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  1. Same for me. Love the HUD. The only gauges that I really liked were on the Porsche and Cadillac V series that I had.
  2. I have been driving the heck out of my Denali and not one single back issue. Love the seats. I had rented a Tundra and it was brutal on my back as well, took months to recover. My Trax seats are horrible, but that stays at my cabin for quick trips to town. The Wrangler is surprising good.
  3. Every time that I wanted to swap a car, the number one rule is that my wife can drive it. I wanted a Wrangler with a 5 speed, however went automatic and got my wife’s ok to buy. I agree with getting some of the bells and whistles. My wife loves the Denali and feels that it is a nice as the Cadillac that I used to have.
  4. I have been it that situation before. Bought a car that I thought sounded great at the time and ended up with buyers remorse. I remember keeping it for a year and ended up just trading it in. It was not the best financial decision, but in the end was happier. Good luck in your decision.
  5. My question would be, are you trading or trying to just sell the vehicle? If it were me, I would try to keep it and use up the warranty. I would also consider going to another dealer and carmax for a quote on how much they would offer.
  6. I am paying for safety and security. May cancel after my prepaid year is up. It is not set to auto renewal. When I paid for the safety and security was charged $200 for the entire year. Do not see much point in the data plan, as I can use my iPhone as a hotspot. I am sold on Sirius though, do use it a lot.
  7. I just got done detailing my Sierra. 2 coats of Adam’s Polishes wax, and jet seal. Looks amazing. Same leveling of detailing that I did on my Porsche. For the seats use a horsehair brush and either Adam’s leather conditioner or Leno’s garage leather conditioner. I would hard pass on anything from the dealer.
  8. My update went fine, but my truck is connected to the WiFi router. Internet is 600mb per second. It would not work at my cabin where I have cellular router at 20mb per second.
  9. I have the Denali and prefer the 20” rims. I hated the OEM 22” wheels on the Macan S that I had, easy to rash the rims and did not like the ride feel. Large rims with street tires looks silly on a 4x4 truck. Would never put that on my Wrangler.
  10. 2020 Denali, 5.3 10 speed. Getting 23-25 mpg. All highway miles. For city driving, use my Wrangler JL and 2018 Trax.
  11. I use my bed outlet to inflate/deflate my boat. The engine has to be on and ac button pushed on the dash. Also worked great for my mitre saw.
  12. I like both the GMC and Chevrolet. Came from Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners, and personally preferred the look of the GMC. Either is great. Would go with the 5.3 and 10 speed combo, over the 5.3 and 8 speed. Enjoy the HUD and HD review-view mirror is amazing.
  13. I like the remote access. Use the GM points to get it for 3 months at a time. Do not really bother with the remote start or unlocking. But more the vehicle status.
  14. Get a diminished value claim. That will pay you the diminished value of the vehicle after the repair. I requested this on a past car, and the cost was so much they ended up totaling it out. I recommended a friend to do the same and he was able to get an extra $11,000 from the person’s insurance when his car was hit. Sorry to hear about that though. Best of luck to you.
  15. I agree, the AT4 looks awesome. But, my driving is mostly freeway and plan on towing a boat...very happy with the Denali. The Denali is just so smooth and already comes with all of the extras. And really like all of the chrome.... For ride quality would go with the Denali. If you plan to off road and more into the looks of the truck, then AT4.
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