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Found 31 results

  1. Picked up my Custom Trail Boss yesterday and I really like the truck, mechanically speaking. My biggest beef is with the interior storage options. Specifically the fact the center console doesn't have a storage compartment even though the thing is huge and the owner's manual shows there should be a storage compartment. There's not a storage compartment under the seatback either, despite what appears to be a HUGE empty cushion sitting there. I have a Z71 Suburban, so I know I'm spoiled but this is crazy how few places there are to store stuff in the cab. I'm hoping a better center console can be swapped out, but I'm worried about what options may exist with the rear seat power and air vents. Let me know if anyone comes across anything that can be added or modified to increase the utility for the front seat passengers. Thanks!
  2. I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500hd with all black leather and plastic console in great condition and I am looking for an all black jump seat to swap it out with to haul more people. Please let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details. Thanks!
  3. What is the pocket and clip for on the inside of the lid of the jumpseat armrest?
  4. Hello! New to this site and I know this is Probly old news. I swapped out the interior of my 2006 LBZ with a 2005 Escalade platinum which is much nicer than the stock LT trim package. Last week I finally picked up the complete interior wire harness from a parts Escalade that I bought and parted out, the first platinum that donated the interior, the harness had been cut. So finally the heated and cooled bucket seats, (front and back) will work. Yes buckets out back are awesome! Along with the heated and cooled cup holders! Also headrest monitors for the kids! Anyhow just thought I would share in case anyone wants to or tries the swap. Make sure to get a complete harness for the interior. The Escalade packs a big upgrade from the stock Chevy harness. It doesn’t have all the wiring and the pin outs would drive you mad!
  5. Anyone have a solution for the elbow-grinding hard plastic console lid cover? (Hopefully a GM part number for an SLE type softer cover, or the entire lid assembly)
  6. I am looking for some insight from other people that specialize in wiring and electrical. I own a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Ext. Cab and I have recently installed an overhead console and wired it to a 10 amp circuit in the interior fuse panel using 16ga wire. Doing it this way, the LEDS are very bright, like I want them. Now I want to switch the wiring to the existing wiring from the BCM for OE functionality when I open the door or use the dimmer switch to turn them on. The original wiring is a GRY/BLK 20ga(?) wire that runs up the pillar on the driver side. When I tapped into this wire, the dome lights work like they should, but are very dim. What should I do about this? I have considered running the oe wiring to activate a relay and running the 16ga I have installed through the same relay for power and ground to the dome lights. That way I get the brightness I like, and it retains OE functionality. Is this the way I should go or are there other options?
  7. Hey guys, first time post on here! It seems like I am always here trying to find answers, but I never made an account until now so yall help me out if you can! I was just curious if anyone knows of a company or knows where I can purchase a Console Kit like the one Legends Offroad made. Their website says they do not make these kits anymore, which is unfortunate because i just paid $1,200 for a full console upgrade for the sole purpose of throwing an iPad in there, lol.
  8. Looking to purchase a center console. Needs to fit 2014 Silverado. It Doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. But not in pieces either. Shoot me a PM or email if you need to contact. Email: [email protected] Thanks
  9. I am wanting to install a full center console in my 18 Silverado. I have the jump seat style one right now. I saw on here some place someone had wire harnesses for the install. Question where can I get a full console, black without the rear entertainment also the wire harness
  10. My 2018 Sierra SLT Crew Cab has an annoying buzzing sound, rattle, or vibration when in motion that come from the headliner, overhead console area. When I lightly press up the headliner or plastic molding in this area the noise stops. I only hear it when no radio is on but annoying on a year old truck GMC. It is not the eye glass holder that I can tell. Any ideas? Do you think the warranty should cover silencing this vibration?
  11. I was wondering if anybody knew if the newer 2018 sierra tail lights would somehow fit the 2015's? And if not, is there is a certain company making some custom ones for the 15' that are made to look like the 2018's? This is my first post to the group as I am new and will be asking more questions soon. So if I didnt do this right, please feel free to tell me how to correctly ask my next question. Thanks.
  12. I have a console organizer from my 2014 GMC. Looks new. Great addition to the center console. $15.00
  13. 2015 3500 rear bench seat armrest cupholder? Even when I punch in the part number directly I don’t get a hit. Part number L0107795 EBay and Google keeps showing the one for the front seat!
  14. Does anyone have a pin out or wire diagram of the overhead console of a 2016 Silverado? I have searched everywhere for days and cant find one. Here is what I'm trying to do. I put in the home link system in my truck but the only cover I could find was one with the opening back window. My truck doesn't have one. I installed a bull bar that has an led light bar and want to replace the window switch with a switch for the light bar. The wire I am looking for is the one that turns on the backlight when the headlights are on, and if separate dims the light. Thank you in advance, Rick
  15. I have a 2018 center console armrest with wireless charging part number 84330208. My parts guy at the Caddy Dealership wasn't paying attention when ordering my console to note that some consoles come with the armrest and some don't. Well he ordered me the console with the armrest and the armrest separate. Since I special order purchased Chevy truck parts from a Caddy dealer I was unable to make a return with out a ridiculous restocking fee. It has never been installed, only removed from the box to take pictures. List price for it is $451.17, Im asking what I paid for it which is $260 plus $15 to ship in the lower 48.
