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  1. You would probably get more replies if you posted this topic in the main Silverado/Sierra 1500 forum rather than this sub-forum. If you haven't already done so, there are several threads on that forum in the first 5-6 pages that might be of intertest to you that concern towing. One titled "Towing Pics" on page 5 or 6 of the main Silverado/Sierra 1500 forum might show someone with a similar-sized trailer you're looking at who you could then contact if you had some specific questions.
  2. You have a sticker on the bottom of your door frame (driver's side) that lists your truck's weight capacities, including the max tow weight. It's most likely 9600lbs, given your max tongue weight, and mirrors my truck's max weight. Whatever trailer you get, you should drive it across a Cat (or similar) scale, to get accurate weights. There are lots of websites that explain how to compute tongue weight, etc. I personally use a Sherwin scale to weigh my camper's tongue, but there's other ways to do it, just use one of them. I drive my truck and trailer across a state DOT scale after loading
  3. My 2020 Silverado has similar weight limits. You're going to receive several responses to your query, but for my two cents worth I will say that is too much trailer for your truck. The reasons are several. First, and foremost, the dry tongue weight listed on most/many travel trailers is light in that it does not include filled propane tanks nor the weight of the battery, or batteries if it comes with more than one. The tongue weight of the trailer is included in your truck's payload capacity. Plus the weight of all passengers, luggage, accessories, anything that didn't come with your truck
  4. SES? Since no one else has asked or commented, please tell me what SES stands for. "Service" something? Thanks
  5. I stuff a shop rag down the air filter inlet opening, then avoid, to the maximum extent possible, spraying in the vicinity of the inlet, but any overspray is stopped/absorbed by the rag.
  6. Maybe in a Subaru, but I don't believe that's the case in our trucks. On mine it appears that the bottom leaf is a composite leaf, while the one layered on top appear to be steel. The only way to be sure is using a magnet, which I have not yet done myself.
  7. Just a reminder on this lift, if you have the composite rear leaf springs you're suppose to replace them with the steel leaf springs listed on GM's accessory website as part of the lift, or so GM says.
  8. Actually, the programing that is included with the GM Performance intake has nothing to do with recalibrating the air filter monitor. As part of the installation instructions, the installer is instructed to turn off the air filter monitor in the DIC. The reprogramming is designed to adjust for the repositioned MAF sensor on the intake, which if not done (as in if you install it yourself without the reprogramming), you may encounter issues such as a decrease in MPG, and maybe the CEL lighting up. See Zane's post at the beginning of this forum on the installation of both the GM Performance in
  9. If your truck is equipped with StabiliTrak then it has the integrated trailer sway control (TSC) feature. If you still have the window sticker, it should be listed on the left-hand side under the "Performance & Mechanical" section, separate and distinct from the "Advanced Trailering System" listing on the far right of the sticker, or at least that's how it's listed on my 2020 LT's window sticker. The towing TSC discussion in my truck's manual (page 304) mentions that if your trailer has a built electronic sway control there could be a conflict with the truck's TSC feature. Turning off S
  10. I have stock 275R60 20" (33") Bridgestone Duelers on my 2020 LT and they fit fine.
  11. When you say "disable the air filter monitor," what exactly are you referring to? If you are referring to the DIC "remaining air filter life" feature, you can disable that yourself using the steering wheel DIC buttons. When the dealer installed the GM performance CAI on my 2020 5.3 the instructions stated to disable it only because it was calibrated for the stock filter, and not the CAI, with the only potential issue being it showing the alert that the air filter needed to be replaced when it really didn't. So the last thing the tech did, after the reflash of the ECM to adjust for the reloc
  12. It would be helpful to know some more specifics, such as mileage on your truck and how much oil consumption you're referring to as being excessive (quart per thousand miles of driving for example), plus any additional background info that may or may not be relevant such as this has been an issue since owning the truck, or maybe has become an issue only recently after an oil change, etc.
  13. The newer model trucks, beginning in 2019 I believe, do not have AFM, but a newer system called Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM), which operates differently than AFM. A DFM engine will vary the number of cylinders firing between 2 and 8, unlike the 4 or 8 with AFM. Consequently, the V4/V8 mode indicator on the dash has been dropped. As far as to if your truck is one of those affected by the chip shortage, I'll defer to someone else who may have an answer to that. It would seem to me that either the build sheet (available from GM), and/or the window sticker that was on your truck would say if
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