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  1. I have read of various strange problems happening not long after purchase. A lot of them were found to be the fasteners in the underhood fuse box not fully tightened. Do a search here for more information.
  2. Sounds like a loose ground cable or corrosion at the battery. Take the cables off the battery, clean up the terminals and connect them back up making sure they are tightened up. Try again. If the problem crops up again, go to the cables and give them a good shake and try again. If it starts without a problem, you have bad cables most likely the ground cable. You also trace out the other ends looking for wherever it hooks up to. Disconnect the cable at that point and clean up that area to bare clean metal. You are trying to remove any corrosion. Please note that if you are messing with the positive cable REMOVE it from the battery before disconnecting the other ends. One of those ends will go to the starter so don't forget that one. Considering how old the truck is you should go ahead and replace at least the ground cable. Corrosion tends to build up under the insulation where you cannot see it. The terminals may look perfect but the cable still be bad.
  3. Try again while turning the steering wheel back and forth with force. I know what you said and what you think but try it anyway. It only takes a few seconds to do that. It has happened to me a few times.
  4. That message means you lost power. Possible issues include bad ground(s), bad negative cable at the battery and possible broken wires in the door hinge area.
  5. All of the problems you mention indicate one thing, you lost complete electrical power. A lot of times it is the ground cable. They do develop corrosion inside of the insulation where you can't see it. The cable will look great on the outside but bad inside. But the cause of the power lost can be any number of things. The battery could have any intermittent connection inside the case. Other ground cables can be bad. Whatever you do you need to concentrate on finding where the power loss in coming from. Take the battery to be tested and during the test, rock the battery like crazy to see if it will fail.
  6. So? Are you asking for help or just bragging? If you want some help, then ask. All you did was make a statement. If you need help , we need details to give you any sort of help.
  7. Some other thoughts here. The connectors under the fuse block in the engine bay may have corrosion and check the grounds for the ecm and bcm. Also check that the ecm and bcm connectors are fully seated. Maybe pull those connectors and check for corrosion then fully seat them.
  8. Get that battery checked first. Keep in mind that you might have an intermittent in the battery. Something else to try is shaking the ground cable when you are having the problems(no start). Sounds like you do have a good head start.
  9. Just about everything you list points to a ground issue. One big ground issue is corrosion build up INSIDE the ground cable usually at the battery. The cable may look great on the outside, but bad inside. Another clue you mentioned is moisture. Corrosion will affect an electrical system many many times worse than when dry. Another problem with the cable is bad crimps at the terminals. One ground point to check out are the ones at the forward left and right sides of the dash. I believe one is G218. I don't remember the other one. There are some videos on YouTube about them. You really should trust me on this. I have seen these type of issues here many times and in all or at least most cases it was a ground issue. The other times it ended up being the battery.
  10. Quite possibly the climate controls glitched with the ground problem. Concentrate on the ground issue first, then worry about the a/c. It is MUCH more important that the steering is there vs a/c.
  11. Every issue points to a bad ground or loose ground cable at the battery. Especially the driver's window issue. Guaranteed that means power was lost even if it was for a split second. Power steering is electronic so again you lost steering, you lost power.
  12. Got it. I hadn't looked at them that close.
  13. Check out the eBay item I listed above.
  14. Check your cigarette lighter fuse. That one is where the OBD port gets its power.
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