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  1. As mentioned in the second post above yours, did you try pushing the fob's lock button twice?
  2. After using the search tool and having no luck finding owners who have installed a dash cover/mat on their new model Silverado, I'm going to go ahead and ask - who has installed a dash cover and can recommend a specific product? Since the vast majority of covers use Velcro tabs to hold them in place, my preference would be to find one that lays flat, looks good, and fits well so maybe I can forgo using the Velcro like I know many do, or at least claim to do in their reviews. Thanks ahead of time for any responses.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. This is an issue I haven't experienced on my 2020 Silverado in 16,000 miles. While the majority of those miles have been on pavement, I do drive on gravel roads occasionally. But then again the design of the Sierra's wheel well is different than the Silverado's, but I have no idea if that is a contributing factor.
  4. I guess the Sierra does not come with the front-positioned mini mudflap in front of the rear wheels as the Silverado does? Are there aftermarket solutions?
  5. I suggest posting your question in the 2014-2018 Silverado and Sierra forum (link at the top of page), though you might have a few on this forum respond as many have owned previous years' trucks. Hope you find the answer to your question.
  6. Yes, it's normal. My 2020 Silverado 5.3 has the exact same "empty" threaded hole on it. No idea what it's for, but you're not missing anything.
  7. I have not heard of anyone else having this issue, but if it were me I would disconnect the negative cable on the battery and let it set for about thirty minutes, then reconnect and see if the issue still exists.
  8. Mine do the same thing, and I believe it's just the way it was designed, why, I don't know, but I don't believe it's indicative of a problem. Just as an aside, when those functions are disabled, the faint glow is only noticeable at night. During the day they look to be off, but in a dark setting you can see that they are glowing faintly.
  9. Some performance intakes installed by dealers did not have the ECM update performed at the time of installation (it's an integral part of the installation) as it should have been, which I believe is the update the OP was referring to. Without this update, some people have experienced issues, to include the CEL lighting up, but it's not because GM was trying to fix a problem with the performance intake. I imagine the reason the performance intake is not installed as standard equipment is because it allows GM to charge more for the add-on, as is the case with the performance exhaust systems.
  10. The GM Performance Intake uses a dry media filter, though it's colored pinkish-red which gives the impression that it's oiled.
  11. The answer to your question depends on the source of the vibration. How many miles on your truck? How long has it been doing it? Does it occur at all speeds? More detailed information about the issue you're experiencing would be helpful. BTW, welcome to the forum.
  12. So I take it that 2+ years ago you installed the GM performance intake but didn't have the included ECM update performed?
  13. The recall is just for the ECM update that was not performed on select vehicles that had the performance intake installed at the factory without it.
  14. I do not believe the GM Performance intake is any different from 2019 to 2021 model years in terms of hardware, however, what is different is how GM has changed their availability. If I wanted to add it now on my 2020 it would be too late as it's no longer available as an accessory, for whatever reason. Maybe too many people were buying it, then not having it installed by the dealer, and then not having the update performed if they chose to install it themselves, and it was causing headaches for the dealerships to correct, but I'm just guessing.
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