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  1. Really nice looking truck. Mine is built similar, same color, All Star package…just different wheels. So far no issues for me. Cannot speak to Ram or Fords…only other truck band owned was Toyota Tacomas and Nissan.
  2. I found the 1500s to be more costly than the 2500s. Really like my diesel for driving in the mountains and towing. Getting 670+ miles on a tank is great too. The diesel seems to get better mpg. was looking at the 1500 Trail Boss vs the Z71 2500.
  3. Ended up just using a truck cover and use it when it is parked in my driveway 3rd spot. However, got the boat to fit by doing a 4’ pop out of my garage on one side that also doubles as extra storage. Looks like it was originally built that way. Could not extent both sides of the garage since had to meet code for my generator. But if the boat is not in the extended spot, the truck now fits.
  4. Tows my 19.5 foot boat fine. The suspension seems stiff compared to my Suburban. Use to the stiffer suspension now, so no biggie.
  5. Thanks again for all of the replies. The funny thing is that at the dealer the 2500s were better discounted than the 1500 Silverados. 1500s were 8k above MSRP and 2500s were $5500 below. Made more sense to just go with the 2500 with diesel. Plus the 2500 looks so much better to me and room to grow if I ever get a bigger boat.
  6. Thanks again for all of the assistance. My Suburban and last 2 trucks were 1500s. First time 2500 and Diesel.
  7. Thanks for the replay, that helps a lot. My boat is about with trailer is about 3500 pounds. Worth it to run in tow mode? Also plan to get a 6-7 ft trailer for yard and tree cleanup.
  8. Just a question when towing my boat. Best to use Tow/Mode when towing my jet boat, and use Exhaust Brake when going downhill when you want to let the engine slow you down and save the brakes? Turn the Exhaust Brake off, when not going downhill. Or use the Exhaust Brake all of the time when towing? Thanks,
  9. I towed my boat yesterday. Love the Advanced Trailer package and that I can align up to the hitch ball. The truck towed effortlessly. Got around 11.5 towing. The tow mirrors are great too. I already put on about 400 miles and the drive up to my cabin and averaged 19.6MPG. Better than my 5.3 Suburban and my wife's older RX 350 that gets about 16MPG on a small V6. For the bed, my brother-in-law lives in Europe and a reseller for Decked. My just go with a Decked solution for the bed. Love the truck and does not seem that big when driving. Seems about as wide as my Suburban and just a bit longer than my older Sierra that I had...a lot taller though and great visibility from up high.
  10. Hi all, I recently purchased a 2022 Silverado 2500, and really excited to have a nice towing vehicle and an amazing truck. Came with the AllStar package, Diesel, Advanced Trailering, Leather, Android Auto, multi tail gate. I was able to get more than what I paid for my Wrangler Rubicon in the trade. The truck was also on a 5k sale price below MRSP. Guess the Rubicons are in really high demand. Here are some picks. Has anyone gotten a bedliner or spray in bedliner from GM? What do you recommend? How many miles can I expect to get a on a full tank, driving very moderately? (Mine is Diesel) How many miles can I expect to get on a full tank towing a 19ft Yamaha jet boat? Lastly, easy to add wireless charging. I do like that on my Suburban. I average about 500 miles on my 5.3 Suburban. Love the look of the truck so much better than my past 5.3 Sierra 1500. Thanks,
  11. Hi all, I recently picked up a Yamaha jet boat, and considering a truck with the trailering package. I have a Z71 Suburban with a hitch, it does the job, but considering trading my 2021 Rubicon for a 2500 truck. Love my Suburban, and keeping it. Looking to be able to have the trailering package. Huge gas tank for long trips with less fill ups. I also go back and fourth to my cabin, where I am in need a truck bed for tree cleanup, since I have around 7 acres. Looking for comfort and size to also lug around my 2 German Shepherd dogs. thanks,
  12. Switched back in June. I really like the enclosed cab. Love the look of the Z71 Suburban. Not missing the pickup. If you can…. opt for the extra cost would go with all around cameras, LED rear view mirror, eLSD, HUD, and panoramic roof. Mine is fairly stripped with the panoramic and middle buckets seats. If I need something smaller, then I take my Wrangler. The Suburban is amazing for road trips and loading everything but the kitchen sink when I go to my cabin.
  13. I like the extra space in the Suburban. If GMC would look into Yukon XL. I really like the extra security with the enclosed rear area. Would work great for a bike. I came from a Denali 1500 pickup.
  14. I have the 2nd row buckets and Z71 on the suburban. Would rather have gotten the 2nd row bench. More space and better for my 2 German shepherd dogs. I would contact your local dealer, as the 2nd row buckets were the only options that I noticed on the suburbans and Tahoe’s in stock with z71 package.
  15. Very happy with the trade. Like the look of the Z71 so much more. I miss some of the tech features of the Denali, but not enough to want to trade back. I put in the same GM floor liners that I had in the GMC. Kept the carpet looking perfect. I may go for the lighted front Chevy logo, or the rear cargo net for storage. I may go for a utility trailer for the Suburban or the Jeep.
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