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  1. I believe your A/C needs to be set to Auto and it must be hot. Mirrors folding in and out, hold your lock button down when you lock your truck. To bring them back out, hold the unlock button down.
  2. I would have to say, my '81 Harley. It was the first year Harley took the company over from AMF, and let me tell you, what a POS.
  3. well, that makes sense. Thank you and have a great New Year.
  4. The wife and I were poking around in my truck and came across something I have never seen nor found in the owner’s manual. Can someone tell me what this switch does?
  5. My cameras messed up a few times and I just select the music icon. I actually like it when the cameras mess up at the car wash, you see all the rollers and brushes. As far as stopping for a few minutes, don't turn your tuck off. That is probably the worse thing you can do with a diesel.
  6. I think if you use the 7 to 4 pin adapter, (no outside 4 pin connection) the cameras will stay on. Don't forget to check your blinker fluid. ?
  7. Why are you on the wrong side of the road?
  8. I got my truck back two weeks ago. The dealer fixed the leak, replaced the carpet and headliner. Not a scratch, ding, finger print or a rattle. I am very happy with this dealer.
  9. I am from S.C. also, if you would please let me know how you make out with the lemon law. My dealer has had my truck for 3 weeks now.
  10. $2.03 for diesel in the Charlotte area. $1.77 for regular.
  11. Mine goes in Saturday and it will stay until it dries out. The leak is coming from the spoiler above the rear window. This is a known issue.
  12. Mine does the same thing. The dealer tried to blame it on my new phone. The bitch in the box will say no phone number for the contact. Fun times.
  13. Mine is leaking also. The need to gut the whole truck and let it dry out. I may try to get a new truck out of this.
  14. I was coming down a hill and the speed limit dropped from 45 to 35. I hit the 35 at about 40 and a Jeep pulled out behind me, and the cop pulled him over. So I can't say it is the size. Hell, I have been pulled over on my motorcycle in traffic.
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