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  1. Did you check the fuses? Park lamp left and park lamp right fuses are in the engine bay fuse box.
  2. Here is someone that has attempted the 2nd battery install.
  3. Looks like someone else has the same issue and posted about it yesterday
  4. Something came out the other day, but no detail on why the change on certain 2020 1500’s. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/04/gm-to-replace-towing-labels-on-certain-2020-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-pickups/ Ford went through something similar on 2020 Super Duties a couple of months ago and payload capacities.
  5. Here is some info - Just measured my 3500HD long bed and 22.5” to the center of hitch.
  6. The company that does the spray in liner for GM is Ground Effects, they also have the contract with other manufacturers. This is how it is applied https://www.gfxltd.com
  7. You wait until it is time for paperwork for the authorization number and thank you for your service
  8. It isn’t GM the issue, it is the dealers even though they get reimbursed from GM. My dealer mentioned it was up to the dealers if they wanted to except these discounts from GM. A local dealer is listing HD’s for $1,000 over sticker and they are moving trucks since demand is high and supply is low. I was originally getting supplier pricing and ended up getting it at invoice since it saved us some extra and then a few extra dollars from there.
  9. Congrats and I am sure you are beyond happy the wait is finally over.
  10. Mine comes on with the running lights. This is on a 2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD
  11. Thanks and yes it wasn’t fun waiting on it to be built and then arrive.
  12. Thanks and I am sure you are glad the wait is finally over for you.
  13. Shipping company called dealer Monday morning to see if they would like to pick the truck up or wait until they had a full load to drop off to them. Dealer picked the truck up and I picked it up Monday evening.
  14. Check this thread out in the 1500 section and see if it helps -
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