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  1. Do not use the frame as a gound point. Run the ground wire from each light to the ground wire up front. Logically using the frame should work but I have seen posts on here and other forums many times about this sort of thing and running the separate wire fixed the issue.
  2. This hapens when the steering wheel is turned all the way one way or the other when trying to start. This happened to me. It took quite an effort to get it turned enough to start.
  3. You have to press the black tab between the two red portions in your picture and then pull.
  4. I'm really curious whether that can be decompiled or otherwise decrypted. If you want you could send it to me and I will see what I can do.
  5. I would suggest that you take the plugs out before spraying and put them back in afterwards. Regardless of your plans now, some months down the road you may change your mind and then you will have a very bad time trying to get the other plugs out. Better to plan for what might be than to cuss later.
  6. I suggest you check the wiring in the door hinge area. Sounds like you have some damaged or broken wires there.
  7. Then let me apologize. I have not seen one of those before. I take it that you use the lever to swap between camera and mirror. If it is auto dimming then look for a dark dot at the top center of the mirror glass. That is the portion you will want to cover. That is where the sensor is at. There are actually two of them. One on the windshield side and one facing the rear. The mirror looks for a difference between the two. If the one on the windshield side senses darkness and then increased light level on the mirror side one, the mirror starts to dim. If the windshield side sensor detects daylight the mirror will not dim because there is little to no difference in the light levels.
  8. This not an auto dimming mirror. That one has a flip lever on the bottom. Auto dimming mirrors do not have that.
  9. I went to my local chevy dealer for an oil change on my Silverado on Friday. While there I noticed a new Camero and a new Silverado idling at a fairly high rpm outside the service bays. There were running floor fans pointed at the radiators. A service advisor told me later that all vehicles with the 6.2 engine had a stop sale on them until they had run the engines for 4.5 hours. He said it had something to do with the valves. I guess it has to do with the valve springs?
  10. I checked mine and it does have a textured rubber mat in it. 2021 Sierra
  11. I am thinking of using some shelf lining material. Some of the thicker type. I think I will also check craft stores to see what is available.
  12. It would help if you list the issues you are having to help everyone to give you more meaningful answers or solutions.
  13. The bulletin is dated July 6 of this year so before the 2021s.
  14. There have been numerous posts about the same type of issues. One thing I keyed on was an issue with the bolts in the underhood fuse box not fully tightened. There is a TSB for the issue. It is for 2019 but I have seen posts about the issues on later models. Do a search. May not fix your issue but it is easy to check.
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