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    Turning said knob to the left activates tow haul mode
  2. They have had them for quite some time. MY 14 and 15 both had them.
  3. SiriusXM on a 2019

    The wi fi hotspot in my truck works pretty good for the most part. I don't have unlimited data on my phone so I need the wi fi in truck to stream off my phone. In your case if you have unlimited data on your phone you would have no need for it in your truck also.
  4. Didn't say that it was the same price, I said it was close, plus it includes tire rotation. Normally get coupons from dealer in the back of the new roads magazine. I'm retired so my time is whatever I want it to be so go spread your BS somewhere else!
  5. I personally have the dealer do my service work nowadays, other than the 24 mile trip to dealer it's about same price as doing it myself plus I don't have to crawl around under truck bumping my head, getting dirt in eyes and oil all over. If you do it yourself be sure and keep all receipts for fluids and filters, just writing it down or recording it online doesn't prove that you actually did it if GM wanted to be difficult on warranty issues.
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  8. Finally got some seat covers for my Trail Boss. Kind of a bear installing but they look pretty decent.
  9. Mine has done the exact same thing several times except the temp shows 61 regardless of what it is set on. Haven't seen it do it for quite a while.
  10. My Trail Boss doesn't seem to be any different than my last three or four trucks.
  11. Dealer can set tire pressure monitors to what ever you want to run, had them do it to my 2500.
  12. Last time I checked the GM Authority site would not reveal anything. Maybe things have changed the past couple of months
  13. Aeroskin 2 on a Trail Boss?

    The matte black doesn't look that bad, OP was wanting something that closely matched the color of his truck. I'm thinking of ordering one of the smoke black ones. They are around $70 on ebay.

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