  16. Good evening — I have a 2002 Chevy Z71 Suburban and just purchased a reconditioned battery. Installed it and seemed to be fine. Today, the gauges were starting to get funky - gas gauge went to empty, oil pressure up and down, ABS light on, air bag light on, security light and battery light go intermittently in the message center. Has never done this before until I placed this battery in the truck. Any words of wisdom?? Thank you!!
  17. Slightly used Black 2016 Escalade Console lid with wireless charging module. Only used about 6 months, 6k miles. I traded the truck it was in so I took it out. Will fit 2014-up Silverado/Sierra 1500. 2015-up Silverado Sierra HD. Asking $295 plus Shipping. Located in Eastern PA. Includes Main Top Piece, Hinge, Inside cover and Wireless Charging module.
  18. I recently went out and bought a 2017 LT but it has the uplevel full center console. I realized later on that the 2014-2015 trucks had movable cup holders with a storage bin under neath. My cup holders are secured by clips and there is a pretty good size space beneath them that is unusable. I think the idea of being able to use it and move the cup holders is cool and something I would like to do. I have seen many have put 4 cup holders in the console but the second set has to have the tabs filed off. I believe if I could just get this one part I would be able to swap them very easily , just idk the part number and I have searched numerous sites. The current cup holder set up squeaks and drives me up a wall. The piece I need is circled in red.
  19. Looking to buy a center console for my 2016 Chevy Silverado! Located in Texas pics and price! cash in hand!
  20. Hi, I swear I saw a thread about a guy who added a red film in his chevy to make his ceiling LED light red, but now I can't find it or I don't know what its called. maybe someone can point me to that? I'm trying to figure out what that bulb is in the roof that just shines down on the cup holders at night. Is it just a white bulb with colored lens, or an actual colored bulb? My wife has a GMC terrain with a similar red light, but its so dim, I'm wondering if i can just replace the bulb with the chevy one. Problem is I have never opened up that overhead console in either my truck or the Terrain. I know they can come off with a couple screws and prying in just the right place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  21. I have a 2006 Suburban with center console in tan. I already have the replacement bucket seat, but I'm looking to get the glove box and trim needed to make the conversion. I would like to trade my console for your trim parts plus a little cash. Let me know what you have, I am in southern Kentucky.
  22. I happen to have a truck (Denali) with the center console as the only seat option, but needed the extra 6th seating position for my family. As such, I acquired the jump seat components on eBay and performed the seat/console swap this week. The conversion was pretty simple after getting everything apart (other than discovering I have a hole in the carpet where the bose subwoofer was located to deal with now). I have all the power connections and receptacle items in the dash part working just fine, but I dont see where the harness on the jump seat can plug into the existing harness I have left over from my console. I know there are over 60 pages of console swap threads devoted to doing this in the other direction, but has anyone solved the wiring for the jump seat from the existing console harness? Below are a few pictures. One of the new jump seat harness connectors. One of the existing console connectors (used and not used) and a second of lower connectors at the dash, which could be extended? I looked at GM parts express wiring diagrams and I am not confident I have been able to locate the correct information yet. Please let me know your thoughts if you have an idea about how to get the jump seat wiring to work correctly. FYI- I am not interested in selling my console pieces at this time, but I will post an add if that changes.
  23. anybody in the michigan have a 16 Lt double 1500, with a center console and would rather have a flip seat? Looking to trade for a middle console. thanks
  24. This isn't really that difficult to do, but I thought I would post some pics of an iPhone mount/charger that I installed today. It seems to be a pretty unique product made by a company called Fuse Chicken. The model I used is the Bobine Auto: http://www.fusechicken.com/products/bobineauto It holds its form to some degree already, and it seems very tough. The metallic color seems to match the accents of our interiors. I used a USB extension cable which I routed from inside the console to right underneath the cupholders. I may drill some holes in the console to make it more hidden later, but I didn't want to modify anything right now. There is a nice wire channel that runs along the sides of the center console on the inside, and that is where I ran part of the Bobine cable. I then ran it straight up next to the USB panels in the front. There are two adhesive clamps that add some stability. I drove around with it some tonight, and it seems to hold fairly well. I prefer the iPhone's navigation system as compared to the stock system, and this allows me to glance at the map and at notifications and alerts without really taking my eyes of the road for long.
  25. So this is my first post to a GM forum and any help would be greatly appreciated. I normally can find all the answers I need, but this is getting frustrating. My lower latch broke, on the center floor console that locks with the ignition key. I've looked everywhere and nothing. Not even a replacement lid. I found console vaults, but not ready to drop $250+ on it. Am I missing something here? Is there another name for that piece? My truck is a 2007 new body Silverado LT Extended Cab with split bench seats.
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