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  1. I had a 21 Midnight edition LT trim. It had a descent look much likes yours. Like I said it has to be color match, if not its fugly.
  2. lol. inspiration was a freight train apparently. Ugliest front end on a truck in a long time. It was ok when color matched grill and bumper.
  3. They are all good trucks TBH year to year you cant go wrong. With that said I have owned all three brands and have HD type trucks with GM and Ford both and here is my opinion. This goes back to 2007 when I bought my first truck and have since had 4 GM trucks, 5 Fords and one ram. A lot of people base their opinions on pre 2000 models or old stuff which isnt really relevent, all of these brands have made major leaps in the last 20 years and in their own ways make good stuff. 1. Ram to me has always won the looks contest and if anything continues to win the innovation awards and option packages, including the paint colors. ram has always been good on the power packs and never seems to be lacking. My one con is the rams to me have just felt and looked cheaper in away. 2. GM makes a solid product and you cant go wrong. GM has always developed power plants that just last, not always the best performance wise, but do work well. My chief complaint with GM is they are 5-7 years behind the other two in lots of ways. My 21 2500 and now 22 GMC AT4 2500 while nice is the same interior that my 2014 silverado had, of which the 14 was only a slight upgrade from my 2007 silverado. GMs optioning packages and how you can order just sucks. 3. After owning them all Ford is just a better truck at the end of the day. Only reason I am in GM is because I get the discount, and this coming from a guy that worked at GM and my whole family has. Drive a Ford for a month and I am talking current as in something from the last 10 years or so you wouldnt buy a GM product.
  4. Funny is the GM seem to refine their front end and kind of go to what Ford looked liked, and Ford went to the ugly block end GM has now. Almost traded places. 6.2 is retiring. But yeah 6.8 or 7.3 not sure why there is two. One will probably go away. What I would to see for the HD is a small block, 5.0, 5.3 twin turbo set up much like fords ecoboost, and something that pushes 500hp 600 Torque. I know people talk reliability with turbos, but the ford line has been pretty stout. The other is smaller displacement diesel something that does 300ish hp and 600 torque but is more fuel efficient. Two reasons you wont see this stuff or a big leap going forward. 1. If the electric stuff holds true which which the real test will be in two years at election time. But if it does companies are not going to invest in new motors. 2. While companies want to provide a cheaper version to power their HD trucks, which good idea thats why I bought it, I also dont think they want their cheaper motor competing with their diesel engines. Its entirely possibly today to put an efficient and reliable 500hp, 600tq motor in an HD with a 10 speed tranny. That set up would make a lot of people think twice on going diesel.
  5. 6.4 is a really good motor, been out for 8 years now. But has aluminum parts and coated rods and such.
  6. For sure, but your talking minimal numbers here. And if you look at the dyno numbers of the 5.3 vs 6.6 they are very close. At 2500 the numbers are identical and at 4k-4500rpm the 6.6 is minimally better by 30-40 ft lbs. Again not going to argue longevity between the two, but I can promise you will not notice the difference between the two in practical applications. Only GM puts a motor in a truck that has less juice then the dodge 6.4 that has been out for 7-8 years and the ford 7.3 tremor. Then again GM is usually playing catch up Only hope in the 24 model, GM mates the 6.6 with the ten speed and programs the motor to put out more power, which would probably make the power pack satisfactory or better in class, which as of now its not.
  7. No I get that. But doubt you notice the difference on the average given the performance specs for both. 50hp more isnt doing much
  8. If I was wanting a truck I would probably go into a hold pattern until after Xmas. And if I am putting deposits down they better refundable. The fed just raised the interest rate and some point this bubble has to bust and if you combine that with mild to high gas prices it wont be food for the car companies. Probably wouldn't really see it until spring time, but the conditions are ripe for a downturn in which would drive 23 prices in 6 months and get 24s back on track with incentives. Or things could keep going up
  9. No i get it. But the stability portion has more to do with 3/4 1 ton frame rather than the motor. Put the 5.3 in the HD truck short of longevity you probably wouldnt notice a large difference motor wise. These engines probably have the capability and should be pushing 450-500hp with 500-550 torque
  10. What gets me is the 6.6 is has a minimal advantage over the 5.3 in hp and torque numbers. I get the 6.6 is more HD with the iron block and all but that motor shoud be pushing 450 plus along with the torque.
  11. Yeah I was never a fan of the 5.3 had an 07 and 14, moved onto Ford and Ram after those and which had better motors. While there is some lag I feel, the 6.6 seems strong out the whole, really just mid range sucks bad on the truck. I expected sub par towing experience when towing compared to the duramax, but sort of disappointed in all around performance while not towing. Definitely not as quick and nimble without a load as half ton unloaded.
  12. Id call onstar. The fin on the roof handles onstar items which should be the antenna. I might be wrong but NAV, internet or anything related to onstar is satellite driven and not tower driven.
