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  1. Your owners manual will tell you, at least my 2020 manual does. My 2020 has a fuse panel on both ends of the dash.
  2. I'd recommend you have the dealership troubleshoot the Auto Stop/Start feature to determine why it's malfunctioning before you put on an aftermarket accessory that eliminates that function. If it were my truck I would want to ensure the cause of the issue was not related to something else beyond just the Auto Stop/Start feature.
  3. I've noticed on mine that there is some slack/slop in Drive, but if I move the lever down to L, then back to drive, the slack/slop disappears. Having said that, I do not notice any movement of the shift lever while driving down a smooth road, but then again I'm not watching the shift lever either...but now I will, and my OCD will probably kick in and I'll discover I have the same issue - thanks!
  4. You might want to consider posting your question in the HD forum instead of the 1500 forum, though I'm sure you'll receive some responses.
  5. The noise you describe sounds just like the one my makes approximately 45 seconds or so after shutting the engine off, however, this noise is normal (it's been discussed in a few other threads on this forum) and is unrelated to the installation of a CAI. My truck made this noise before I installed the GM performance air intake, and still makes that same noise afterwards. If the noise you describe is other than the one I'm referring to, then I have no idea what it might be. How long did you have your truck before you installed the CAI?
  6. The OP was interested in having the GM warranty, and if he wants the steering module re-calibration that comes with the factory suspension as well, he won't have much choice but to get the steel springs. However, you are correct, there are lots of trucks out there, many no doubt with the composite overload spring in the leaf pack, that are running lifts without any apparent issues.
  7. It will be interesting to see that should the OP decide to go with the factory lift whether his dealer will do the work without replacing the rear leaf springs. I asked mine and they said they would not without the steel replacement springs, citing what the GM accessory website says about the steel leaf springs accessory (at least what it states for my truck): Enables the installation of a Chevrolet Performance 2-Inch Lift Kit (sold separately) on MY2019+ Silverado 1500 trucks factory equipped with composite overload leaf springs Full Steel Leaf Spring Kit offers a direct replacement for the production composite leaf spring packs Not intended for standalone installations Required to support the installation of the Chevrolet Performance 2-Inch Lift Kit on MY2019+ L84 (5.3L V8) LT Trim and MY2019+ LM2 (3.0L Turbo Diesel) 2WD, Crew Cab and Short Bed LT Trim equipped trucks Expert installation by an authorized GM Dealer is recommended
  8. Sorry for being a little late to this conversation, but my understanding is if you have composite rear leaf springs you must also purchase and have installed the steel leaf springs shown on the accessory website as well, or is that not an issue for a 2019?
  9. Can you use the left side (backside of steering wheel) controls to move through your playlist as you can in AA in lieu of the onscreen touch controls?
  10. Have you used your truck to tow another trailer with it powering up its lights properly? If not, I'd recommend hooking up to another trailer to determine if it's a truck or trailer issue. The RV seller should be more than willing to let you connect to one of their other trailers. Finally, does your AT4 have the tow package that provides the trailer light test option? If so, when you select the "Connections" option does it state that everything is "good to go?"
  11. If it were me I'd try to find another trailer to hook up to and see if the problem replicates itself to determine if it's the truck or the trailer.
  12. I ordered a replacement filter for GM's Performance Air Intake from GM Parts Direct. While I have the 5.3L, I believe the air filter element is the same one that is used on the 6.2L, but the GM Parts Direct website should be able to confirm that. Here's the ordering information from GM Parts Direct for the filter my truck uses (as of 12 months ago): Part Number: 84428120 Cost: $63.94 I doubt washing a dry paper filter would turn out well. My plan is that when I approach the 20,000 mile recommended replacement mark I will closely inspect it, and use a vacuum to see if I can extend its life, and if not, put the replacement in. Since I don't live or drive in dusty conditions, I believe I can get more miles out of mine.
  13. During my last oil change at the 21,000 mile mark the technician noted hearing a belt "squeal." The service manager suggested that if it persists bring it back in and they'll replace the belt, assuming it's the source of the squeal. When I got it home I lifted the hood with the engine running and couldn't hear any squeal, or a hint of a squeal, but after thirty years in the field artillery my hearing is somewhat degraded. I don't see excessive black dust buildup on the front of the engine, but when I run my hand underneath the belt (engine off of course) there is a black film coating my fingers. Now, I believe this is most likely normal, but would like to hear other forum members' opinions. And my last question deals with the "ziptie method" of installing a new stretch serpentine belt. I understand how the various installation tools work, but can someone please explain how to do it using zipties instead? Thanks ahead of time for your responses.
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