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  1. Well I'm at the dealer now, service advisor looked at it says its "obviously" a factory cut so things can be accessed. The only problem he saw was that the tech didn't tuck the carpet back in under the vent. I asked for the service manager, he said pretty much the same thing, but added he could replace it for me but it wouldn't be any different. So we all agreed to disagree. I mentioned that regardless of that issue that it is half ass lazy work. They agreed to that. Once they spent some time tucking in the carpet all nice, it looked acceptable. Had they put it back correctly to begin with, I probably never would've noticed. I won't mention the dealer ships name, but it rhymes with Ed Martin Chevrolet in Anderson Indiana. Quite frankly I don't want them touching it anyway even if they had offered to replace the carpet. Waiting on the brake recall to be completed right now, see how that goes.
  2. I am quite upset that when preparing to clean my truck today what I found was the dealer had cut and chopped up the carpet underneath both front seats when performing the seatbelt pretensioner recall. Leaving them open to any objects or food, trash, split drinks and so on that may be dropped Elecrtonics exposed and a what i assume is a hvac vent that seemingly goes to nowhere. Anyone else experience this with the recall service?
  3. Interesting. Guess they don't make em like they used to! What ever happened to a simple voltage regulator? So much more that can fail and hard to diag without proper scan tool I would imagine. But technology is not always a bad thing either.
  4. Yeah I was in a hurry to get to the gas station, while also testing to see if the fuel pumps have been improved in the last 15yrs. LOL
  5. Excellent, I was thinking that might be the case, but wasn't sure. I appreciate the info.
  6. My volt meter often varies from less than 14v to more than 14v. Not able to duplicate on demand. As you can see in the picture, it's not dropping below 14v because its at idle, that is driving down the highway in the day time heat on med/low, wipers off, rear defrost off, no trailer, no plow. At other times it is past the 14v mark by about the same distance it is below in the picture. I want to know if this is a problem, or how it operates by design. I'm oldschool, to me anything less than 14v charging, off idle indicates a problem. Anyone else notice this?
  7. The Issue we are referring to is listed in the bulletin as 2018, 2019 5.3, & 6.2L V8s. But to answer your question GM has done nothing and it has become a legal matter that my attorney has advised me not to talk about on social media or at all really.
  8. Return the truck for service and don't pick it up until every problem is repaired or addressed, none of this is "normal". No one should have that many problems so soon on a brand new vehicle.
  9. Latest update, I did get the first dealer to start up a new truck next to my 3,200mi truck and of course the new one didnt have the noise. I picked up the truck took it to another dealer who said the same thing. Referred me back to a bulletin PIP5606 explaining the engineers are working on figuring out the cause of the problem and a solution. Seeing how the first release of this bulletin was in October 2018 stating they are working on a solution, i don't think the engineers are in any hurry to find the problem. The bulletin was also updated 2 weeks ago to include all 2019 V8's. GM corporate said they understand my frustration but will not work with me towards a buyback, exchange, or engine replacement. My feeling of the attitude was it's your problem now, nothing we can do about it, quit calling. My plan of action is continue talking to lemon law lawyers, file complaint with BBB, file complaint with consumer rights groups, have some magnets made for the truck and park outside various Chevy dealers with a bull horn to warn people on the lot not to buy. The first time I did that they got pissed! Other courses of action will include contacting local media with my hours of recorded conversations with GM service and mechanics agreeing that its not normal. I can't rule out taking my magnets and bull horn right up to GM corporate headquarters in MI. Maybe some folks would like to join me.
  10. I think that is related to the noises I have except its not a constant pattern and lasts several minutes. What is the yr make model engine , etc.....?
  11. Most recent version I found was 5606D NOTE the L82 5.3 AFM is not on listed. NHTSA ID Number 10163674.pdf
  12. The T1 series continues to offer the older design AFM 5.3 as the only V8 option for 2019 WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss. GM 14-18 5.3 AFM had designation L83, Beginning sometime in 2018 AFM 5.3 got some updates which earned the new designation L82. Majority of the 2019 5.3 got updated to DFM and have the designation L84. Here is a good article explaining the differences. https://www.onallcylinders.com/2019/07/19/l82-5-3l-ecotec3-engine-specs-performance-bore-stroke-cylinder-heads-cam-specs-more/ Sadly even the current L82 has the cold start knock issue. My 2019 Custom Trail Boss (3,150 mi) remains in a dealer parking lot with the issue continuing. After replacing 8lifters, I was told the noise is normal if it lasts less than 7 min, come pick it up. I refused to pick it up because the issue I brought it in for 3 weeks ago still exists. I told the service advisor to walk over to the new trucks start 3 of them up and if they all made the noise I would shut up. He declined the challenge. GM maintains this is normal, no further warranty work authorized.
  13. May be of interest to folks with the engine knock/tap/tic with AFM. Melling (not GM ) released the attached bulletin pointing to oil pressure as the root cause of lifter noise. Please share if this is helpful. Melling-tech-bulletin-on-GM-LS-Deactivation-Lifter-Issues-3.1.18-1.pdf
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