  13. doubt a short year. With production issues still going on.
  14. Maybe. But i have driven other gas trucks in the past and it seems on par tbh. Just compared to a diesel or half ton its really slow all around.
  15. Ill be honest this motor kind of sucks. Its ok for daily driving and thats why I got it. But it screams to get up to speed. Good luck empty passing somebody if your going 55-60 as it wont really move. Truck is really only good in initial start up to to 30-40mph after that its a dog. Like I said if you really dont need a 3/4 ton I would go half ton, better gas, better performance and driving experience. 5-6k in towing or less dont bother with a gas 3/4.
  16. Truck has a production week not day really. the 3800 Build/event code is the code that says the vehicle if officially built. Dealer should be able to find you that
  17. You can change tires and maybe even shocks but a 2500 is a 2500 and will not ride as nice as a 1500. The AT4, Z71 off road packages are just stickers these days. They put rancho shocks on them which are little stiffer. But I could put you in an AT4 and a non AT4 without badging and I would doubt you could tell the difference. These all terrain advertising on trucks is way over blown these days.
  18. I get it. Just comparing oranges to oranges. Comparing an LTZ to a 2500 custom isnt really apples to apples. Owning two 3.5 ecos I can tell you, you would be more than happy towing a boat that small. End of the day if your comparing like trim levels of a 2500 to a 1500 the cost isn't worth talking about. And you do get more with the 2500 in terms of hauling. Although the half ton is just easier all around the engine doesnt dog in mid range
  19. Lucky you just traded in a 2021 2500 diesel for a 2022 2500 gasser. Let me say this before anything else, the gas motor is not even a comparison to the diesel when towing, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Question is do you need it. Diesel got about 2 mpg better in all around and 4-5mpg better when towing my loads which were around 7-9k. I could literally accelerate going 75 up to 85 rather quickly, not doing that with the gasser with that kind of weight. Diesel will also hold its value and that 10k upcharge you will get a good portion back. Even though the diesel got better MPG paying 1.50-2 bucks less a gallon still made the gas motor cheaper Again the question is do you need it. my personal opinion get up over 9-10k yes I would do a diesel, 40-50% or more of your driving is towing, yes get a diesel. Now reasons to not get a diesel -cost 10k more -maint cost more and and more of it -oddly enough hard to find diesel at times specially in cities -Need more odds and ends stuff, like fuel filters and DEF(which I didnt find to be a big deal as it was 3-4 times a year) If your only driving 54k miles in 5-6 years Im going to blow this up and tell you to buy a half ton. 6k for a half ton is more than capable on a periodic basis. Half ton rides better, cheaper to buy and run. I would point you to a getting the HD packages that some manufactures offer in the half tons. Personally Id only buy an F150 3.5 ecoboost, outhaul any half ton out there. TBH with you I needed a heavy duty truck but paying for diesel just adds up and really justifiable for the amount I used. After owning the 6.6 gasser it gets the job but the motor kind of sucks on the other hand. Dogs while towing, mid range sucks on the thing, good luck passing anybody going 50-60mph, GM screwed up and put a garbage trans in it or something. Unless you have dreams of towing big in the future, do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a nice half ton.
  20. Never buy an extended warranty up front biggest dumbest thing you can do. I am sure there will be some guy that comes along with i just spent 80 and wanted piece of mind bologna. With that said you can get the same GM extended warranty down the road after your factory is up. By then you can figure out if you need and or if you still have the truck.
  21. I take a leaf blower to the front end of the truck and that works good, actually do the whole truck. Again probably the worst vehicle I have ever had in regards to holding water
  22. Kind of just did the same tow a 7-8k boat 3 months of the year and periodic heavy loads the etc cost of the diesel just wasnt worth it anymore, plus knocking 10k off the price allowed me to get a better truck. With that said be ready the gas motor is not even close to a diesel. It does the job thats all I can say. And if I towed 5k or less and it was periodic I would really think about a half ton, motor performance will be the same as 2500 and new half tons in the last 10 years are a world apart from where they were.
  23. Good points the music has to stop at some point. And a lot of folks who bought at MSRP or even more so if they paid above MSRP, are going to get hosed specially on trucks that are in the 2-4 year old zone at trade or selling time. I dont see prices staying high, GM has an interest in selling trucks not feeding dealers wallets. GM uses allocations to push dealers, those that dont sell wont get them. Its a self correcting system in a way, the issue as we all know right now is GM just can not make enough. Trades are already diving, but not at huge rate, and they wont level out until there are- more new trucks on the lot then used. With that said we are seeing some leveling, and we will never go back to pre covid. But some resemblance of normalcy is probably the very least 6 months out, but most likely is 12-18 months away.
  24. not necessarily true. They typically use the same harness in all the trucks, cheaper and easier to use one harness then make multiples.
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