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  1. Mirror upgrade issues..wiring help

    That worked! Thank you!
  2. Mirror upgrade issues..wiring help

    thanks, will give this a try
  3. So my truck came with heated, power mirrors with blinker. Decided to upgrade to towing mirrors, heated power, no blinker. Install went fine, however when I hit the the seat memory recall button, the drivers mirror goes nutty. See vid. Any ideas??
  4. Towing trouble

    But wasn't that the point of the video? To show that they're intended for different things. Some folks seem to think air bags will solve all. And the point of the video was to show that no, they don't replace the use of a WDH, and like you said, they're not intended to do so. But some people think they are, so thats why they did the video.
  5. how else to stiffen things up?

    always run LT tires. 70psi
  6. Wondering if anyone has swapped out their factory hitch receiver for an aftermarket unit? Notice any difference? Thought I read the factory units weren't so great, could flex?
  7. C vs E for towing

    Its tire time. Ran E 10ply my last 3 sets of tires. I know C is usually 6. As long as its a LT tire, would you say thats fine? Don't get off road much, but I do want a strong tire for towing a good sized TT
  8. Truck sag while towing

    is the WDH adjusted for the truck? Am I wrong saying the brackets are pulled in on the trailer and the hitch angle itself seems off? My trailer is pretty close to yours in size. I have sumosprings but even before them, it didnt squat nearly as much as yours.
  9. Manual Shift no worky

    either way, it won't change no matter what
  10. Manual Shift no worky

    meaning if I go int M_1 I can't + to M_2 or from M_2 down to M_1
  11. So shifting to M, the +/- does nothing. I took off the column plastic, orange cable seems fine. Tow Haul button works. Is there a fuse or ??
  12. how else to stiffen things up?

    I've thought about the Roadmaster. Doesnt seem all that popular. Idea seems good, but I'm not sold.
  13. New truck, new trailer, new to this!

    Yeah, thats a big trailer. Very much like mine in length and weight. You'll know its there, but if you load it correctly, it should tow fine. Cross winds is where you'll really feel it.
  14. Yay or Nay

    I didnt think the 6.0 had it like the 5.3
  15. Yay or Nay

    We usually make around 6 camping trips a year, give or take. Not a lot more, but its enough to warrant the need for a 2500. If the weather isnt perfect, I kinda dread towing tbh. I've taken slower back roads just to avoid open highway and more wind. Maybe I'm paranoid lol. Would the 6.0 be any worse than my 09 5.3?

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