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  1. I get that, still a dog. mash the pedal at 55 and takes about a mile to pass somebody. The pedal commander makes it tolerable, which lends me to believe its more in programming and set up than anything. Second no reason why these motors shouldnt have 450-500hp and 500 plus torque. Like you said I suppose the 10sp will help.
  2. My initial order was put on hold for a week or two because GM was only making WT, at least thats what the dealer said.
  3. So I had a 22 order in, early in the year, took to August to get and they added $1500 for onstar option thats mandatory now. The 23 model went up like 2500 bucks, and would assume the 24 to go up about the same. Depending on when you initiall ordered the 22, easily 5k, but could be closer to 7
  4. whats going to suck is that is that 24 is going to cost, 5-7 k more than that 22 you started with.
  5. Yeah I do, i found that after posting. Wonder if it really does anything in terms of MPG or performance and if it can easily be added.
  6. Sorry for the long title, but didnt feel like making three threads. 2022 GMC AT4 6.6 gas. Picked in August. 1. I have complained of this truck being a dog, and it is, only quick off the launch. Either way added a pedal commander and the truck and made a world of a difference. Didnt hurt MPG really, and its not a tuner for those that are worried. 2. Installed the lighted GMC grill emblem lots of videos out there on how to do this, but found an easy way, hardest part is getting the emblem off. Either way you need to take the top shroud off on top of the radiator and take the hood latch off on top there is two hex bolts. Get an oscillating tool, with a thin cutting blade. Gently pry back the emblems and you will see the flat fingers that go into the grill, and just cut them off. Be careful doing it, but this is a 5 min job now Honestly your going to break the emblem or something anways. Now just plug it in. 3. Am I missing something? After doing the above job i noticed the truck doesnt have the front end louvers, the little black louvers in front of the radiator that move? Is this truck suppose to have them. my 21 diesel did, different motor I know.
  7. I have a complete set of seat covers for sale off a 21 2500HD. Should fit 20-23 GMC and Chevy and would think all HD trucks, color black. Front bucket seats and rear 60/40 bench with center arm rest. Brand new with 0 miles when taken off. Sell by the piece or all together.
  8. Alot to go through here. With that said the mirrors are to big, they create frontal blind spots specially on the right side when looking right at certain conditions. Great mirrors but GM needs to rething the ergomoics of these. They probably need to be brought in an in or two and shrunk up and down and left to right by another inch or two
  9. Yes this. And true, this is a very slow forum
  10. usually they jump about 1k-2k a year. The issue is for 24 is they will have the 1-2k increase and then the onstar will be added into the base price for 24 from what I read. So same truck before options will be at least 4-5k more from 23 to 24
  11. Have to find the build codes, which a dealer can do. 3400 and 3800 is what you are looking more. Somewhat mispoke, my 3400 was 11JULY, which says thats the day it was loaded into the PC and works its way down the line. My 3800 code is when the vehicle is done was like 16JULY. at least what the dealer can give you, you wont get a date time group by hour or day when it was actually completed. Combined with the fact the codes could be a day or so behind. You are looking at really a week span of when it could have been built.
  12. My 22 was built July 11th and I picked it up 3 weeks later. The 1500 Charge was an option believe that is the case for the23. Read the 24 the cost will be built in. So theoretically the same configured truck in 24 will cost you 2k more than a 23. Crazy thing is with that 24 is that will probably cost about 7-9k more than a 22 before they added the onstar charge.
  13. All in what you want. Never had the 3.o but have had half tons and had a 21 2500 diesel. now a 22 GMC 2500 gas. How much do you haul around weekly in weight? Keep in mind the bigger trucks just dont handle like the 1/2 tons, and they simply cost more to operate and purchase.
  14. Well GM is about selling more units and ensuring people actually get the vehicle. If GM waited on complete trucks they would sell a lot less, potentially making it so you wouldnt even have one. Look there isnt no lawsuits. You were told the card didnt have X when you bought, you cant sue for an option that you didnt buy and were notified about.
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