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  1. Really bright on the truck i ended up adding a layer of smoke tint so they match the side markers intensity.
  2. Ran it to the side marker fuse so they come on when they come on.
  3. What led strips did you use in the grille slots on the left and right?
  4. Following I'd love to put one in my truck Edit Found some at https://www.chevymall.com/mobile/2019-2021-Silverado-1500-Dashboard-Cover/productinfo/AH547/
  5. Just saved me 50 bucks, they seem far superior than the Amazon lights, I installed them on the TB grille they look integrated ill post pics as soon as I get the fuse tap I ordered, if anyone is still interested.
  6. Try this. https://www.12volt.solutions/products/2017-2019-chevy-silverado-1500-plug-play-remote-start-kit-key-start
  7. How much did the dealer charge for the level and alignment ?
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