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  1. Any luck on yours yet? Called again today and still no part has came in for it. Truck is 3 months old and still unable to pull a trailer. Getting to be a little ridiculous
  2. Took it to dealer and they had to order a “module” for it. We will see next week if that fixes the problem. Never thought there would be such trouble to just hook up a trailer and plug your lights in. It’s really no all that complicated until technology gets involved lol.
  3. Looks like the harness is connected to the sockets and have already tested for voltage with a multimeter nothing on running lights, either blinker or brake lights. Got an appointment with the dealer tomorrow. Probably something simple but got me stumped at the moment.
  4. Ok I hooked up a trailer to my 1 month old 2019 Chevy Silverado today for the first time and had no trailer lights. Hooked up my second trailer and also had no trailer lights. Connected both trailers to my father-in-laws truck and both worked fine. Checked both sockets the flat 4-pin and round 7-pin and had no power at either one. Anyone else had this problem?
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