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  1. Lower portion of doors and corner of the bed by the body
  2. Wanna get everyone's take on wrapping my trail boss. Sad thing is I work in a really nasty environment and kick up rocks all the time and already had a few nicks in the side of the truck... What do you guys think.
  3. Just wondering if any one else has had issues with their beds being offset from the cab. Page wont let me add pictures for some reason. but when looking down the body from the rear forward, you can see the body stick out past the bed by almost 3/4 of an inch on the passenger side, but on the drivers side. the bed sticks out past the body by 1/8 or so of an inch..anyone seen this or had this issue 19 Custom Trail Boss
  4. I actually use "capped" hid's that way I'm not that guy lol... I work for a underground mine.
  5. my trail boss..weather tech mats and a spray in bed liner....soon it will have HID, vent shades, tinted windows
  6. if you do, post your results i am wanting to do this my self
  7. Hey guys looking to swap out my stock lights for hid or led but can't find what size they are, can anyone help me out.
  8. Yep your right. I didn't read your post all the way through.
  9. I'm eager to see how this looks.. I just picked up my CTB (Custom Trail Boss) Monday and I can't believe how we don't have any storage.
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