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  1. I have a 21 so same deal. Guess I really havent let it sit running while its hot out for cold starts. I suppose between moving coolant and the AC function it could kick on
  2. lol yeah there is no validity in that prior statement.
  3. When it comes to cars sometimes you are right. But in general 9 out of 10 times just isnt true. With that said short of the 10 speed tranny and some electronic gimmicks and styling the 22/23 HD is basically no different than trucks from 5 years ago.
  4. Ordering is going to vary from dealer to dealer to brand to brand. Ford and Ram do not have anymore capacity in general then GM. With that said some dealers are months to a year behind so taking an order is kind of pointless to them as well as you. You want to find a dealer with an allocation. Allocation is what dealers get every month, GM says dealer X gets 10 for this month etc. They also in normal times or used to get stock allocation or floor models. Today though pretty much everything is a custom order and dealers might get 5 allocations but have 25 people in line, so by that math you wouldnt get your order in for 5 months then wait two to get it maybe more. You can do two things. Hunt the web daily for trucks coming in without a name on them, they are out there just not very many. Or wait the 6-12 months to get your order through.
  5. Anybody have it? Looking at in the highcountry. GMs interior kind of sucks to begin with but in certain photos I like it but others not. Seems like if they would have have kept it off the dash it would have been ok. Part of me likes it, the other part of me says it looks like a failed attempt at a king ranch
  6. Not blaming the dealer is what it is. I have an allocation I got one about 3 weeks ago, but from what I told for a few reasons it wasnt picked up. My dealer is pretty good at least the guy I am working with I have bought a few vehicles over the last few years with him including one i built, and he is the guy that builds and orders them in the system so that is a plus. But in general most of these dealers are worthless these days, you listen to peoples stories and laugh sort of at the line of crap they are being fed. TBH I think you have about 10% of dealers that are good, another 60-70% are there just to sell something they dont their product at all, the last 20-30% is typical salesman trash attitude where it's whatever they say its about getting your money and will distort the truth or process to get there.
  7. Good info. My dealer who is normally really good on this has gone silent for over a week. Really I am not in rush as what is the rush. Around these parts no answer sort of means either no, or were working on it. So whatever that means.
  8. Yeah thats typical republican banter. Which upfront Im telling you I dont think EV is the way, not trying to make it political.. The reality GM or Ford just wants to sell cars they could care less if its EV or gas. Like I said the reality for EV is we are tens years out and people arent going to keep up with the high priced crap for that long. Electric car sales are 3% of sales you are not scaling that to even 50% overnight, and the reality is making the cars is relatively easy the infrastructure to support it will be another decade. Gas cars arent going anywhere in the short term. The market will drop on the autos soon enough and when it comes back people wont be clamoring for EV when there is not charging stations, EVs lose 40% of their range under 20 degrees and while towing. Working with this stuff and talking to manufactures HD trucks are 5 years out. GM is losing to toyota and ram in some areas and all automakers sales are down, there going to want to sell gas stuff, dont believe in the EV hype. What would help us all out is really people just need to stop buying stuff
  9. You might be right. But Ive been working with EV infrastructure some and the ground level truth is we are ten years out at least on that. The cars will bounce back, maybe not to what it was, but it should get close. Still a lot of money out there and we are not quite there yet in cutting back peoples behavior. At some point with inflation $6 gas and interest rates in cars going up, it should cut off the appetite. My guess is car sales for new will crater in the next 3-6months, which wont help immediately but should help the manufactures catch up
  10. GM Trucks (Build Out Final Order Start Up Dates) – Donlen You might be right based off the link above. Based off the link above looks like initial orders is already open. I cant beleive they would close off orders totally for a month. But who knows Its hard to say I am working with a dealer that is pretty good, but dealers are dealers. What they can order and when is often based off their allocations and situation.
  11. They werent making regular cabs for a while just crew cabs. At this point you got 3 options. 1. Buy used 2. Buy whats on the lot if you can find it 3. Put an order in and wait which could be 3-4 months or could be 6 months or more. Not sure your going to get a good answer from anybody, but those options are what you got
  12. very true specially with a diesel. But after owning both no reason to spend the money if your towing 5k or less or doing 5-9k occasionlly.
  13. Yeah lots of different experiences and there is some opinion of course in all of that. Most of my experience is post 2000 stuff and I dont keep things long Since 2007 Ive had these bought new unless noted 2007 Silverado 1500 2006 F250 Diesel Used 2008 F250 Diesel Used 2011 F150 Ecoboost 2014 Silverado 1500 2012 F250 Diesel Used 2016 Ram 1500 2015 F150 ecoboost 2018 F150 5.0 2021 2500 Diesel- current on the side I have had a 2010 Camaro and 2015 Challenger all bought new. Seems like a lot of trucks and it is, but that 2007 I had paid off and had a nice cycle of paying pennies and wheeling dealing for a while. Now days the last 4-6 years i get new every 2-3 years and
  14. They just cost a little more, sometimes you have compare apples to apples to ensure you are comparing the right thing. They are all good in their own ways My last ram was a 16 and last Ford was an 18, and now have a 21 Chevy. Just IMO but in terms of quality I felt like it goes Ford, GM, Ram. Ram makes some nice looking trucks, lots of innovation and paint colors just not the quality. GM makes good stuff but is just behind Ford. My 2018 XLT ford which is comparable to my 21 LT was just ahead in tech and so forth, which is sad as GM did a refresh in 2020 and the 18 I had was essentially 2015 tech, so in reality my 21 Chevy is comparable to 2015 Ford Tech and it still isnt as nice.
  15. Yeah I have to. Problem is the comparable ford is usually about 4-5k more which is worth IMO. But Im getting 8-9k with the discount. So you are really talking a 10-12k swing for comparable trucks.
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