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  1. Took mine to dealer this afternoon. Code showed the brake control module needed reprogramed. Apparently back in January GM hadn't identified the need to reprogram them. There is not an actual master cylinder in the T1's. Tech says the brake control module is what controls the pump for the brake assist. Time will tell if the reprograming takes care of the problem.
  2. Well mine did it again, happened back in January and they replaced the master cylinder, all seemed good until this evening. When I started truck there was a popping noise coming from somewhere behind the steering area, had never heard this before. When I put it in gear the noise quit and dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Bout smoked two deer on way home because of very little brake.
  3. No e85, my wife is currently getting about 12 mpg to and from work and 16-17 highway with her new 6.6. Haven't towed travel trailer with it yet. Currently have 900 miles on it. Her old truck which was a 2007 6.0 would usually get 15-16 highway, towing trailer around 8 mpg
  4. I too was just stating my opinion. Beyond that this topic doesn't rate anymore response from me!
  5. I'm assuming that you meant fooled me once. How do you figure that they fooled you? Did you not check truck out and know what you were getting before purchase?
  6. Yea, and 49,000 of them are probably regretting it. I don't quite understand some buy a vehicle knowing what they are getting and then have the audacity to come on here and complain about what didn't come with said purchase. Why buy it if you don't like it. Maybe some purchase without checking things out first. Just my take on what I've gathered from this forum since the T1's have came out.
  7. There is a knob on the upper left side of dash just above the 4x4 buttons.
  8. It happened back in January with 4800 miles on it. I don't remember exactly how long it was but it wasn't very long. Took it to dealer and they called GM and they said replace master cylinder. If I remember correctly they had the part in a couple of days. Called me and had me bring it in. Gave me a loaner and they called me before day was up that it was done. Haven't had any issues with it since.
  9. For those that seem to think that the HD is going to beat on you, have you driven the new 2020? I currently have a 2019 TB and a 2020 2500 HD with the 6.6 gas and I can tell very little difference between the two in ride. Had a 2007 HD and there is no comparison between the two on ride quality. My wife uses the HD as a daily driver and I have heard no complaints thus far.
  10. This is what mine did, although I lost power brakes it would still stop. I think that people are so used to power brakes that when something changes in the way they feel that they think there is no brakes at all. Dealer changed master cylinder and have had no issues since.
  11. The 6.0 was and 07 and had 3.73 gears. It would generally get around 15-16 on the highway and and maybe 12 around town on a good day.
  12. I had the same issue back in January, still had some brake, just not as good as it should be. Dealer replaced master cylinder and haven't had any trouble since.
  13. I had one, loved the color. You are correct, not many made in this color. Traded it off last fall for a Trail Boss.
  14. Yes it will beep and tail light blinks on the side that you are filling, I don't think it does it unless the low pressure warning is on. This feature has nothing to do with relearning the sensors.
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