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  1. Sooo supposed to go camping this weekend, a few hours drive. Anyways my truck will be out of service unfortunately. I do however have access to my fathers 16 F250 gas. Thing has almost twice the payload of my truck lol, like 3250lbs. Question is, do I bother with the WD hitch or run it without? I know it doesnt need Weight distribution, but I like the idea for anti sway. I hitched up yesterday just to get an idea with the WD and looks fairly level to me, mind you the truck is down a bit on the driveway. I almost feel like I should adjust the hitch angle some, but then I have to set it back up
  2. yeah you nailed it. Will need a new pump. Feel like Im driving a ticking time bomb lol. Edit... Is there harm driving while I wait for parts and such to come in? My oil pressure based on the garage seems normal to me. Odd after I got the truck back, CEL is out, drove the hour home and still haven't come on. I've got a camping trip coming up next weekend, doubtful the parts will be in before that, but I'm also worried about pulling a trailer and the pump fails. Will the pump just fail? @newdude
  3. Waiting for confirmation, but seems like oil pump related.
  4. So cleaned the battery, checked grounds, all seem ok. CEL was gone once I hooked everything up again, but it came back after 5min of driving. I looked at the ground under the dash, don't see an issue with it like in the video posted. Sooooo dropping off at dealer on Friday
  5. All was well, on way home, CEL came on. Tossed the scan tool on, P0600 code. Tried clearing, came right back. Truck ran fine, no obvious issues I could tell. Suggestions?
  6. a wdh isnt anything fancy. It should be standard equipment with RV towing. Makes it safer for everyone on the highway.
  7. Its all in the name. Weight Distribution hitch. Distribute that tongue weight evenly. OP never said if he has one. If he doesn't, he should get a good one, and have it set up properly.
  8. How's the fit for the tires? Any rubbing? I have 275/55/20 and looking at different sizes
  9. I totally didnt think of the 16 having different lights. My mistake. Good catch!
  10. Yeah I use amber Lamin-x for mine. The Morimoto LED fogs are supposed to be good.
  11. $1700 MVI. Ugh Had a few broken manifold bolts that had to be extracted, two lower ball joints replaced. Got an oil change. Also had two recalls, the rear defrost and the brake vacuum. Already had it in last year for that issue, this time they replaced the vacuum pump and belt.
  12. Why i didn't go crazy with exhaust. That drone is killer lol
  13. Not at all for the size! Looks like a nice rig! Hows it tow?
  14. Thats impressive. Whats the trailer weigh?
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