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  1. Mine has started doing this very thing in the last few days. Is there is a fix? Read through the thread but it was difficult to know what solutions were for which issue since it seemed like different sounds were being discussed here...but mine does this consistent noise as I turn the steering left or right. What's the fix?
  2. OK, OK...so...after reading several pages of this to get 'caught up' since I hadn't been on here in a few weeks, just a couple of questions for clarification purposes... 2015 Silverado CC Z71 with stock 18's (and stock Goodyears for now) 1) I have a 2.5" Motofab level on mine (spacer on top of the front). That (and an alignment) was all that was done. Is that all that should have been done or is something else needed? I'm not asking could other stuff be done (I know that answer is yes) but just should there have been or am I good? 2) Looking at new tires soon. Stocks are the 265/65r18, of course. What is the largest I could go (keeping stock wheels) with no rubbing issues? 275/70? 285/65? 285/75? Just curious. Been strongly looking at the Toyo Open County A/T IIs but I've also eyed some of the Nittos. Mostly looking for an A/T type and not a mud tire. 3) When you go up in tire size (well, change it at all, either way) do you just have the dealer recalibrate the speedo or do it some other way (tuner?)? I know I could ignore it but I'd like it correct so I'm just wondering what most do...
  3. Going by your signature, how do you like the Nittos? Smooth/quiet on the highway? Or how loud?
  4. I know your post was over a month ago but...are you sure the noise is from the front? Since putting a 2.5" on the front of mine I have noticed a noise at the rear of the rear leafs - both sides. Can grab the hand hold at the rear corner and move the truck side to size and it'll do it, too. Still trying to come up with a solution. This may be different than your issue...or maybe not. Anyone else experienced what I've described?
  5. It's funny how opinions differ. Everyone I've talked to so far about the new '19 Chevy and GMC have raved about how great they look, how much improved they are over the ugly-ish '16 style Silverado, and all that. I've yet to hear a negative comment...until the posts in this thread. lol
  6. This is like one of those "supposed" pictures of Big Foot / Sasquatch lol just kidding
  7. What shell is that on the bed? Looks really good and like it fits really well.
  8. Before and After - Motofab 2.5" level on the front. Still stock tires and wheels for now. I definitely like the leveled look and drive and am happy with it. Thank you to those who answered my questions about leveling on here in the past - you were helpful. I'm glad I did it!
  9. Finally got around to doing the hose clamp fix - been meaning to for awhile now but just never had the parts when I had the time and vice versa. Anyway, it's nice to drive without the popping seat again and I didn't want to have the dealership "fix" it since most people say it comes back anyway.
  10. Not sure if it's just on my machine or what but your photos aren't showing up, unfortunately...
  11. Yeah, I guess you have a point! I'm probably overthinking it lol thanks.
  12. So...I see people post (here and other places) shots of their trucks with 2", 2.25", or 2.5" and each will claim it sits perfectly level...sometimes I see a post of one with a 2" and I think it looks great then I'll scroll down and see one with 2.5" and think it looks great. I do not want my '15 Silverado Crew z71 to look like the front is higher than the rear. A buddy of mine said a 2.5" Motofab had his sitting perfectly level (by looks and measurement) but then I see Ron505's post of his 2" BDS and it almost looks like the front is slightly higher. lol All that to say...I'm not going to be disappointed with a 2.5" Motofab on the front, am I? I.e. it'll sit level? Stock wheels/tires for now...will go slightly bigger on tires when I replace 'em down the road. MHardiman90's looks great to me (looks level, etc.) but I guess I'm just on the fence and wanting to make sure I'm not going to show up when they finish installing it and regret something.
  13. That's Motofab is what I've been looking at getting for mine. You like it and would recommend?
  14. OK thanks for the quick reply - I missed it by .25" both ways! Looks good.
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