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  1. a wdh isnt anything fancy. It should be standard equipment with RV towing. Makes it safer for everyone on the highway.
  2. Its all in the name. Weight Distribution hitch. Distribute that tongue weight evenly. OP never said if he has one. If he doesn't, he should get a good one, and have it set up properly.
  3. How's the fit for the tires? Any rubbing? I have 275/55/20 and looking at different sizes
  4. I totally didnt think of the 16 having different lights. My mistake. Good catch!
  5. Yeah I use amber Lamin-x for mine. The Morimoto LED fogs are supposed to be good.
  6. $1700 MVI. Ugh Had a few broken manifold bolts that had to be extracted, two lower ball joints replaced. Got an oil change. Also had two recalls, the rear defrost and the brake vacuum. Already had it in last year for that issue, this time they replaced the vacuum pump and belt.
  7. Why i didn't go crazy with exhaust. That drone is killer lol
  8. Not at all for the size! Looks like a nice rig! Hows it tow?
  9. Thats impressive. Whats the trailer weigh?
  10. Thats a big trailer! Whats the tongue weight on that beast?
  11. headed out for our first trip of the season, last week
  12. These look really interesting.
  13. exactly why Im leaning more that way. I like the looks of an AT tire more though, but function > fashion lol. Also the Agilis Cross Country may be an option. Slightly narrower LT 265/60/20 though.
  14. Don't really need tires yet, but I'm quickly diving into the rabbit hole. Current tires are Grabber ATP 275/55/20 XL. Good tire. Been happy with them. Previous truck I ran LT Cooper atw's, Grabber AT2s and KO's. That was before the newer KO2's and Grabber ATX. I do 90% of my driving on road. We get a decent amount of snow/ice/rain. So I like having a 3 peak rated tire. The other thing is I tow a large TT during the summer months. So I want a tire that tows well. My Brother loves the Defender LTX on his F150. Says it works great in the ontario winters. I also really like the look of the Grabber atx though. Do I stick with a XL tire or go to a LT? My Grabber atp are 117T load range. Oddly the same size ATP LT tire is only 115T. I'd have to go up to a LT275/60/20 to get a 119T load. And the Defenders don't even come in a 275/55/20. it would have to be a LT265/60R20/E 121/118R or a LT275/65R20/E 126/123R which Im not sure would even fit. And those are both a much heavier tire. so many questions...so much to think about lol. sigh
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