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  1. I used this one to sit above my locker down safe: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CZ5RD2W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_9A7jEbGE1FGKT It's mainly for a 2018 Silverado, but fits on the skinny lip right on the edge, perfectly. I needed something with as much hight as possible, as I have the electronic lock, which adds a little hight to the lock.
  2. The safe came with one, and the one I mounted down on the panel, I got off Amazon.
  3. Looks like the same as mine, just chrome instead of black. Don't foresee a problem.
  4. What all did you order; the light bar kit? LT Trail Boss or just LT? Does the LT have the same grill as the TB?
  5. Can confirm light is a perfect fit for Trail Boss grill.
  6. Here is my other add-on I installed last night as well. Lock'er Down Exxtreme Console Safe w/ electronic lock & gun magnets. *The faint of heart and tender snow flakes among you should avert your eyes now*
  7. Finally got my Baja Designs 20" S8 light bar (behind the grill mount), and squadron pro pillar lights installed yesterday. Will post night picks as soon as I can. The light bar has a amber backlight when not being used, so I had them wire that to the running lights, so whenever the running light are on, I have a nice amber glow behind the grill.
  8. I just peeled and they came off pretty easy... much easier than the chrome badges on the tailgate. I wouldn't use a heatgun, a hair dryer should suffice, if you need a little heat to get it going. Also, use rubbing alcohol to clean any residue after the stickers are gone.
  9. HPTuners was the first one to crack the new ECM for 2019/2020 5.3L & 6.2L 1500's. https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/ As already stated in this thread, you have to do a full ECM swap, buy the software to tune, and do a custom tune. Figure close to $3K to have a shop do it for you.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but USB C & lighting cable don't necessarily mean a fast charge. They mean faster data transfer speeds. Fast charging is based on high amp output at charging source.
  11. I laid out all the parts here, including the replacement dash price with the cutout: Just a lot of different parts. I personally am going with this setup for switches next week when my light bar and pillar lights get in: https://billetautomotivebuttons.com/collections/laser-cut-panels/products/billet-button-2-hole-laser-cut-panel?variant=12407372709986 And two of the light up 22mm buttons. Will post picks once install is done.
  12. Here's a pic zoomed out, best I can get it.... the perception can really change depending on the angle you're taking the picture from. For reference I was standing right above the middle line in my driveway. Well it wouldn't be a couple inches, because the spacer is only 1.25". Also, the wheels on these trucks are somewhat sunk in the fender well a bit I noticed. This is about as scientific and accurate as I can get. The 1x4 is flush against the bottom and top of the tire, with paint bucket holding it in place. Gap looks to be right at 3/4". Also keep in mind these Duratracts are 11.0" wide I think (via Goodyear's website)... if you go wider in tire size, divide by two (b/c half the additional width goes on the other side/inside of tire), and add to this measurement.
  13. Yeah, I went down to local mechanic shop near my house, took 20 minutes, charged me $20. Could have done it myself, but wasn't worth the time and effort for $20. I'd also suggest putting some loctite on the stock lug bolts and will now hold the spacers, so they won't get loose. Supposed to take the wheels off after a couple hundred miles and check that they're still torqued to spec too. Torque both spacer lugs and wheel lugs to factory 140 ft. lbs.
  14. I've has the Borla S-type for a month and half now.... Hasn't got any louder with carbon build up. Sounds about the same.
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