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  1. Why don't you Bluetooth it to your radio? Answer all calls, and listen to text messages, or don't they have that anymore.
  2. My dealer does not charge for nitrogen. My truck will sit weeks on end, and I never have to add air to my tires. So, I do believe in nitrogen.
  3. I could probably get use to the look of the High Country. I got use to the '03 head lamps....I bought one. I will be in the market for a 2500 HD weather it is a Chevy, or a Ram. I need the towing capacity and so far Ram has it by 5,000 lbs.
  4. That is a FUGLY truck. I will be looking at a left overs or switching to a Ford.
  5. Try turning off the Bluetooth on your phone, then turn it back on to re-sync.
  6. I don' t know if this was ever noticed before, but on the infotainment center, if you touch the digital clock, the screen will change to a analog clock. I thought it was pretty cool.
  7. I saw one the other day that they were still on, yes it was a bit harder to see, but, it does still get your attention. I don't put any trust in directional lights anyway. I ride a motorcycle and just because someone has their directional on, that doesn't mean they are turning. And if they are, you don't really know when.
  8. Does anyone know of a way to keep the LED driving lights on when using the directional?
  9. Without being right there, sounds to me like a loose torque converter or even a cracked flywheel or both.
  10. If you have crap tires like I do, you may have a square one. I am bringing mine back to the dealer next week.
  11. The Wranglers are a POS tire, I hate them. That is the only complaint I have about my truck (right now). Don't forget, GM puts on the cheapest tires they can get.
  12. My '17 did it yesterday, but the G/F fastened her seat belt and the radio came back on.
  13. Like the one in my avatar? It is a stock grill for the midnight edition.
  14. The dealer installed the aftermarket Curt brake controller and said the ITBC could not be added. I don't really have a problem with it, but, where they mounted it, I do. They mounted it on the lower panel to the right of the steering wheel. So my knee hits it when I get in reaching for the accelerator pedal. Where does everyone mount their aftermarket controllers?
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