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  1. Thats kind of my point with it. It just projects your phone and really doesnt control anything with the truck. With that said if you dont have built in NAV and want to oprate the phone/text, etc it is actually better then plain bluetooth. Around town going to work etc, I find carplay annoying and pointless. Long trips, phone use, pandora etc, its actually useful,
  2. Come on boomer, lol. Power steering has been standard for 50-60 Years. Power doors, locks,etc have been for 20
  3. Apple car play. My issue with that though is, it doesnt control everything and you have toggle back and forth. Android might be different. Apple just displays your phone screen really. But you have to toggle back and forth for radio, settings, temp, and other things.
  4. I get some options are once in a while. But while I am driving it becomes a hassle and safety issue tbh. If in the past they will just upgrade bugs and such. The make sense thing would be like your phone, where you can basically can get a whole OS or layout in an upgrade. Maybe in a car its hard to do such because of factors I am not thinking about. But personally I think it goes back to how they develop software and such that I explained earlier. That and lots of people buy the gadgets when they are new and that would stop some people from buying a whole car. Me personally I don’t buy for the gadgets, but when your dropping 70-80k I need to get my monies worth.
  5. Besides my dash on a high end AT4 looking 10 years old, my main issue with GMs DIC system isn’t even some of the cool graphics and such, although should be easy enough. Maybe your system is tweeked some. But on my 22 and wifes acadia Denali its more about function, and her car is worse. The formatting and location of functions, some functions you have to scroll through multiple screens to get there and 5-6 difference things to make it happen. Its just archaic and like I said GM rolled with the same DIC and info system for literally a decade, nuts. Im not a software guy, but in my job get into some of its aspects and I have my idea on why these systems suck so bad sometimes. 1. GM doesn’t want to pay Apple or Microsoft to do it right, believe ford works with Microsoft so probably why its better. After knowing how IT works a little, the big IT firms probably want a monster amount up front and then a per user fee per year. 2. Once GM doesn’t own it, they cant make changes as easy and have to go through somebody else, and basically have somebody else in control of their stuff. 3. A high rep company actually does design it, but GM pays the minimum and gets a basic operating system with limited support on it, doubtful but could be true as this is the case with lots of things you have now. But most likely this is an onstar led thing and that explains a lot.
  6. Whats the fuel tank size? My 22 is 36 gallons so was the 23. Great news on the Trans, lets hope for a little bit of an MPG increase The dash and digital stuff I had high hopes, it at least looks better then it did. GM should have been embarrassed with the 21-23s that essentially used the same system that dated back to 2014. Sad to hear they essentially used the same programming methodology. Compared to Fords system and the fact its 2024 and these HDs are 60-100k you would think the DIC would be something comparable in quality to an iphone.
  7. Actually, had a 21 now have a 22 with 8k miles. Was kind of a known issue on these that the brake booster sucks on these. GM had a fix or try to fix of pushiing the brake all the way down and hold it for so many seconds, do that about 2-3 times. That seemed to help some. Honestly think now Im just better used to. Just not the most responsive system
  8. actually think the brakes sucks on these, at least the pedal response part, have to push down way to much and far
  9. It depends. Up until the last year interest was cheap. I would bet over 5 years somebody would spend less than interest then you did on maitnenence. Second vehicles arent 20k anymore, 20k gets you a 10 year old vehicle withe 150k on it, no thanks to that. Not impossible but loans or leases are here for the majority on vehicles. For me I can afford it, have to get to work, travel etc, not playing around with an old truck and potential problems.
  10. Besides the looks of it(which I don’t like), an 8ft bed just adds length to something that is already big enough. I can see if I was contractor something having this, but as a normal run of the mill guy, no thanks. Standard bed(not a short bed) is still 6’8” or something and put the tailgate down you get more. IMO if you need something that long get a trailer
  11. Z71 is stickers and shocks. Wont help with towing
  12. are you talking the function that beeps as you get close to something
  13. yeah I was always an LT kind of guy. You can build LTs with max options and get really close to LTZ etc and still can. But came to the point that these things arent cheap, and like you you are paying 60 plus anyways and financing, an extra 60 bucks a month for the loaded out AT4 I bought just made sense.
  14. Cant stand anything less than 18in on a truck, and to me 20s look the best by filling th wheel well. my 2022 AT4 had stock 18s and bought and replaced them with stock 20s, didnt notice the difference on the speedo, checked with GPS. Sidewalls on the stock 18s were taller, so the overall difference was minimal
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