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  1. What !!! You mean they aren't meant to be driven off road Guess I just as well get rid of mine
  2. bFGoodrich all terrain Tire wear

    Key to even wear and long life, rotate
  3. Don't have to worry about that one on the 19's, they did away with it. Probably got tired of listening to people complain about it
  4. Stabilitrak, sevice ESC, reduced steering assist are all tied together, had all these and others on my Trail Boss. Had the master cylinder replaced and have not had any issues since.
  5. Damn, I hate it when that happens

    Same plan as mine except the unlimited includes wi fi and cost 39.00

    This depends on your carrier and phone plan. It would cost me more than the 20.00 a month to get unlimited wi fi on my phone. If I use my phone for a wi fi hot spot I will be using data and getting charged extra for it.

    I too keep my onstar active except that I have the unlimited access plan. I remote start my truck from my phone many times during the winter and find it quite handy. Also I wanted the unlimited data for wi fi due to the fact that I don't have xm radio and I stream from my phone. For everyone that chooses to not pay for something that once was free that's their choice, but I figure I waste more than that a month on useless crap and have no problem paying or the service. I remember when gas was .25-.30 a gallon and look at it now, are people going to stop driving because they don't like the price of gas
  9. Error 526

    Did the same thing on me last night.
  10. WHY? 4-6-8

    I would imagine that you would take a hit when it came time to trade or resell.
  11. I agree that the Raptor is a pretty sharp truck and I'm glad the OP loves his, but this thread belongs in a Ford forum not GM. I could care less to hear everyone drooling over the Raptor on a GM forum.
  12. Need a trim part

    Why'd you remove the splash guards if I may ask?
  13. Auto Shut Down Bypass

    I don't believe that it will lock with the fob inside if your not in it.
  14. I'm having a similar problem with my Trail Boss only it is the opposite, too dim during the daylight, can't see screen very well. If I cycle the headlight switch to off and back to auto it will brighten. Night time brightness is not a problem for me.
  15. Wiper blade upgrades?

    Don't really have a problem with the blades themselves but in cold temps they ice up and then cause streaks. The defroster doesn't even hit the lower portion off windshield where the wipers sit, never had this problem on my 15, so yes, I think the wipers on my TB do suck.

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