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  1. Thanks for the info. When you say use 5100s to level the front, you mean you're leveling it with just shocks, no spacers or anything else?
  2. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    1LM Performance has it with coupon for like $1233, but that's still a lot of coin for noise
  3. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    Corsa is out now. Part number 21033. I see you're in Faison. I'm in Smithfield and I've been curious what the corsa will sound like. Let me know if you get it I'm kinda waiting on range to finish their DFM disabler before I get exhaust. I found a shop in Raleigh that mandrel bends 304 and does custom exhaust. I can buy the Borla XR1 muffler that's 3.5" in and out which is the same as the stock size pipe for about $170. They'll fit it up with custom connection to pipe coming from header, cut out the old muffler/flappers, and cut out the resonators replacing with straight tube and weld everything in for about $300 or so. So for under $500 I can have what will probably be very close to the same as what a cat back would be that cost $1,300+. I know these companies put all of this R&D into these cat back systems and they are supposed to be tuned to that particular set up, but I really can't imagine there's $800+ worth of difference in gains between their system and what I can have done. Sucks you can't buy just a Corsa muffler.
  4. Removed the muffler

    I've been hesitant to go this route because I've heard you lose bottom end HP and torque
  5. I just dont understand why they went 2.5" out on the flowmaster. That's smaller than factory, and the flow in the 50 series muffler is not as good as the s type borla or the corsa sport. I'm honestly thinking of just taking the flappers, muffler, and resonators out and putting in a borla xr1 muffler (40946) and just straight pipe for the resonators. Just cant seem to find if that will be much louder than s type or corsa. Borla doesnt make any other 3.5" in/out mufflers that I can find.
  6. Borla is out for 5.3, but not 6.2
  7. Denali Ultimate 6.2 vibration

    This is why I'm impatiently waiting for Range to release the disabler. Says in the coming weeks still on their website which I check multiple times a day along with the borla site for the 6.2 system
  8. android auto

    true. did a bit of research after the initial post to realize the problem and potential solution. It doesn't require a complicated system. An app and the existing hardware are all that's needed. It's just going to take an app developer with a vested interest, hopefully an owner on here that sees this, to take the idea and run with it.
  9. I'm really hesitant to drop $1200+ on a cat back that doesn't even have a sound clip out yet, but dang I'm getting bored with this pitifully silent stock exhaust. I also hesitate because I think I'd prefer Borla as I like the deeper tone better than the raspy, but they're dragging feet badly. Also waiting for Range to release the DFM disabler cuz I can't imagine what these things are gonna sound like with performance exhaust running on 2 cylinders. Wish you could buy patience. I certainly have none! Has anyone ordered the new Corsa system for the 6.2L yet?
  10. android auto

    The tech is built in because you have what is basically a wifi router in the truck. You'd just need to create a local network. much like in your home if you have a wifi printer. if your computer and printer are both connected to the same wifi router in your home (i.e. local network) then you can print to that printer regardless of whether or not the internet is running. It's not new technology at all. And google released android auto wireless last year. There is a developer who has been working on an app that would use a amazon stick or device with wifi hotspot capability to do exactly this same thing, but we already have it built in these trucks.
  11. android auto

    Shouldn't matter if you continue the AT&T wifi plan. The wifi "router" is still in the truck and shouldn't require a data plan to connect to your phone. It could simply be used as a local network between the truck and your phone allowing you to use the android auto or apple play (or whatever it's called) wirelessly.
  12. android auto

    But our trucks have built in wifi. There should be no need for internet connection to transfer from phone to truck via that wifi connection, and that would be plenty fast to get it done. Sounds like OnStar can capitalize on it so they have to interest in making it work.
  13. Why can't you connect to the android auto wirelessly? don't understand how it works I guess but I hate having to have a cord plugged in when there's bluetooth and wireless charging it seems like there would be a better way. Possibly something that could come with system update later? edited after some research. Still should be able to do it with built in wifi and an app that could be downloaded.
  14. Has anyone just cut and replaced the muffler and flappers with a Borla muffler and deleted resonators?
  15. Anyone tried just covering the mesh "resonators" on the stock exhaust with the factory muffler? kind of curious how much of a difference that would make. I want the new corsa system BAD, but am having a really hard time justifying spending that much on exhaust

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