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  1. 12k on mine and they still look pretty much new. Them don't look like defects, maybe possibly ran over something and not realize it?
  2. What, no sunglasses holder on the 19's. Oh wait, had it on my 15 and it was pretty much worthless so I don't miss it.
  3. Upgrades

    Why not have gotten an LT to start with and you would have had everything your wanting to add and no hassle doing it. I know the custom is cheaper but adding everything you want if it is even an option would run into quite a bit. Just my thoughts.
  4. Not so, I have absolutely no complaints about mine, front or rear air. Ice cold
  5. Top speed

    Remind me to never go to the state of Indiana
  6. Air conditioner too weak?

    Not so. The amount of air that comes out of both my front vents and the ones in the rear is very adequate and cold. Much improved over my 15
  7. TB Owners, what PSI?

    42-43 cold
  8. I feel that the interior of my TB is quite adequate although I do agree that the tilt wheel in the new trucks are garbage compared to the one in my 15
  9. Mine does it also, it is not the parking brake and I don't have HUD. Not sure what it is but I would say it is normal
  10. Although I don't usually go looking for bad stuff, sometimes during hunting season I just have to get to certain places. Was pretty impressed with the way it handled bad roads last winter and this past spring.
  11. I washed and detailed the interior yesterday.
  12. Onstar Basic

    I know connected access isn't worth much, why I have the unlimited plan. As far as having to pay for service I don't have any problem with that. It seems as if nowadays everyone seems to think everything should be free. I don't know of many businesses that would stay in business very long if they didn't make a profit.
  13. Onstar Basic

    My 2019 came with the ten year connected access plan also.
  14. I have always thought that the grill on the new Rams and GMC's looked a lot alike
  15. Is that anything like just ok

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