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  1. GM continues to be about 5 years behind compared to the others.
  2. power mirrors I think come with like CONV 1 or all star package etc.
  3. Yeah to each their own and what they like, not dogging anybody. My wifes denali has it all, and like you said it does work. Much like back cameras a lot of this stuff will not be optional real soon here. Just for me I dont need it nor need to spend the extra money for it at this point.
  4. yeah all depends. I got TPW within a week or so in march. Depends on what the truck is. ALso depends if this is a 21 or 22, assuming a 22. If having a truck by a deadline is most important, then taking that is further along might be the best bet. Can you put your name on both? Even with a deposit could you get it back or if you lost one deposit is it worth it.
  5. Well you can figure about a month from TPW to get the truck give or take. So option two looks like the quicker option at this point
  6. All that safety crap is a pain and more distracting then its worth. My truck just has the blind spot indicator that it, and works good. Only thing I think I would miss is the surround vision. I have the bed vision camera, which doesnt work at night AT ALL, and the quality sucks anyways during the day.
  7. Lease doesnt matter, but yes you might affect trade in down the road. but then again we arent talking work trucks, and your trade at the end of the day should coincide with what you paid. I ordered in FEB and CONV 2 wasnt there on my LT. Truck came in 8 weeks. Dealer figured if I had an LTZ or anything else I wouldnt have gotten the truck.
  8. I dont know how much I believe in this break in stuff. I mean I understand giving it a few miles after purchase, double check fluids etc. Either way drive about an hour or so a night after a few nights youll be at 500 miles.
  9. That must have changed. Odd because had a friend just go through this. Called the GM program number and they were very interested in knowing the why on all of this. Friend came back to the dealer stated he talked to GM, and they changed their tune.
  10. THings are always different. But I ordered that truck in FEB, shows in MAY. Its the midnight with CONV 1 not two and no leather. I added Katz skinz leather at the dealer for the same price as the factory option and the seats are actually nicer
  11. See this is where us with employee discount need to hold these dealers accountable. Yes they are supposed to take employee discount its not a discretion. The few exemptions are the corvette and sometimes on new offerings. Now I am talking about the GM Employee discount not the other stuff out there. I have called GM before on this and thats what they told me, they also told me to call them if a dealer does not take it.
  12. So there is one discount dealers are supposed to take that is the GM Employee discount(short of corvette, and sometimes other offerings). With that said that doesnt mean some dont and I dont know if there us much of a method to police it. All other discounts can be at the whim of the dealer but not taking them is frowned upon by GM and in the long run is bad business. But yes GM reimburses that amount so in essence when a dealer sells a car with a discount they are getting full price, the customer gets a discount and GM gets a sale, so it works out. Right now some dealers are m
  13. Yeah I think its a wives tale thing. Buddy knows a buddy who got a ticket kind of a thing.
  14. Yeah I agree. I think people are mistaken what the definition says. There are yellow bars out there, tow truck, plows etc. The cab lights are not a bar and do not take a majority of the roof. I dont think this thinking is true. GM sells a lot of vehicles to CA, and would make sure of this..
  15. so your talking 4x4 vs 2x4. If thats the case 2x4s tend to sit a little lower, should be a lighter vehicle, smoother to drive and get better mpg. With that said unless its a work truck I would never buy a truck without 4x4, resale etc. But if your talking about the non Z71 4x4, I dont think you will really tell the difference much.
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