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  1. I have the Morimoto’s on my 15.5 and they are great in everything but heavy wet snow. Since they don’t put out a lot of heat, they get covered very easily.
  2. Factory one is made by AMP unless something has changed. Only difference is AMP includes the rivet nut tool and the factory one it isn’t included.
  3. On my 2015.5, the pedals do revert back to stored memory location upon recall. I can get pictures tomorrow in the daylight if you need additional pictures
  4. If it is factory brake controller then you cannot test the brake controller with a test light, It checks for resistance.
  5. Have you replaced the lifter oil filter under the sensor? Pretty common to get plugged and people assume it is the oil pressure sensor.
  6. The horrible stock halogens suck in the snow also, they don’t put out enough heat to melt the snow.
  7. S4O/Chrome/23372181 S4Z/Black/23372182 Both are manual fold tow mirrors. DQS are power fold tow mirrors. the kit works with those 3 mirror options.
  8. And make sure you lock the steering wheel in place when changing the steering shaft or you will be replacing other parts.
  9. Doesn’t work on the 16’s, only 17+ trucks.
  10. No difference between the 1500 and the HD’s wth interior. Here is one one Ebay - https://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-2017-Chevrolet-Silverado-High-Country-GM-OEM-DVD-Headrests-NEW/281996309514?hash=item41a84a340a:g:1ykAAOSwZ8ZXBuCd&vxp=mtr
  11. 2015 is when the snow plow prep trucks with 6.0 got upgrade to the 220A alternator.
  12. You have seen multiple regens in that mileage. The L5P regens seems to regen every 300-400 miles. Here is a thread over at Duramax forum - http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/2017-l5p-duramax-powertrain/883098-l5p-regen-interval.html I use an Edge Insite CTS2 monitor in my 15.5 and it typically will regen around 800 - 850 miles, but have noticed at times it will regen around 650-700 miles. From what I can tell monitoring regens in my truck, it all depends on where I get fuel. Get fuel at local Sunoco and regens in the 800 mile range, go across the street to Shell and in the 650 mile range.
  13. Summit White isn’t available on the Denali package for 2018. Other than that, it is still available per the order guide.

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