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  1. While I can't say with certainty yes or no, the symptoms point to that. Especially the airbag warning. You could check up and down the shaft to include from clock spring in the steering wheel area down looking at any connectors reseating each and/or cleaning all contacts. The only thing that I believe is attached to the shaft is the clock spring.
  2. You probably messed up the clock spring. There is no fixing that. It will have to be replaced.
  3. Check all of your grounds and connections at the battery. All your symptoms point to this as the issue.
  4. Actually I suggest you look at what may be in common with both the Tacm and the lights. Try removing all connectors from the Tacm and then check the lights. If off, then your issue can be narrowed down to those wires. When a module losses communcation it can be usually isolated to a power issue or lan line. Anymore than that I don't think I can help much. Just applying basic electronics as I am not familiar with those circuits and associated wiring.
  5. You have what is commonly called back feed. Somewhere in the harness you have a broken or damaged ground wire. Not talking about the main grounds. Electricity always takes the path of least resistance. You are feeding power to the unit but the normal ground path is not there so it finds another way back to the battery. In this case possibly through one of the headlights. When you disconnected the one headlight, you said it would not work and that's because the ground path was no longer there. How and where I cannot help. You do NOT have a break in a power wire. If you did, you would not have anything in that circuit working. The one headlight that was glowing dimly would not have light up at all. So not the supply side but the ground side.
  6. Just about any place that sells truck toppers, shells or whatever you want to call them will have bedliners. You can also try any truck accessories place for them. Considering how old your truck is they probably will not have any in stock but they may be able to order one. Also check junkyards.
  7. Most likely the battery was not dead. When you put the charger on you may have moved the cable just enough to make a "good" connection. You may be able to get the problem to show again by moving or "shaking" the ground cable around. Try at the battery end and all other ends. You should also clean all ground points of corrosion. To reset remove the ground cable at the battery for a period of time and connect again.
  8. This is relatively easy to troubleshoot. You have issues with your ground cable at the battery most likely. It could be a loose connection at the battery or corrosion in the cable. The corrosion is most likely inside the insulation where you cannot see it. Everything you mentioned is the direct result of a temporary loss of power. Also notice that the compass indicator is showing CAL. That is another indication of power loss. Sent from my K007 using Tapatalk
  9. With all of those lights out you have to look at what is common between all of them. Two things pop to mind. Power and get this, the dash lights dimmer control. Check out the dimmer to see if it is turned all the way down. I'll let you go from there.
  10. Based on what you said, you have a bad ground cable at the battery. Don't base your thinking on how it looks. Almost certain you have corrosion under the insulation someplace. Just replace that cable. There are many posts on here about this issue.
  11. I don't have all the info but recently there was a recall or something like that that pulled the fuse for the rear defogger. Seems there were fires and/or rear windows exploding because of issues with the defogger. A search should give you a bit more information. Check to see if they did pull the fuse. Also check to see if there are any recalls for your vehicle.
  12. I am running General Grabber HTS on mine. I've run them on a 2003, 2012 and now my 2015 Silverado. Never slipped in rain, very good traction, quiet, handles great and good in snow. Here in North Carolina we don't get a lot of snow. Maybe a few inches at a time but the tires were great in that snow. Walmart also has a version of the same tire cheaper. I think the tread pattern is very slightly different. They are still labeled as General Grabbers.
  13. That sensor is for the diesel engine. Those trucks have two sensors. One in the mirror and one behind the grill.
  14. It may be possible that the balancer is the wrong one for that engine.
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