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  1. Does it happen when it is wet out (raining) or snow? Mine does it all the time when cold with rain or snow. Took to 3 different dealerships and said it’s normal.
  2. I just wanted to touch base in regards to this recall. Im up in Canada and I took my truck 2017 Silverado Z71 LTZ in yesterday for a oil change and they performed the recall N192217410 reduction in vacuum brake assist. As in my understanding that they would be replacing the vacuum pump to the new updated one but no they didn’t. I got the work order back and it states that they reprogrammed the electronic brake control module. Can someone chime in on how this is going to fix the problem with the vacuum pump? Any help is appreciated
  3. Just figured it out that it doesn’t work in drive. My bad. Thanks all
  4. The cargo light switch under the heater controls looks like it should light up when the switch is on. When I turn mine on the switch doesn’t light up. Can someone check to see if it should light up orange like the park sensors? thanks
  5. No it doesn’t engage. The truck is going in today to get looked at. I will update what they find.
  6. I have a 2017 Silverado that the a/c stopped working. It only has 5000km on it. Can someone tell me if this condenser problem has been fixed for the 2017 model years? UPDATE. The said there was no Freon in the system. They fix the leak by replacing the condenser. I really hope that this isn’t a annual thing. Not impressed. The tech said they get lots of 2017 with this issue still.
  7. 2017 Silverado LTZ 5.3L a/c stopped working. 5000 km on it. Can anyone tell me are the bad condensors still a problem with the newer years?
  8. I’m guessing coming through the grill would be a issue with the active grill shutters.
  9. I’m tired of opening and closing my hood everytime I plug in. I don’t want the cord end hanging out and scratching the truck. Does anyone have a good location to bring the cord out front permanently?
  10. 2017 Silverado exact same issue. Dealer says just unplug the USB and plug back in and it will work. The issue is this only works 50% of the time. Maybe a software issue? Same iPhone 6s connects all the time in my kids 2016 Silverado with car play.
  11. It warmed up here from -30 to -15 Celsius today and mine were working fine again. I had a appointment with the dealership today so had to cancel because that would have been a waist of time. Bigv21 what did the dealership say about yours?
  12. This is the exact same senor that is giving me a problem. Passenger front.
  13. It could be a dry cold day hasn’t snowed for days. Truck is clean not a bit of snow on it. It seams that it’s just the cold weather that is effecting it. Today it is -5 C and the roads are slushy and they are working fine. We have a Ford Edge with parking sensors and never had a issue with them. It’s not like parking sensors haven’t been around for awhile. I hope they can be fixed, they are handy to have when working right.
  14. Anyone else having issues with parking sensors on these trucks when cold -15 C. Everytime I start the thing the alarms go off when I put in Drive. Then the system disables itseft. Nothing in front of me all the sensors clean and dry. Took to the dealer they found nothing. Went to pick up from dealer and it’s doing it again. Service says bring it back another day. Today it warmed up to -5 C and they are working again. What gives?
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