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  1. It may be possible that the balancer is the wrong one for that engine.
  2. Two things to try. First find your HMI and reseat ALL of the connectors on it. The HMI is behind and above the glove box. Second find your radio module and reseat the connectors there. This module is below and behind the screen. This will not address the 110v outlet issue but let's worry about till after the other issues are resolved. It's best to concentrate on one issue first.
  3. OE assist step issue

    Three brackets means it came off a double cab and will not fit a crew cab. Different length and bracket location. Anything is doable but probably not worth the time and effort to do what you want. This would NOT be an easy task.
  4. Your system is low on refrigerant. The system pressure is too low.
  5. Door Trim - Dawn Enterprises

    I haven't on my Silverado but did on my 2017 Equinox. It was a perfect color match and high quality. I am very pleased with it. More importantly, the wife is really pleased. I also did my 2015 Malibu and no problems. Now I'm thinking of doing my Silverado.
  6. According to the picture you have it set for last 400 miles. Nothing will show there until you have driven 400 miles. Change it to last 25 and something will show after you have driven that far. It is just one of those DOH moments.
  7. I have seen many issues similar to this on this and other forums and in EVERY case the problem was the ground cable from the battery and/or a chassis grounding point. A big problem is that there is corrosion that builds up inside the ground cable. It may look perfect from the outside. Don't trust the way it looks on the outside. The big indicator here is the message to roll up the windows. You will only see that if power was lost. You can try to clean up the ground points connections but odds are that the ground cable is bad.
  8. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes and then connect it back up. That worked for me. I had a very similar problem with one of mine started reading about 8 - 10 psi low all the time. This lasted for a few weeks until my battery died. I charged it enough to get to the dealer. They determined that the battery was bad and replaced it. When I got back in to drive home I didn't get a low pressure warning. Sure thing, all tires were reading correctly.
  9. Charging port outputs?

    I don't have one. You could go to Amazon and read reviews for ones there. One note, you will see that many(actually quite a few) are identical but under different brand names or by different sellers. They are the same. The case colors may change and the display color different but again, they are the same. Pay attention to the display.
  10. Charging port outputs?

    Do a search on eBay for usb testers.
  11. One thing you may want to check out is the window motor/regulator mounting bolts. I had a similar problem with my rear driver side door and fixed it by tightening the mount bolts.
  12. First, use some periods at the end of the sentences. Second, you never stated what the problem is with the brakes. We can't help if we don't know what the issue is.
  13. Far too little information given to attempt a decent answer. Which engines, transmission, rear gears, etc are a minimum needed.

    Do you have any fob shells? I don't really need the electronics inside. Mine are fine but the shell is getting beat up. I would even take one that doesn't work as I would just swap everything over.

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