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  1. Yup I give it 12 months maybe 18 tops and there is going to be a lot of crying folks out there when their 85k truck over priced by 10-15k is worth 50k at trade in two years.
  2. I get free enterprise and ok fine. But there is also gouging which this isnt it but your later half of your statement is. Bottom line its not free enterprise during a down turn to ask tax payers to pay more money and beg for hand outs. Then ask those tax payers to pay more for your product in times like this. You cant have both of these and call it free enterprise.
  3. heres the deal when the economy downturns the dealers and manufactures will beg people to buy cars or even want to borrow money to stay alive. Now they want to charge more because they can, doesnt work both ways.
  4. Just shop around Ive known a few people that have used it around here. Its not GM its the dealer. Find a non greedy dealer
  5. I do its a dealer decision not a GM decision. Dealer is greedy and hoping for more than MSRP.
  6. looks like interior is finally something of this century. Ive learned to like my 21 front end, but hoping they smooth it down some the next version
  7. Yeah I have brought 2-3 things to PDR guys one thing they made better but not great and the other two nothing worked. What they all had in common was every dent was on a curve like this, curves make it hard but often times there is bracing in there etc. Depends on what truck, chevy thats a whole tail gate. Either way shop can pull it out and repaint. Ask for cash price and see if its close to a deductible.
  8. Could try PDR. I wouldnt do it myself on a newer truck unless I knew what I was doing. Brand new truck Id opt to get it fixed and pay the money
  9. I feel the frustration. I dont work for GM, but am involved in dealing with million dollars of inventory and production. With that said i am sure some bean counters have ran all scenarios on what you build and not build, based of sales projections, current orders, and supply chain performance, and with that have come up with the best course of action. Its not like dodge or ford are doing any better with it.
  10. At this point pricing is not in your favor and whatever win you think you got with a trade, will just be lost in the new one.
  11. I posted before as well that I feel like my 21 is only about 28-29 gallons as well
  12. Black. I wouldnt be getting grey, I have seen it trucks and suvs and its way to light.
  13. I went with 20s on a chevy and it was like 1100. But with that said I likes the 20s and the 1100 was a lot cheaper than doing myself after market, plus you never get your money back on new take offs, and at least with factory the wheels themselves are covered for 3 years
  14. Idk if the factory stuff is katskin or not. But leather wasnt available when I ordered. My dealer ordered from katskin and had it installed once it showed up. Personally the stuff I had put on looks better than factory and at least is better quality after comparing the two.
  15. lol yeah I would put a generator on a trailer and burn 10 gallons of fuel a day and if needed put a tent over it
  16. IDK. But when i ordered mine in FEB the leather option wasnt there on the LT. Dealer ordered Catskins and put them, ended up being cheaper and the leather is better than factory IMO
  17. yeah thats the worry. Used pricing is isnt peaking anymore. Have sold/traded 3 cars since May, and can tell you the market was not as hot in AUG. Me personally I think by the time we hit OCT it will be over
  18. Drivers experience will always vary as well. me personally I am driving 10 over wherever I go, i dont drive it like a race car but Im not taking 30 seconds to get to 60mph either. With that said my diesel is getting average over 7k miles in the 17+ range and with cruise set at 60 i can see 21-22mpg. However you cut it your not getting close to that with a gas engine. Now with the 10 spd tranny, that could change the game possibly.
  19. My mantra has always been balance. I could get cancer and die in 6 months or die in a car crash today and die as well, and casketts dont have pockets. If you do things right you can have both.
  20. Yes and no I think. Some guys go to the dealer of their favorite brand and buy away. Some know it comes with the territory. There are guys like me that do take a look and arent going to cry over peanuts but I do take the whole picture in in mind. Even 5 miles to the gallon better over a 1000 miles extends my range by 180 miles and saves me $50 over that trip. Its all relative though and unique to each person
  21. I am more amazed on the amount of 2500-4500s running with just wheel barrows and jet skis behind it. End of the day this is America and people want they want and dont care about smiles per gallon. Realistically 35k vs 50k isnt that much difference on the loan front.
  22. All the manufactures are somewhat disengenuinous on their tow ratings. They spit out numbers where half of it doesnt matter, and they always throw out towing capacity which again really doesnt matter. Payload really is the only number and people will bust that before towing capacity. But then it seems the cool thing to do is get the 85 ft foot fifth wheel rolling down the road.
  23. Yeah I wasnt trying to be argumentative with anybody either. But like you said I am pretty close. Those are spit ball numbers but I could get alot more accurate If needed to. But all those close to facts are based of multiple ownership experiences, research etc. I just towed 7k lbs for 12 hours this weekend. Nothing a gasser couldnt haven done or even a half ton for that fact. But based off owning them all, this truck did it effortlessly.
  24. Yeah Im getting 18mpg with a diesel, which on 15k miles a year is $700 in savings a year on fuel. Combined with higher resale that 10k difference isnt that big. And yes after 5 years I would say that diesel truck same trim vs the gasser would sell for at least 5k more, so while i didnt mention the 3k number, I believe it. Even so after 5 years I saved myself 3500 in fuel got 5 grand back for the motor. So the diesel cost me an extra 1500 because of purchase price spread out over 5 years, thats 300 bucks a year for a better motor. Worth it.
  25. I have had two chevy double cabs, the last one being a 1500. Up front I wont go back. The extra 3-4 grand solves all the headaches up front. I would imagine the 1500 and 2500 cabs are probably about the same plus or minus a few inches. I can say double cabs are terrible with car seats speically infant ones only fit in the middle. Only way I would get into the a double cab would be this. One it might have to be a good deal. 2. Frankly nobody ever rides back there, and thats where I was when I had one until I had kids. Yeah its fine for 2-3 adults for a short time, but nothing I would want to do for hours on end. The other situation is maybe the kids were small and I only planned on having the truck 3-5 years or so and would get another by the time they got bigger. With that said or could be like when we grew up with the suicide doors, get in back didnt matter and deal with. Even so with a crew cab you lift up seats and have a huge area to put things, i find myself putting things there instead of the bed.
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