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  1. I've got the 4" OEM bars and I like them. Pretty sure they're the same ones on the trucks above.
  2. I think ideally they do, but from what I remember the Sealights have a pretty thick rubber gasket/washer/whatever that makes them a bit more difficult to turn in the socket, and it wouldn't surprise me if this extra resistance more or less makes it impossible to feel when they pop into place. At any rate you're going to want to turn them as far as they will go, and when you inspect the unlit bulb seated in the headlamp assembly from the front the LEDs that create the light will need to be situated on the left and right sides of the bulb and NOT the top and bottom. If they're kinda diagonal then you haven't turned it enough.
  3. Yeah I did but it's kinda hard to see because of the passenger front seat. I'd prolly order another one if they were available (as well as another plastic spring retainer clip) but I have not inquired if you can order those individual parts.
  4. Hey I've been searching for info on the feasibility of adding power folding mirrors to a Custom Trailboss. I would not chase this if it were subjectively prohibitively expensive for me to do it. All the search phrases and terms I can think to use are returning a mountain of info and threads on the tow mirrors which are larger and that's not what I'm looking for. It was my understanding that there was a regular sized power-folding mirror for the T1 trucks. Is there a previous discussion about this that someone can point me towards? I would greatly appreciate it. I'd assume that maybe I might need harnesses and the correct instrument/switch assembly for the armrest in addition to the mirrors.... but again I'm ignorant hence the search. It's not my intention to complain that my truck did not come with them. I'm happy with the truck I bought. I'd like it if I could add this option for what I think is a reasonable cost. I'm not interested in discussing whether I bought the 'right truck' or not. Thanks!
  5. The back matts have to be trimmed when you add under-seat storage because in their factory state they come all the way up in the back with that rim that goes around the back. If you flip the matts over you will see these pre-cut guides or grooves that you can take a utility knife to and easily cut them to fit. Seriously its almost impossible to mess it up if you flip them over. I think there is even a little scissors symbol on the underside where the groove is that indicates what it is for.
  6. Thanks. The box is the OEM GM Box and I just removed the lids. If/when I put a gun or something more valuable than basic tools then I'd put the lid back on because you can put a padlock on it. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/crew-cab-underseat-lockable-storage-organizer-in-black-84734683?vin=1GCPYCEF7LZ118312 The lights are just lights that as mentioned I got 'for free' with my bedcovers. I don't think I would pay the market price for them for what they sell for but nevertheless this is what they are, maybe you could find something similar for less money: https://www.amazon.com/Truxedo-1704998-Luggage-Lighting-Vehicles/dp/B00BKWTGHK
  7. I added a light strip on the plastic bottom/back edge of the rear seat to illuminate the storage box when the lid is off, which is how I usually use it. I guess I would have to relocate it to the inside of the lid if/when I ever decide to use the lid long-term. The battery pack/switch sits just inside the hinge of the seat and is easy to find with your hand in the dark. It's just a battery operated LED strip. Local truck store threw in 4 of these light strips when I bought my bed covers and I didn't use any of them in the bed.
  8. That's interesting to me because the only turbo I've ever owned was a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and that thing blew hot hot air before you could hardly get it in gear. I always thought they heated air for the cabin heater from running it by the intercooler or something. I guess this engine does not.
  9. I intended to cut mine long and then shorten if too tight as well, but it wound up being like I wanted it on the first cut. I think it's the way to go because you can always shorten it if the tight fit bugs you, but if you're bugged by it wobbling around that's just not (quite) as easy. I say cut it 72.5 and go from there.
  10. OK that was my understanding. My assumption was that it was just doing a better job of reception than my cellphone. It's an undeniable improvement. Thanks for the info! Didnt mean to derail sorry.
  11. I've got an ATT phone. So you're saying that my truck is using the onstar antennae (which is not located in this sharkfin cluster?) to connect?
  12. ...another thing I would be concerned about regarding removing it is that I think that shark fin may be the antenna for cellular as well. There is a valley that I have to drive through when I leave home that in the past has always killed my cell phone connection when I drove through it in my old 04' Avalanche. No data and calls would get garbled and dropped pretty quickly. Had never ever held a connection in that dead valley. In new truck it frikkin works in the valley with cell phone plugged in autoandroid and cell crammed down in between the cushions of the folded down jumpseat. My assumption was that the truck was using the roof antenna for all that. I could be wrong, but if not then you might reduce reception for all cellular comm if you remove it.
  13. I found this: https://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/xm-shark-fin-antenna-options.249730/ ...and several other threads on various forums asking same question for various trucks. edit: obviously those are older trucks but you'd really be approaching it the same way in principle.
  14. I think it looks pretty sweet how those front fender pieces are painted black on some colors. I wish my white one had black there. I appreciate that others don't like it...
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