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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, they make a wireless and wired, seems odd to me as well as I assume the wired version would cost little more for them to make. The issue with trying to connect from the back USB ports (back of console) are those are power / charge only. When you have wired carplay, it has to be connected to the data ports on the dash as the dongle device becomes what is wired to the infotainment system and you connect your phone to the dongle via WiFi making it wireless. I did add the wireless charger to the arm rest / console lid and it was simple--connecting into the 12V wires on the back of console. I did buy the mini usd cable AC Delco 84022323 (link below) and ran it from the open port on back of current usb to the new usb port and it does not seem to work. So my question remains, what is the third port (unused mini usb on the back of the dash data usb unit? I have spoken to audio shops, chevy techs, and looked online for days and cannot find an answer. I assume it may possibly be for some other equipment and its just a universal unit...
  2. Hi. It appears you have wireless carplay. They can come in wireless or wired carplay. If wired, you can buy the dongle above. I am just looking for a way to hard wire the usb cord which powers and connects the dongle.
  3. I have a 2021 1500 LT Trail Boss. My truck has wired carplay and I bought the Car Linkit dongle and it works perfect. Actually better than my friend's truck with wireless carplay, which cuts out... (https://www.carlinkitfactory.com/product/new-2-0-wireless-adapter-for-factory-carplay/) With this device you have to plug it into the usb or usb-c which connects to the carplay / infotainment system. I hid the cable fairly well but would still like to hard wire it. When I pull the USB unit from the dash, there are 3 female ports in the back, 1 rectangular pin port and 2 mini usb female ports (labeled "key a" and "key b". The pin port and one of the mini usb ports (key b) have wired male connections to them, but the extra mini usb port (key b) is not connected. Does anyone know what this can be used for? My hope is that you can use this to add an additional usb port to connect to the car linkit dongle so wires would be hidden behind dash. Any other suggestions on how to hardwire this? You can connect to the car linkit with either usb or usb-c as it has a port option for both.
  4. As far as the garage buttons on the overhead console, mine does not have that and I was told that it cannot be added due to a change in the electrical / computer system from 20 to 21. As far as buying the truck with out all the options I want, sometimes you cant get all you want due to what you want to pay and what is available. To me, I feel a garage remote would be standard on any package, less a WT... Chevy also took the 110 volt plug in out of the convenience 1 package. Much of this could be due to the chip shortage. I'm probably going to see if they have updated the flashing to fit the larger post on the aftermarket auto dimmer mirror. FYI, if you have wired carplay, I bought the CArlinkit on Amazon and had an audio shop hardwire it behind the usb port so no wires are seen. It works amazing. Actually works without any interruption and better than my brothers 2021 Denali that came with wireless carplay. CarlinKit 3.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter USB for Factory Wired CarPlay Cars (Model Year: 2019 to 2020), Wireless CarPlay Dongle Convert Wired to Wireless CarPlay Thanks all.
  5. Thank you. I asked this question about the power and the ground to the pro shop at the Chevy dealership in Phoenix and they told me the electronic system changed in 2021 and homelink will not work. I get package levels such as safety and convenience, but for any vehicle after 2010 to not have a built in garage remote is ridiculous and in my opinion, a way for them to get you to come back and buy it. I would not be surprised if Chevy takes away the steering wheel for 2023 for any model under LTZ... Likely my last Silverado. Ram has stepped up their game and will likely go with one of those in a year or two.
  6. Unbelievable that my 2021 1500 LT Trail Boss came with a manual mirror and no garage remote! They seem to be taking items out of the packages every year. Anyone fix this? Can a hardwired homelink be added? I added the hardwired homelink to my old 19 and it was fine after $450. However, the option now appears to be an auto dimming mirror with a garage remote built in underneath. The issues with trying this: 1. The flashing does not fit the mirror post as the new auto dimming mirror’s post is too big. 2. The garage remote component is battery operated and can be easily clicked out. The issue with this is safety and someone breaking in and having access to your garage. As a former police officer I used to see that a lot, broken window and access to your garage. Anyone know if Chevy / GM has a part that can hardwire, such as on the overhead console? As of now I am using the MyQ homelink through Siri which is nice other than the garage beeps for 10 seconds when closing waking the baby…
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