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  1. If you're after looks, the Goodyears look better to me. Hard to argue with the tread-wear and capabilities of the BFG's.
  2. 2019 Custom TrailBoss 4X4 CrewCab, completely stock. I did a down and back from DFW to Texarkana last weekend and found the sweet spot, or what I consider the sweet spot for mileage on this particular truck. On the way to Texarkana, I averaged 19.6 MPG with the cruise set to 2 over the posted limit. An early Sunday departure negated the DFW traffic issues. On the way back, that fell to 18.2 MPG facing a headwind and 5 over the posted limit. My truck hates high speed and wind really plays a part in wrecking the mileage. I drive it on the HWY 121 tollway in the 80MPH range often and barely get 17. My commute through the middle of DFW is 22 miles one-way and today the truck showed 20.1MPG on the Lie-O-Meter in the dash. I wish I could see when this engine goes down to 4 cyclinders like in my Suburban. This motor is the old-version 5.3L with the 6-speed.
  3. I've left the trim panel off for now. I will replace it if/when a permanent fix is discovered. Fuse #F-58 is the correct one to yank out for me. F-41 is also listed as an infotainment fuse. Make sure the truck and infotainment is fully off, which may require opening and shutting the driver's door after the ignition is off if you're reaching in and turning off the key from the passenger side.
  4. I have a 19 Trailboss and a 2014 Volt too! I've had to pull fuses on the Trailboss when the 'reboot' procedure you described doesn't work. I don't remember the number, but the fuse for infotainment is on the passenger side fuse panel. The fuse puller and spare fuses are on driver's side fuse panel. I've also disconnected the negative battery terminal to reset the whole thing. I prefer the fuse method, since disconnecting the battery jacks with my mileage reporting.
  5. I have several cars with TPMS and swap wheels on my Miata all the time. I purchased Autel programmable sensors and can swap them in and out across my Suburban, Trailboss, Volt, and Miata. It's worth a look if you have multiple cars, especially since you have a winter tire setup. I put all-seasons on the Miata after track season and was able to clone the factory sensor's ID's. No learning and no BS on tire swaps.
  6. I didn't find anything on their site for a 2019 Crew Cab 1500.
  7. Received my official 'genuine' GM underseat storage box for the back of the crew cab. Spent $225 on this thing. I am embarrassed for GM. Colossal waste of time and this is more flimsy and poorly constructed than the bins one can buy at Wal-Mart. The lids would not stay attached when opening the box and the lock cutout can be defeated with a pen or a couple of popsicle sticks. This is probably worth $40 or $50 tops. Certainly not the GM accessory I thought I was getting at over $200. Its such a piece of crap my wife who is normally even keeled started laughing when I showed it to her installed. I'd hoped to store a rifle in there, but there's no way. I can't think of anything I've purchased in years that cost so much yet delivered so little. It's so flimsy it seems fake. WOW. EDIT: Part #: 84085248
  8. I haven't fixed my console yet, but I did order the backseat under-seat storage. The official GM one for $200ish. It arrived today and once the rain stops I'll install it and upload some pics. For what its worth I'm glad someone else was shocked at how DUMB the center console is on these Custom Trail Boss's.
  9. $4,000 was difference, a huge amount to me. They offered to meet me in the middle, but their price when I got there wasn't what was on their own website and autotrader. I honestly feel it went sideways when they found out I was an out of state buyer and would probably never be back to the dealership again. It all worked out, I really wasn't looking forward to a drive from PHX to DFW in a new truck. I was already in the area visiting family so I didn't make the trip solely for the truck.
  10. If anyone has a model number or a contact where I could order an LT console I would be very grateful. My web search has proven futile and I've searched all of the GM accessory sites I can find. I do like the under-seat storage in the back, but for now I'm concerned with storage in the center, between the two seats.
  11. Autonation Chevrolet in Gilbert. My sales person was a really nice kid and he was crushed when I had to walk away. It was the weirdest car buying episode I've had and I've had a few.
  12. I had one bought in Gilbert AZ over the holidays and when I went into finance the price ballooned up $4K. They said their 'internet price' was a mistake. I walked out and got a better deal here in North Texas.
  13. Mine was the only white Crew Cab they had. It was the least expensive trailboss in a 500+ radius. I was so excited to get the deal done, I forgot to use my GM BuyPower card points! DOH! I kept expecting to see a weird doc fee or something and I was too focused on their numbers to pay much attention to my side of the transaction. The only thing I paid for besides taxes and government fees was their $150 doc fee. I feel like I got a smoking hot deal on this truck.
  14. Yeah, the price I paid for this truck makes it easier to live with, but I will need to swap something out or go custom. The worst thing for me is the diagram in the owner's manual shows my console with a latch and an opening, but the console on my truck is a single piece of plastic where the latch should be. I would bet that later builds will have the console that more closely matches the manual, in terms of operation.
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