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  1. Switched back in June. I really like the enclosed cab. Love the look of the Z71 Suburban. Not missing the pickup. If you can…. opt for the extra cost would go with all around cameras, LED rear view mirror, eLSD, HUD, and panoramic roof. Mine is fairly stripped with the panoramic and middle buckets seats. If I need something smaller, then I take my Wrangler. The Suburban is amazing for road trips and loading everything but the kitchen sink when I go to my cabin.
  2. I like the extra space in the Suburban. If GMC would look into Yukon XL. I really like the extra security with the enclosed rear area. Would work great for a bike. I came from a Denali 1500 pickup.
  3. I have the 2nd row buckets and Z71 on the suburban. Would rather have gotten the 2nd row bench. More space and better for my 2 German shepherd dogs. I would contact your local dealer, as the 2nd row buckets were the only options that I noticed on the suburbans and Tahoe’s in stock with z71 package.
  4. Very happy with the trade. Like the look of the Z71 so much more. I miss some of the tech features of the Denali, but not enough to want to trade back. I put in the same GM floor liners that I had in the GMC. Kept the carpet looking perfect. I may go for the lighted front Chevy logo, or the rear cargo net for storage. I may go for a utility trailer for the Suburban or the Jeep.
  5. The 2nd row captains chairs are an upgrade. The RST package seemed to include the 2nd row bench. I am not 100% sure if you can swap out for a bench, since the captains chair move forward and appear to be bolted down.
  6. I would expect that they would give you a loaner. When I took in my past truck which was a Sierra, the gave me a Buick until they fixed the issue. If the same happened to my Suburban would expect the same. I purchased the 85k warranty and 85k GM extended service plan. Does that have any difference in a loaner or not? The best service that I experienced from GM was with my past Cadillac. They even gave a loaner for an oil change.
  7. Thanks, I went with the panoramic moon roof and the 2nd row bucket seats. Other than that no other extras. MSRP was 66k. Mine came with the analog gauges. Had the digital in my Sierra but not missing it too much. The Z71 Suburban looks the best to me out of the Suburbans and Tahoe’s. Most of my past cars were Wranglers and 4Runners.
  8. Hi all, I just traded my Sierra Denali. It was a 5.3, with the technology package. Great vehicle but needed more cab room. Anyways, I got 60k for my trade, paid 64k over a year ago with 18k miles on it now. i was happy in only losing 4K. Got a well equipped 2021 Suburban Z71. I love the look of it, even fits in my garage better since 6 inches shorter. I do miss HUD, Front camera and HD rear view mirror. Absolutely love the front end and it feels lifted. Kind of reminds me of the Trail Boss. I would not compare it to my Rubicon in off-roading, but I bet the Z71 would be great at over-landing. just sold on the looks of it. Not missing the Sierra. I wish that I could add the HD rear view mirror of HUD to my new Z71.
  9. I am happy with my Denali. The ride from the suspension is amazing for long trips. The AWD came in handy when I had to drive though snow. Has as much tech as my wife’s Lexus. No plans of off-roading it. I have my JL Rubicon for that. I think the AT4 looks much better, but no complaints from the Denali.
  10. I have seen that at the dealers as well. Paint protection, Scotch-guard protection, nitrogen tire fill, window tint, vin etching, rubber door guards. And the worst was pin striping. My Jeep Rubicon had a dealer markup, which I had to negotiate.
  11. I use my 40v yard blower to blow out the dog hair and other debris, with doors open. Then use Adam’s interior detailer with a soft rag. Ends up looking like new. I also blow out the door pockets. My 2 German Shepherd dogs shed a lot.
  12. I came from 2 Tacomas, 4Runner and a FJ Cruiser. Love driving my Sierra. Much smoother, easier on long trips, and really comfortable seats. Never had a Tundra, but have heard that they are reliable. Just really like the exterior looks of the Sierra. The Silverado is growing a lot on me too. The interior gets mixed reviews, but I am really happy with it. I would test drive the AT4 and go from there.
  13. My 2020 already has over 10,000 miles on it. One small issue but was fixed with a firmware update. Occasional slowness in getting to the navigation, and slowness in loading the profile. Other than that was been working flawlessly so far. No concerning issues yet. Have had more issues on my wife’s Lexus with 8000 miles.
  14. Enjoy the Audi ( and vette of course). I had an Audi, was a nice car. They make great all wheel drive. Wish the best.
  15. Nice Camaro. I used to have a 2010 white 1SS with stick. Was a fun car.
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