that way. also started getting message on DIC that steering assist is reduced, service ESC. The lines on the camera when truck is in reverse also quit working. Just got a survey from GM on what I think of quality, think I will hold off for a while before taking it.
  10. Road noise is louder, as for vibration, little to none unless there is crap built up on inside of rims which is quite frequently this time of year as the roads turn to crap with rain and snow melt. On the plus side I think that the Dura Trac's do well in mud and snow. No complaints here
  11. Really a safe message, does one not have to take eyes off road to press the ok button My 15 had this feature and my 19 also has it, doesn't really bother me although I don't think that it is really needed.
  12. I looked at mine this morning and the cable on the left side is tight and cable on right side is not. Going to take cable loose on the tight side and see if it lets gate lay flat. After the blizzard blows through that is
  13. Man, I finally learned something on here
  14. Don't know if the cables are different on mine or not, currently raining cats and dogs out so not going out to garage to look at the moment. I'm taking my truck in Friday for another issue and I'll ask about it.
  15. The 2" lift is standard on the Trail Boss Models, not exactly sure what the suspension upgrade system is

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