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  1. There is a plug in that goes inbetween the 7way that will help with this. Ive seen them smaller than this https://www.curtmfg.com/part/57003
  2. I suppose an overnight thing would be fine. We tend to spend more than just a night at places, so it we're always unhooking.
  3. yeah, I don't know too many people who leave the truck/trailer plugged together while camping.
  4. thats nothing new. Its all marketing. Many of the guys I RV with only thought about towing vs payload.
  5. You're looking for the white, yellow, red sticker
  6. well Im just speaking from experience. I came from a 5.3, had no idea what fuel was recommended on my 6.2. Dealer had 87 in it. Heard knocking. Actually threw a code for knock sensor. 20k kms later it hasn't thrown that code. So perhaps Placebo...maybe a really bad batch of gas? Unsure.
  7. not at all, but its the best of the best. If you're looking for a traditional setup, I'd say an Equalizer 4 point.
  8. Big shout out to @th3magpi3 for setting me up with the AA upgrade. Took me 20min or so to swap everything over. Loving the camera in motion feature.
  9. Ok, I guess I worded that wrong. It doesn't do anything more than the old one except look better...
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