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  1. I cut mine. There's a couple guys on here that have gotten them out as 1 piece, but I don't know how hard it would be. Didnt look easy so I cut it. I kept the factory system though, and don't think it would be hard to weld that 1 cut back together if needed.
  2. I finally gave in and got it on my 6.2. Very easy install. Took under 1.5 hrs by myself on the driveway. Put in 4wd and back up some ramps. Couple things though. 1. Get some exhaust hanger pliers and use some sort of lube. I used silicone spray cuz wd40 is petroleum based and will break down rubber. 2. Put the Y on the muffler prior to installing. Then you dont need a stand for the back part because you can go ahead and use the hanger. Just dont tighten the band clamp holding it on til after you have the muffler on. 3. Put the pieces that go into the tips on with the hanger before you put the pipe coming from the Y back. Again, so you wont need a stand. Another big thing because when I first installed it I was terribly disappointed. It will NOT be loud at all when you first install it. BUT, give it a couple days to break in and you'll be surprised at how loud it gets. Very little if any "drone" and it sounds mean. If you are going slow, like the 25mph limit 1.5 miles through my neighborhood, you WILL hear the DFM when it kicks in. Other than that it's rare you notice it. If you're looking for it you can occasionally, but I'm kinda sound sensitive I guess. Aggravates the crap out of me cuz I hate the DFM to begin with. Finally, don't judge by video sound clips. It really doesn't give you a realistic expectation at all.
  3. It's not good for the engine, especially lifters and valves. Plus, it makes performance exhaust sound terrible for some. I also don't like the fact that I don't have a choice on DFM. If I want to use that "feature" or the auto stop/start to supposedly save fuel mileage, that's great and I could turn that feature on. But I don't feel like it should be the default because most of the people that buy these trucks aren't buying them because they want good gas mileage. Get a V6, diesel or turbo 4 if you want mileage but leave my V8 alone.
  4. How long did it take you guys to swap out the exhaust with the cat back system?
  5. Exactly. It would also help tremendously if they'd have the adjustable seatbelts too.
  6. Did you need grommet pliers to get the hangers out or did they come out pretty easy?
  7. I'm curious about the gas thing too. I read somewhere (chevy.com or manual) that it has a 26 gallon tank but i've gone for well over 40 miles with the light on and never put more than 22.5 gallons in it so my best guess is that the light comes on with about 5 gallons left. I average about 18 mpg so about 90 miles maybe? I don't think I'll push it to the limit and try to verify that though. I just am always like why the heck is this light coming on with that much left. Makes me feel like it's an emergency when there's plenty.
  8. yes either the brake is farther back (i.e. closer to the seat) or the gas pedal is farther forward (towards the firewall). No dexterity problems, it's just way different than any other truck (several chevy and gmc's included) that was like this.
  9. no, hit the bottom side of the brake with my big toe trying to go from gas to brake because the brake pedal is like 6-7 inches closer to me than the gas. It's just a lot different than what I'm used to and it seems dumb to me that this feature is available on all the other big brand trucks.
  10. No I'm well aware of how the adjustable pedals work. the brake pedal is too high/close to driver seat or the gas pedal is too low/close to the firewall. That's great you didn't need them, but don't assume what I think.
  11. I realize GM took away the power adjustable pedals. For some stupid reason that was a corner they decided to cut. But is it possible to manually adjust either the brake pedal out or the gas pedal in? They are ridiculously far apart in my truck and i've had multiple times when I had to hit the brakes hard because I missed on the first try. When I switch my foot from the gas to the brake naturally my foot goes right into the side of the brake pedal.
  12. I'm really leaning towards using mine for the retractable bed step up by the cab. I've got 42,000 points so it would cover a good chunk, but I just have a hard time paying their overpriced cost when I could probably get it for $100 less anywhere else to begin with. Also considered using it towards the cold air intake, but I'm not so sure it's worth it. I do have Corsa cat back ordered though
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