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  1. Does anyone with a 2021 Sierra AT4 HD that has the OEM "Black power-retractable assist steps with LED perimeter lighting" mind sending me a picture or video of what they look like and how they work? I have spent hours online and I can only find videos of aftermarket ones, or the ones that are on the 1500s. I have seen videos of the 2500s with the power-retractable steps that are the three way ones like the 1500s have, and then I have seen videos where they don't have the button on the end and appear to be thinner and tuck under the truck better. I have not seen any videos or pictures of the LED perimeter lighting that is supposed to come with them. I want to know what they look like and how they work since they are a $1,895 option.
  2. I ordered a 2021 2500 AT4 gas. I wanted to get the trailer tpms, but it did not get ordered. I will have the AT4 Premium Plus Package, Heavy Duty Front Spring Camper Package, Gooseneck / 5th Wheel Prep Package, Power Running Boards. What are the chances that the truck already has the trailer tpms module and I just need to buy the sensors? Also, I read somewhere on this forum (sorry I couldn't find it again) about 3rd party cheaper sensors working with this system. Anyone have any you like?
  3. If ordering the camera when buying the truck does it come with one or two cameras. I do not see a place to order a second camera, but it has that second interior view.
  4. I think they only come on the AT4s. If you look at the seat in the image you can see that it is an AT4. Call your dealer and ask for replacement AT4 floormats. From the build and configure site it looks like they might be standard. It only gives me the options to add special AT4 logo mats, or carpeted on the AT4.
  5. Good to hear that the HDs will not change until 2023 (good news for me at least). It makes me feel better about going ahead with my 2021 order.
  6. I am going to get a gas 2021 Sierra HD AT4 soon. I have seen so many roomers that GM is going to change the interior for 2022. What kind of loss do you think I would be looking at if I traded a year or two after I got the 2021? I have been trying to look through all the model changes throughout the years and I have seen that the upgrades usually start in the Silverado 1500 then the Sierra 1500 and then to the HD. I wonder if these changes will follow that pattern too.
  7. I bought a gen2 Chevy Volt out of state and it wasn't bad at all. Take the paperwork to the tag office/dmv pay tax title tag and your done. I am in NC and bought the Volt in Ohio. I test drive one near me and then bought the best deal I could find. If you can find an AT4 to test drive, drive it and then order anywhere. I just ordered one with an educational discount and they gave me the lowest price of any I have seen online, and they said I also get whatever incentives GM has when it hits the lot. The price they gave me can't get worse only better. I think it is a good deal at least. I have a Ford dealer friend that sells just as many out of state as he does in state. If you are interested in contacting the place I got mine from PM me. I bet they would give you a good deal and ship it too. It will come from NC, but worth shipping it if you pay thousands less.
  8. Why does everyone rip on the GM interior? Is everyone just band blind? I know it is a opinion, but everyone talks about how nice Ford and Ram interiors are and that GM needs to catch up. To me in the HD range the GM looks the best. The Ford looks like it always has. Some cheap looking buttons on the steering wheel and so on. The Ram has a bigger screen than the others, but what is everyone getting wet about. Sure, if you think your truck is a horse you can get a Ram that looks like they took the outside of a woody from the 70s or 80s and put it inside the truck and added some leather buckles on the seat back storage. Then they added more brown leather with sticking from bad cowboy pants, but that doesn't seem like luxury interior to me. That makes me think people with desk jobs get it to make them feel like a cowboy. The 1500s do look a little different, but not enough to bash GM saying that it looks cheap and it is not on the same level as Ford and Ram. The Ford looks the cheapest to me it looks like plastic buttons on plastic panels. Rant over... You decide. Here are pictures of the highest level trim interior from each. I got these images from the manufacturers websites to make it fair.
  9. I'm getting a 2500 AT5. I bought the power running boards with it. What is the parameter lighting that comes with the power running boards "Black power-retractable assist steps with LED perimeter lighting"? You can only get the power running boards on the AT5 and Denali, so I assume that this is perimeter lighting that is in addition to the perimeter lighting that already comes on it. Anyone have pictures of the lighting?
  10. What is the LED perimeter lighting that comes with the power retractable running boards? Is that the white led lights on the mirrors? Also I can not find an AT4 anywhere around me. Would I get a good Since of the truck if I drove a gas Denali before I ordered an AT4, or is it different to drive?
  11. Thanks for the info. I looked at 1/2 ton trucks and the GCVWR is too low for my liking.
  12. I am looking to purchase a Sierra 2500 in the near future. I am trying to decide between the SLT, AT4, and Denali. I am leaning towards the AT4 because it seems like the best price for features. It will probably see very little to no off road action. I can load up a SLT and it is only a few hundred less than the AT4 with more features. I am going to use it as a daily driver, but the main reason that I am getting it is that I tow a camper a few times a year. I have a Kodiak 291RESL that I currently tow with my 2002 Cadillac Escalade AWD 6.0L. The camper is 6,800 lbs dry and we probably load it to 7500, but we are really careful about what we put in it. The Escalade has a GCVWR of 14,000lbs and that comes quick. If I was just towing on flat ground it would do fine, but it is almost impossible to keep speed going up hills. It has the same 6.0L that the older 2500s have, but it only has three gears and an OD, so the gears are a little too tall for towing. I have a few questions that I can not find online. I would like to get a gas 2500 because of the price but all the reviews that I can find are for the Diesel. If any of you with an AT4 can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it. How well does it tow something like a camper in the mountains? Do the Rancho shocks make a difference in towing? For example does it squat lower with a load? Is there a need for the Heavy Duty Front Spring / Camper package and can it be added on later? It is not that much ($45), but I am having trouble finding one with it installed. How well does it ride for an everyday driver? Is it taller than the other Sierra 2500s? I read that it has a 2" lift. Would it be better to spend the extra $1k and get the 3500? I have heard that the ride is very similar. What kind of fuel economy are you getting? In your opinion are all of the extra features worth it? Of course I want it to have everything, and having blank buttons drives me crazy, but am I going to spend a butt load and it not be worth it when I could just get a SLT with just a few features, or get an AT4 without any extra packages? If you got the AT4 do you wish you would have got a Denali or saved money and got a SLT? What is your favorite feature of the truck. Does the SLT come with the multipro tailgate? All of them that I have found online do not have it, but the brochure says that it is standard on the SLT, AT4, and Denali Oh yea and btw my wife likes the way the AT4 looks so......
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