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  1. OP's original post stated that the small fuel tank was hated by everyone, not me. Doesn't bother me one bit, I can get 500-600 range out of a tank and that is way longer than I care to sit behind the wheel before getting out and walking around a bit. Oh wait I have a diesel now. Still it never bothered me when I drove a gasser. Kind of like splitting hairs when one worries about how much time one uses in a lifetime refueling ones vehicle.
  2. Booger T

    Scumbag GM

    I doubt that too many people really care if you do. I see that you live in NY, who knows maybe you'll be one of the people that needs one of those "GM" ventilators.
  3. That is what I had put in the wife's HD. Dealer had it installed, I believe it was around $500. Looks very much like the factory liner.
  4. I could personally care less if you bought a new one or not.
  5. I've never had a problem with my dealer changing the settings on the tpms.
  6. You have one now.
  7. The 16 you are referring to have been diagnosed with covid 19, slightly more than a cold. Not sure if any of them were even children. Most are in the Lawrence and Kansas City area.
  8. Been there done that, they are pretty cramped
  9. They did indeed make a 6.2, not sure who made the engine but my son has an 85 gmc with the 6.2 diesel
  10. A good set of seat covers seems to work for me. Muddy dogs and all, take them off before trade and seats look like new. Well worth the investment.
  11. To each his own , I personally don't understand why anyone would ask some unknown people on a public forum what color he should get, look at all of them and make the decision for yourself, your the one that has to live with it. As for the blogs that state which is the best color to hide dirt, it is just that a blog which is some ones opinion. You know what they say about opinions
  12. Anyone that says that the dark colors stay clean for a long time must never get out of town or off the pavement. Not saying that there aren't some nice dark colors but they will show dirt and dust with just a minimal amount of moisture. I live off the beaten path so I find it much easier to keep white looking better for a much longer time. Now if I lived in town and had a garage that looked like the dealership's showroom I'd go with one of the dark grays.
  13. Mine changed Was even setting in garage
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