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  1. Transmission trouble

    Dude, you are assuming that we already know what the perceived issue is. You must give the full story if you are to get any sort of help. Give us all details.
  2. Transmission trouble

    It would help if you could tell us what the problem is.
  3. Received, many thanks! Where did you find this? I searched for it with no luck.
  4. As I stated above "Well those only include a sheet with a programming code for the BCM reprogramming. The rest of that sheet states to go to the accessories installation section of the factory manual." There are no other instructions on the sheet other the same in French and Spanish. The install instructions are not in the Helm pdf service manual.
  5. I recently bought the wife a 2017 Equinox LT. One thing my wife wants is fog lights so I bought the GM fog light kit (23386622 superceded by 84140223). Everywhere that has this kit state that the install instructions are included. Well those only include a sheet with a programming code for the BCM reprogramming. The rest of that sheet states to go to the accessories installation section of the factory manual. I do have the helm pdf version of the manual but it does not have that section. Can someone please help me finding the needed instructions? The sheet that was included has a document number of 84140226 so I don't need that.
  6. Warranty Special Coverage 18127

    Thank you.
  7. Warranty Special Coverage 18127

    I wish I knew. I was looking at the My Chevrolet app and I saw that under the warranty section. Whatever it is, it is good for 150k miles. I didn't find anything with a quick web search.
  8. See my post in the other thread. Remove the adapter box and try again. IIRC that adapter was only for the F150. Of course they did not make it too clear because they want you to give them more of your money. Reading reviews the only time I saw that someone had problems was with the F150s and they needed the adapter. No one else said they needed it.
  9. Lighting issue

    Take that adapter box out of the circuit and try again. If I remember correctly that adapter was only needed for the Ferd F150.
  10. 14-18 chrome door handles

    You are asking far too much. A complete new set from gm goes for about 115 to 120.
  11. Can someone confirm that these will not fit the front bowtie on a 2015 Silverado? I've seen that the rear is the same size but that the front is different. I would just like someone to verify that physically.
  12. Check out this thread http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/209463-Cadillac-escalade-engine-cover-on-a-chevy-Silverado- My post starts at 28. Johnny01 beat me to a picture there.
  13. For the Chevrolet emblem, use part number 12620295. This part is a perfect fit. It is not flat as the part number listed above. Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  14. I looked around and found a thread over on the Coloradofans.com forum. There are pictures and the first one shows a sign on a dash with the part number but it does show it for the Colorado. I can't seem to able to link to that thread. I went there and did a search using the part number to find the thread. That's why I mention this possible issue. Again I do hope it is a universal kit. I am also looking for the side Heritage badges. I believe they are on the doors.
  15. Good catch! Only one issue I see is that this part number is for a Colorado kit and it may not be the correct size for our trucks. Time will tell. Hopefully it will be for a universal type kit but I doubt it.

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