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  1. What mount is that? I have a 2021 on order and will be using the Banks setup and I don’t want anything mounted on the windshield. thanks
  2. My order went to 3000 with a targeted production week of 3/22.
  3. As of yesterday I did not have a build week yet, I will be at the dealership this coming Tuesday with my wife’s Buick and plan on asking for an update.
  4. Update on my order placed 1/23, it went to event code 2000 this week and nothing was on constraint for options.
  5. Plow prep SRW trucks and all DRW trucks do not get the active shutters - unless something is different on the HD’s, the shutters stay open when temp is below a certain set point.
  6. Dealership I am working with said the same thing with my trade, as long as there isn’t a ton of miles on it and all beat up, the trade offer they made will not go down. We built the truck on 1/23 and just got the call from my salesman that GM will notify them this coming Wednesday if there are any constraints on my build and if we need to change something, we have until Thursday to make any changes.
  7. The price you see is the price you pay based on experience purchasing with employee pricing and supplier pricing. Only additional you get is what the current rebates are. you also want to check with the dealer you are going to use to see if they will currently except employee or supplier pricing. Dealers around here is not excepting either due to no supply and selling at sticker minus rebates.
  8. GM did not pick the order up yesterday, but we had that feeling when we placed the order that they wouldn’t pick it up this week. Now wait until next week. They are reaching out to another dealer on a possible trade since they have a truck with the options I am looking for. So time will tell if this will happen or not.
  9. Before ordering a 3500HD Denali SRW 8’ bed with Duramax last week, my preferred dealer checked on a few trucks that where in transit and everyone was sold. The ones they did find available, the dealer with them didn’t want to do a dealer trade due to no inventory and limited production. As far as timeframe, they would not make a comment until GM picks the order up and should find that out tomorrow. The options I had selected is showing no constraints when it was submitted, but I am sure like everything else currently, that changes everyday.
  10. There is a setting that you only have to press the unlock button once in order to unlock all doors on the 2015-2019 HD’s.
  11. bumper to bumper warranty is 3 years/36,000 miles. Powertrain is 5 years/100,000 miles for diesel and 5 years/60,000 miles for gas.
  12. I have a Harman Accentra pellet stove insert, installed it 11 years ago and only things replaced to date is blower motor and ignitor. I typically burn 3-5 tons of pellets depending on the winter. Biggest thing is, how well insulated is the house?
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