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  1. My 2020 which was built in December was shipped by rail to Kansas City and then by truck to Nebraska. I doubt that the Mexico built units are trucked out of Mexico unless they are not going very far.
  2. I call BS on the fact that 10% ethanol blend pump gas ruins Stihl equipment. I have been using Stihl Ultra 2 stroke mix with pump gas and Stabil for years in my chain saws and string trimmers with no ill effects, don't drain tanks at end of season either. The ones that are probably having problems are not running any type of fuel treatment and letting the equipment set for long periods of time.
  3. Booger T


    It's still a useless thread!
  4. Booger T


    What happened to getting rid of this useless thread?
  5. Numerous brake system failures that were never fixed not that they didn't try, they tried reprogramming it twice, was still doing this when I traded it off. Had a very loud annoying squall when applying light brake, worse in reverse but would do it going forward also. The dealer replaced the rear brake pads, calipers, and rotors and was still doing this when I traded it in. The dealer has had the vehicle sitting on the lot for nearly five months, started out asking 43k for it, is now asking 42k. I don't believe that they will ever sell it for that price.
  6. Although I didn't have any issues with the 8 speed I had numerous other issues with my 19 TB which I traded in at 21K which I'm sure the dealer will not tell the next unsuspecting soul. I would probably go with the new one, the 10 speed is pretty nice.
  7. That's the way it has always been for me also. If dealer honors incentives that were available at time of order and they are actually less at time of delivery he is the one eating the difference not GM.
  8. Mine was also randomly loosing sound for about the past month and would have to change channels to get it back, started working normally about three days ago, not sure why.
  9. Both my wife's 2020 HD 2500 and my 2020 1500 are LT's and they have opening lids on the consoles.
  10. Booger T


    I've seen them in action many times in my work place, I personally think they are overpaid idiots for the most part.
  11. Some more misinformation, I'm done with this thread. Has seemed to have turned into a he said she said kind of thing in which EVERYONE seems to know it all.
  12. That's about what I paid for it from dealer.
  13. I will respectfully disagree with you on that statement as I believe most of the info that everyone is getting is pure hearsay.
  14. Well if you say so it must be true. I don't usually respond to most posts but when they spread BS I can't resist. Just saying. I'm also done.
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