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  1. I would of thought that it would come standard on the LTZ trim myself.
  2. Looking at the build site the door openers come with the LTZ convenience package, LTZ premium package, LTZ Texas edition, and LTZ plus packages. If you have one of those packages you should have it.
  3. Don't know about the LTZ trim level but both of my 2020 LTs have it. It is part of the convenience package II.
  4. Yes the light in instrument cluster does come on showing that they are on, don't know what dealer would charge as I did everything myself, just had to have dealer program them and they did it for free.
  5. abs here also, much easier to apply than the vinyl and yes I think that black looks the best on all colors, I've also got the black oem Silverado and lt emblems, just haven't got them on yet 't
  6. Did the same with mine. You go with the vinyl or the abs?
  7. Most everything that people are installing on their hoods are just protectors meant to stop paint chipping on the leading edge of hood, they do nothing for keeping bugs off the windshield.
  8. They do warm up nice while driving but if you are setting idling it will run on the cool side. I also changed tires, went from the factory so called A/T Goodyear Fortitudes to Duratraks and lost about 4-5 mpg. Nice to be able to get around in the mud without spinning and sliding around. Still averaging 25-27mpg on the highway. Loving it so far at 2800 miles.
  9. My wife's 2020 2500 HD LT has the emblems on the doors. It is also a Z71, don't know if that makes any difference.
  10. Mine is an E 9 and it is a slider, mid December build
  11. I had this exact thing happen on my 14 a few years back, was about to take it back to dealer and complain
  12. I don't believe so unless you change out the complete unit. There are always the after market plug and play units. I'd just get the convenience package II which includes several nice features and just look at the rear window which may or may not leak as an added bonus.
  13. I highly doubt that. Most dealers have paid drivers not techs that get and deliver vehicle.
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