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  1. I use my bed outlet to inflate/deflate my boat. The engine has to be on and ac button pushed on the dash. Also worked great for my mitre saw.
  2. I like both the GMC and Chevrolet. Came from Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners, and personally preferred the look of the GMC. Either is great. Would go with the 5.3 and 10 speed combo, over the 5.3 and 8 speed. Enjoy the HUD and HD review-view mirror is amazing.
  3. I like the remote access. Use the GM points to get it for 3 months at a time. Do not really bother with the remote start or unlocking. But more the vehicle status.
  4. Get a diminished value claim. That will pay you the diminished value of the vehicle after the repair. I requested this on a past car, and the cost was so much they ended up totaling it out. I recommended a friend to do the same and he was able to get an extra $11,000 from the person’s insurance when his car was hit. Sorry to hear about that though. Best of luck to you.
  5. I agree, the AT4 looks awesome. But, my driving is mostly freeway and plan on towing a boat...very happy with the Denali. The Denali is just so smooth and already comes with all of the extras. And really like all of the chrome.... For ride quality would go with the Denali. If you plan to off road and more into the looks of the truck, then AT4.
  6. Mine came with my truck. Pros: -easy to clean up dog hair from my shedding german shepherd dog. -protect the interior better than weather tech or the OEM mats in my wrangler. -fits absolutely perfect in my Sierra. Cons: -hard plastic material that scratches very easily. (my dog has scratched up the mats when he jumps in.) also got the weather tech rear seat protector and door guards and keeps the interior perfect underneath.
  7. Very happy with Bose, sounds great. Had Bose in my 2 past cars as well.
  8. My wife has a RX350, and got to drive my friend’s RC-F. The GMC does have a lot more tech. Very impressed with the quality of the Sierra. Recently picked up a new 2018 Trax AWD, which I leave in the garage at my cabin, for getting into town and errands. Decent tech in the Trax too.
  9. I had my oil changed at 3000 miles, and they addressed a warranty issue. The GMC/Buick dealer also gave me a Buick loaner. Have also changed oil many times in past vehicles, just easier to take the dealer since it is close to my house and they give free loaner vehicles.
  10. High beams go off and on automatically. Really cool feature.
  11. I was getting the same errors on my 2020 Sierra. The issue was random...and the check engine light would come on when the vehicle was left off for a few days. Anyways, brought my truck into the dealer and they flashed firmware. Will see if the error returns or not. Also...I printed out the bulletin for the dealer if this applies.
  12. My Denali had a MSRP of 65k but got it for 57k. That was in my price range and love the truck. Next up would have been the AT4. Only truck that my wife feels compared to her Lexus SUV in luxury features.
  13. I love the HUD, and the ride of the Denali. It is such a huge step up from my old Macan. I am spoiled now, my Wrangler feels primitive when I get behind the wheel.
  14. I got it through Esurance. The finance guy did try to sell it to me through GM. It paid off one time to me about 13 years ago when my Mustang GT was totaled out.
  15. Check if your auto insurance offers GAP, much cheaper than the dealer. Mine for example is $25 per year.
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