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  1. Whatever you say. A 300lbs savings is nothing to scoff at. And real world I owned one and it did better than my now 14 Silverado. And a tenth for every 100 lbs isn't a myth its an estimate, a lot of factors, but they say for every 100lbs dropped you can gain an 1-2% MPG increase. So minimum you gain 3% over the life or up to 6%, and if you lose 500lbs like ford says that's could be a 10% increase over the life. Not a huge game changer, but a truck that could save 5-10% on fuel, be a quarter second faster and allow you haul more just by changing material make up, I think that's something to look at a little.
  2. They can be up to 500lbs depending. 300lbs maybe doesn't seem like a lot, but 300lbs is quite a bit when you factor in performance and MPG over years of driving. If your talking speed or track terms, 300lbs is 3/10 of a second, which is a lot. a 500lb drop off your own personal best and being lighter by the competition by 300 is pretty good feat.
  3. To each his own and I don't know his life situation. But one can be in a pretty bad ass car for 30. SUV for 35 pocket 10-20k. just a thought
  4. And its Nissan, lol. I said the same things you did. Dodge will sell some of these, because its like scratch and sniff to some guys when they hear diesel. But like you said the specs and numbers put it on par with V6 half tons and you pay more than V8 half tons for the ED. This will flounder for dodge unless they upgrade it. But I applaud dodge for the forward thinking and maybe another manufacture will make it work. GM did come out with this in the 90s I believe and it failed, although the engine was junk. The inherent issue with a half ton is putting a diesel engine in that truck that matches exceeds capability of the gas engines, but all the while getting good MPGS and not costing a fortune up front. No one wants to a diesel half ton that does less than gas, has to pay more for it, and only saves marginally on fuel. The problem I fear is you cant get an engine in a half ton to make sense. You'll either have a monster but will cost to much putting pricing into 3/4 ton land and having bad MPG, or your going to have something that's really good on MPG but fails at towing, of which I don't think the market will accept either scenario.
  5. Yeah I don't know your situation. Always possible to have a hot car, Camaro, mustang, chally, and then an old truck to do work with.
  6. Yeah its possible, and the numbers may not work that's why I am reaching out now. Like I said insured and bonded would be a must, I would not operate with out it, in that case you can be insured and bonded without having DOT, but not the other way around. Personally I don't think I would take the risk of not being DOT, the penalties wouldn't be worth it. But if theres grey area such as being able to have GCVW of 10k or less, I mean figure most diesels weigh 7k, that leaves around 3k to tow, which is probably 50% of the stuff Im looking at hauling.
  7. I love the idea trust me Im with you. But spec the ram, run the numbers and don't let novelty or the world diesel cloud the facts. The ecodiesel ram is a great idea, and from a few reports its not a bad truck. But for something that can haul 7900lbs cost 3k more than a gas engine, and provides marginal to no savings in MPG, I cant see how makes sense beyond saying yeah I got a diesel. Rams goal was to sell 20% of their trucks with these things, but only have been only doing 9%. I think the idea is there but customers are weighing their options and saying 240hp, 5.7 can tow almost 3k more, and fuel savings are marginal, and aren't buying it. You put that bad boy at 300hp, tow 10k and get 25-30mpg it would sell no doubt. sad part is Nissan came out with the right package, its sad because the engine is a cummins. http://www.nissanusa.com/trucks/2016-titan/
  8. I got to thinking if I have short drives to work everyday and don't drive that many miles period, and don't use the truck for towing or what trucks are meant for. I guess maybe I would rethink the purchase of a 40-50k truck just my opinion.
  9. If its a lease don't worry about it, truck be long gone before any issues show. If your truck and that weight I wouldn't even blink an eye at that weight, just be sure to keep up on maint a little better.
  10. Wow didn't know that. I used it on my challenger this spring and two chevys two years ago. USAA the biggest thing was the 1000 off. yeah it got you to invoice pricing, but you can get that on your own.
  11. That's another thing I left out. the fact that oil changes will probably be double and you have to buy DEF every so many miles. Again the half ton diesel is alluring if built and specd the right way. which dodges is not. In my mind at minimum you have to have 300hp and around 450tq to make sense along with being able to tow at least 10k lbs. MPG probably has to better than 22AVG in order to make up for the price of diesel, costlier maint, and premium you pay for the engine.
  12. Thanks for the info and points. I will call insurance. Nothing in this area for the most part or what this truck could tow would be in the half million range To be honest your probably talking most things around here brand new are in the 50k range high end may around 100k, so what the market is will have to be taken into consideration. Also you can use the magnet DOT plates and take them off while not working. Like I said my aim to is to stay within an hour or two of the house, I wont be using my trailers, it will be towing other trailers. While I will have to factor in fuel while on the job, and will have to factor how many miles I tow with on the job for wear. My aim for sure is to make money and some great advice in here. I definitely do not want to lose money. What Im kind of equating this to is this. Say I go out and buy a zero turn mower to mow my lawn, then decide to mow a few neighbors lawns on the side. Im not looking to make a killing just a few extra bucks. But after factoring insurance and DOT requirements the equation has to make sense, and it may not. But I do think there a niche and money to be had without taking this to a long haul type mentality.
  13. Yeah I don't know I don't want speculate until he post tickets. I know under a fifth wheel you can tow more. I still hold the OP was underestimating what he planned on loading the trailer with
  14. Yeah Ive heard they are descent little towers. But like I said their towing capacity is still the lowest amount among most V8s in the half tons at only 8k lbs. Plus beer math doesn't work on the purchase. The engine package cost an extra 3000 bucks. The Combined average MPG on the eco diesel is 22 where is as the combined for the 5.7 is 19. Now factor in diesel cost 50 cents more. National average for diesel right now is 25 cents more, up here where I am its 50 cents more. But by using the average gas prices that eco diesel cost 11.5 cents per mile if your getting the combined of 22mpg. The 5.7 with a combined average of 19 nets you 11.6 cents per mile. So youll never pay back the premium on that engine, and Im not so sure due to the prices of fuel youll ever save money that way.
  15. Thanks that would be cool. Not cynical just curious, the tranny is bothersome at times with its bumps and hits, but its the same tranny that was in my F150 and they did the same things. As far as recalls this truck I have owned for two years and its on its 10th recall roughly?? Im a GM loyalist to be honest, but I think Im done with their trucks for awhile after this.
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