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  1. Mine does have the dual mini USB ports on the back which I ran the other port to the other USB module along with power. Doing that shutdown the USB input along with the Bluetooth module. It all stopped working until I disconnected the battery from the truck and let it reset(about 20 min). I put it back to factory and it worked again. Haven't had time to mess with it in a few days....
  2. So my truck is a 2020 work truck, no power anything accept for the locks and windows. 7" infotainment code IOR, on the dash below the radio it has a USB and a type c USB(which has the dual mini USB ports on the back and a plug with 3 wires). I installed a center console from an older silverado that has the storage compartment and the arm rest storage compartment, it has a cig lighter on the rear near the floor and one in the arm rest along with a dual USB and headphone(aux in). I also purchased the USB port that has a USB/USB C AND SD card slot on the front and a mini USB and power plug on the back, which I want to install in place of the dual USB/aux in in the arm rest location.
  3. Does anyone have access to GM harness schematics? Trying to find the correct harness that goes from the center console to the dash (infotainment system). Installed the center console with storage, cigarette lighters and USB ports and would like to use the factory harness without having to cut and splice. Or does anyone have access to just the plug and I can add my own pins?
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