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  1. 2500HD Radio Cutting Out

    Check the connectors on the HMI found behind the glove box. You might look at the connectors on the radio module behind the display screen too.
  2. Wrong picture? Sure looks like the previous ones posted. Definitely not the Edge dash.
  3. Excuse me? Who is going to screw over that veteran? It darn sure isn't going to be GM. IT IS YOU THAT WILL SCREW THE VET. Tell him of the problem and let him decide to buy or not.
  4. Give him a break. He did use ONE period!
  5. NC members...

    Spring Lake here. Work at Fort Bragg.
  6. TPMS reset issues

    When you are trying this are the old tires close to the vehicle? You must get those far from the truck. Move them and try again. It should work out then.
  7. All I'm seeing there are fuses. You need to check any relays in the circuit.
  8. I am right in the path (Fort Bragg area) and it is gonna be a bad one. After what Hurricane Matthew did, this is projected to be even worse. All we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Forecast calls for 20 inches of rain.
  9. Weird reading on average MPG

    I was only responding to your first post.
  10. Weird reading on average MPG

    You are worrying too much about something that is totally normal. Think about it. The truck is still using fuel while idling but not racking up any additional miles. Do the math.
  11. Front Clip- Grille

    I looked on ebay and it looks like the hood is correct but the grill is wrong. I searched for 2004 2500 silverado.
  12. That's where you should start looking at first. Almost positive that is wired incorrectly.
  13. Two possibilities I can think of. One, wrong temp sensor. Two, if there is a relay in the circuit, possibly wired incorrectly.
  14. Wood grain...

    You replied to a thread that is over three years old. I don't think it will happen.

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