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  1. I'd kinda like to plastidip the chrome part but leave the red part. Is that do-able? Mask it off? I just realized that this and the tailgate 'SILVERADO' etc lettering are the only chrome things on the truck.... and I'm gonna take those tailgate letters off.
  2. Kinda crazy how many... The ppl I ordered from said they opened my replacement to make sure it looked ok.
  3. Mine was damaged as well and I'm waiting for the replacement to get here. The GM box was in great shape and the packing material as adequate inside. It was pretty evident to me that a damaged item was packed and shipped. (By GM) Deep scratches in the plastic on the front.
  4. It is what it is, and it's really not that big of a deal if you also suffer from steering-wheel-audio-control-envy (SWACE) or other similar conditions for which there are no reasonably priced solution after it's built.
  5. I ordered from gmpartsexperts (link in earlier post above) on Jan 2nd and got email that mine has been shipped from them with tracking today. They confirmed that the new part number you also referenced was being substituted for the old part number. I'll report back when I get what I get to confirm its what we're all looking for. They told me they had six of them coming in for other people besides me that were ordering. I don't THINK any of them were for their stock but you can call and ask them. Shipped for 299.55 which looked good to me
  6. I did this the way the OP describes in my 2020 CTB. I park in a really large parking deck that's low enough for the antenna to scrape the top of the deck in the factory configuration and its really really annoying. I wouldn't mind it if it were just my garage, but it did not scrape in and out of my garage. I really can't say how it affects reception because I really don't use FM at all. I took the whip off completely until I saw this thread and then hooked it back up in the fender similarly to the OP.... just in case I ever want FM. I did not have any problems with making it fit or finding places to ziptie it at all.
  7. 4" round black OEM (I think?) bars... They were on it when I bought it.
  8. maybe you could do what these guys are doing except in red:
  9. I ordered mine from www.gmpartsxperts.com. I don't have it yet but they told me yesterday that tracking had it being delivered to them today (they're in NJ and it was coming to them from GM in MI) and that it would ship out to me either today or tomorrow. It was $299.55 shipped.
  10. Yeah this is what I'm getting as well. I ordered an 84647286 and I have been advised that my order is being fulfilled from a GM warehouse with an 84756948. I have been assured that it is the same part in form and function. I have also been advised that the 84647286 is discontinued and will not be available except for any existing stock.
  11. Mine is a 2020 as well. I bought the bulbs from the link posted by RottDawgler on the first page of this thread. (H11 low beam and 9005 high beam)
  12. I put the Sealights in today and I like them. They do pair up quite well with the OEM LED fog lights. The beam pattern is really similar to the OEM halogens as mentioned by others. This was important to me. The lows are good and clean below the line and don't spill out above it into oncoming traffic. EDIT after the fact: after using them a bit more I can say both high and low beam are better than OEM. I really like these bulbs. They work well in the OEM halogen-fitted headlight housing. They're not crazy bright (which I like) but they're whiter, brighter, and sharper than the halogens. One observation is that I can't tell as much of a difference between low beam and high beam. I think it's probably because these low beams are relatively brighter with respect to the OEM halogens than the high beams. It's possible that these high beams just aren't throwing as far down the road... but it's hard for me to say. I wouldn't say they're inadequate at all... just that the highs are not as noticeably brighter than the lows as the OEM bulbs are. I suspect that it may be a combination of the fact that the Sealight low beams are more noticeably brighter than the OEM than the high beams, and that the Sealight high beams perhaps concentrate a little bit more in the center whereas the OEM halogens highs spill out a bit higher and further down the road..... in my truck at least. I don't have any beam pattern pics but here are some pics that show color from lamps and the match up with the OEM fogs. The fogs are a little bit cooler color if you're crazy picky but I'm happy with it and agree with M2M they match up well.
  13. I refueled my 04 Avalanche at the slowest setting for 15 and a half years before trading it in last week. This issue was my only complaint about that truck, but since it did it from brand new I just thought it was a design error. I wish I'd seen this forum/thread....
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