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  1. I don' t know if this was ever noticed before, but on the infotainment center, if you touch the digital clock, the screen will change to a analog clock. I thought it was pretty cool.
  2. I saw one the other day that they were still on, yes it was a bit harder to see, but, it does still get your attention. I don't put any trust in directional lights anyway. I ride a motorcycle and just because someone has their directional on, that doesn't mean they are turning. And if they are, you don't really know when.
  3. Does anyone know of a way to keep the LED driving lights on when using the directional?
  4. Without being right there, sounds to me like a loose torque converter or even a cracked flywheel or both.
  5. If you have crap tires like I do, you may have a square one. I am bringing mine back to the dealer next week.
  6. The Wranglers are a POS tire, I hate them. That is the only complaint I have about my truck (right now). Don't forget, GM puts on the cheapest tires they can get.
  7. Like the one in my avatar? It is a stock grill for the midnight edition.
  8. 2017 Silverado ITBC

    The dealer installed the aftermarket Curt brake controller and said the ITBC could not be added. I don't really have a problem with it, but, where they mounted it, I do. They mounted it on the lower panel to the right of the steering wheel. So my knee hits it when I get in reaching for the accelerator pedal. Where does everyone mount their aftermarket controllers?
  9. I thought my windows were fogging up, but it was a film on the glass. It took 4 cleanings to get it clean.
  10. Glad to see you cleaned the engine compartment up! :-) Did the cold air increase mileage? Power? The reason I ask is I did this to my 2003 6.0 and really didn't notice anything except I could clean my air filter and not have to replace it.

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