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  1. My 2020 LT came with the IOS radio, I believe that you have to have the convenience package II though.
  2. No problem, only reason that I really looked at the TSB was that I experienced a dead battery about a month ago. Prior to this my wi fi had quit working and on star had tried doing an update numerous times to no avail. After getting vehicle started from having the dead battery the wi fi started working. Not sure what the issue was but dealer charged battery and tested it and said that battery was good. Have not had any issues since other than xm will sometimes show no signal trying to connect. Have been getting a failed to download message on occasion after starting vehicle, all it show is wi fi, just looked at my build # and it says U148.3.4 and a date of Sept 19, says no other updates available. I guess I am going to have to take it to dealer to get it updated.
  3. I have a 2020 LT with the 3.0, slightly over 16K so far and zero issues. Averaging 25-30 mpg on highway and have gotten as high as 38 with a good tail wind. Def usage has been minimal, have not added any between oil changes which I do every 5K, usually takes about 4 gallon for 5K. Fuel filter life was showing 44% at 16K when I had dealer change it at last service, cost $100 to have dealer do it which isn't really bad figuring you should get at least a year out of one although I will do the next one myself as a filter kit online is only $25 and it takes less than 15 minutes, this I plan to do yearly. The price of diesel and the higher octane gas is usually comparable to one another in my area although 91 octane is the most prevalent, 93 is scarce in my area. I would say that 80% of my driving is rural as I live in a rural area and do a lot of hunting and short trips to the farm. So far I am very happy with the 3.0 and 10 speed combo, this coming from a 19 Trail Boss which I had a lot of issues with.
  4. My 20 Silverado LT, convenience package II does not have them on the rear doors, not a big deal to me, just push the one on the front door.
  5. This recall only affects trucks with the 40/20/40 split bench seats and is the seatbelt in the middle, for me the middle never gets used as the console is always down. I just as soon not have techs tearing things apart to try and fix.
  6. Go ahead and follow that smooth sided semi, if you have ever seen what a blown tire from one of them can do to a vehicle you might change your mind. I don't dally around tractor/trailers any longer than needed
  7. The Goodyear Fortitude is the tire that the Z71 package claims to be an AT tire. I too questioned the dealer and he said that was what they came with. I bought another set of take off rims and mounted Duratracs on them to run in the winter and then switch back to the Fortitudes for summer use so I don't have a problem with it. I do however think that it is deceitful for GM to say they are upgrading the tires to an AT tire when one adds the Z71 package. The Fortitude is by no means an All Terrain tire although they are marked as mud and snow on sidewall, go figure.
  8. I just don't understand some people on here and I can't believe they even buy a GM product when all they do is get on here and complain about everything and anything and knock all dealers and service techs as being incompetent. Sure some have legitimate concerns, most don't. I've owned GM all my life and sure I have had some problems although very few. Go get another brand if you think GM is screwing you, you'll find that they have their problems also.
  9. Do you think that them replacing the transmission is doing nothing? What do you expect them to do?
  10. When one states that handgun cartridges need not be trimmed is incorrect. Any rimless case in an auto pistol uses the case length for headspace. This includes .45 acp, 9mm, .380 ect. Also when loading straight wall cartridges such as .38 .357 .45 colt ect. most of which are used in a revolver they should be crimped so as not to get any bullet movement in cartridges in cylinder, case length is critical in obtaining proper crimp. I guess it all depends on how much time one wants to spend on making a quality reload. While most cartridges will reload and shoot without trimming there are several things that can be affected including accuracy, reliable operation and safety.
  11. I personally don't see that much difference in the two screen shots, at least not a couple hundred bucks worth.
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