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  1. Latest update, I did get the first dealer to start up a new truck next to my 3,200mi truck and of course the new one didnt have the noise. I picked up the truck took it to another dealer who said the same thing. Referred me back to a bulletin PIP5606 explaining the engineers are working on figuring out the cause of the problem and a solution. Seeing how the first release of this bulletin was in October 2018 stating they are working on a solution, i don't think the engineers are in any hurry to find the problem. The bulletin was also updated 2 weeks ago to include all 2019 V8's. GM corporate said they understand my frustration but will not work with me towards a buyback, exchange, or engine replacement. My feeling of the attitude was it's your problem now, nothing we can do about it, quit calling. My plan of action is continue talking to lemon law lawyers, file complaint with BBB, file complaint with consumer rights groups, have some magnets made for the truck and park outside various Chevy dealers with a bull horn to warn people on the lot not to buy. The first time I did that they got pissed! Other courses of action will include contacting local media with my hours of recorded conversations with GM service and mechanics agreeing that its not normal. I can't rule out taking my magnets and bull horn right up to GM corporate headquarters in MI. Maybe some folks would like to join me.
  2. I think that is related to the noises I have except its not a constant pattern and lasts several minutes. What is the yr make model engine , etc.....?
  3. Most recent version I found was 5606D NOTE the L82 5.3 AFM is not on listed. NHTSA ID Number 10163674.pdf
  4. The T1 series continues to offer the older design AFM 5.3 as the only V8 option for 2019 WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss. GM 14-18 5.3 AFM had designation L83, Beginning sometime in 2018 AFM 5.3 got some updates which earned the new designation L82. Majority of the 2019 5.3 got updated to DFM and have the designation L84. Here is a good article explaining the differences. https://www.onallcylinders.com/2019/07/19/l82-5-3l-ecotec3-engine-specs-performance-bore-stroke-cylinder-heads-cam-specs-more/ Sadly even the current L82 has the cold start knock issue. My 2019 Custom Trail Boss (3,150 mi) remains in a dealer parking lot with the issue continuing. After replacing 8lifters, I was told the noise is normal if it lasts less than 7 min, come pick it up. I refused to pick it up because the issue I brought it in for 3 weeks ago still exists. I told the service advisor to walk over to the new trucks start 3 of them up and if they all made the noise I would shut up. He declined the challenge. GM maintains this is normal, no further warranty work authorized.
  5. May be of interest to folks with the engine knock/tap/tic with AFM. Melling (not GM ) released the attached bulletin pointing to oil pressure as the root cause of lifter noise. Please share if this is helpful. Melling-tech-bulletin-on-GM-LS-Deactivation-Lifter-Issues-3.1.18-1.pdf
  6. Well, dealer called me to come get the truck, decided that the noise is normal if it lasts less than 7min. Invoiced is attached with references to bulletins. I refused to pick up the vehicle because it still has the same noise I brought it in for 3weeks ago, ....not fixed. Guess I will wait another week until lemon law can be executed. I told the service writer if we go out on the lot and start 3 new trucks with the same engine and they all knock, that I would agree it is normal. He did not take the challenge. INVOICE REDACTED.pdf
  7. Dealer called today to tell me they replaced 4 lifters, but the tech did not want to return the truck to me because it still had a knock. As a mechanic myself, that is over the top respectable to say that and not just give it back to me like its all fine. Props to the techs in the shop. HOWEVER, the service writer is completely clueless, let me quote what she said "we replaced 4 lifters, and that didn't seem to take care of the problem. The engineers at GM said to replace THE OTHER 4 lifters. They will all be new." Hate to tell her it has 16 lifters. WTF.
  8. Yes eventually after several min. Update 9-8-19: Talked to a different service advisor Friday, There is some bulletin for this issue which is why they are doing the lifters. Unfortunately the parts are on back order, could be up to 2-4 weeks. Dealer decided to give me a loaner Colorado, guess with the time frame it was cheaper than paying for a rental.
  9. +1 always high. I kind of expect that though since it is relatively close to the engine compartment. Perhaps a software update could compensate the 5-10F so the display is accurate even if the temp sensor is reading warmer than ambient.
  10. Ditto on lifter replacement 5.3 AFM 3200mi, See my other posts in the topic My cold start knock/tick issues continues "no repair available" Maybe someone can combine the threads about lifters and engine noise/knock? ( If that is even a thing that can be done, new here).
  11. Update 9/5/19: My service advisor called tonight to let me know she was going to be off work until Monday, the truck was looked at, but she had not spoke to the tech and all she could tell me was in the computer they had ordered 6 lifters, various gaskets and bolts. I have no idea why just 6 lifters, and the technician had left for the day so that is ALL I know guys. Service advisor doesn't seem very knowledgeable since she followed that up with "if it is done tomorrow one of my associates will call you." LOL!! TOMORROW I really did laugh out loud. I was also advised that this dealer does not do loaner vehicles, however someone would call me to discuss a rental. At this point I give the guys in the shop a rating 10/10, service writer/customer service 5/10. I
  12. Well I changed my mind. Had it towed to the dealer so I could demonstrate the noise (cold start). I asked the service advisor if a tech would come out and listen for the noise with me present to avoid any confusion about what noise we were looking for. She was very reluctant to "bother" a tech while I was there, but I insisted on waiting until a tech was available, which turned out to be about 10min! The noise issue interested a lot of people in the shop, they actually sent a diagnostic guy, the heavy line guy, and a third technician out with me to hear the noise. All 3 heard the noise, not able to conclusively say what it was but they were concerned definitely wanted me to leave the truck with them for further inspection. They were going to put it up on a lift tonight so they could do a cold start in the morning to listen with a stethoscope from below. Very friendly guys and seemed genuinely concerned. Will update as I learn more.
  13. I do not want to ride it out, but not sure there is another option from what I am reading on here. It is a lease vehicle I had planned on buying at the end of the lease, but if the engine knock can not be diagnosed and repaired they can have it back, good luck selling it with those noises! Interested to see what it will sound like on a true "cold start" this winter, lowest temp since buying truck has been mid 50's for a short time at night. I will take it to the dealer just to have on record that the problem exists, and I will do all recommended maintenance by the book (if not better). This will help if we have to take this complaint to the next level (as in outside of GM investigation, consumer protection agency involvement, and or legal, if GM fails to acknowledge/fix the problem.) Clearly this noise is not happening to every 5.3 in the 2019's so it can not be normal! Lets narrow it down to see if it was a bad batch produced during a certain time period at a certain plant. Maybe casting numbers? What else? Is this issue only on the AFM engine? There has to be something in common with those of us who have this issue, lets figure out what it is! ALL : Please share production date and assembly plant if you have this issue. (or anything that may help narrow this down) mfg 03/19 Ft.Wayne IN VIN last 6: 292657
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