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  1. That's exactly what I ended up doing. I didnt know if the pass through cable would bolt right up in the stock location or anything, but after I had it in my possession it all made sense and looks OEM.
  2. Washed the truck since its been the 1st nice day since in the last week. Its either been snowing or raining out. I wanted to test out my foam cannon some more to get it dialed in better, and then I could get some better pics of the install of the Amp Research steps.
  3. Installed a set of Amp Research Power Folding steps on the truck last week.
  4. Installed my AMP power folding steps over the weekend...
  5. So I just ordered my AMP Powersteps and the AMP Research 76404-01A PowerStep Plug N' Play Pass Thru Harness to free up the OBD2 port on my truck. Just wondering how everybody had theirs set up in their trucks. Pictures would be a great help as well. Thanks.
  6. Got a foam cannon for the new power washer so I figured I would give it a try. Still have to play with the Soap to water ratio, but It worked well. Some after shots of the truck... Boy is it a fine looking rig. Too bad there wasn't any sun, it would look better.
  7. I got a new electric pressure washer so I figured I would wash the truck. Now it's time to replace the regular length gun with a stubby gun, and get a foam cannon to add to the excitement of the hand washing experience.
  8. Since I do IT work I use my truck to the occasional plowing of my driveway so the rest of my family can get to work in a timely fashion...
  9. The dash cam system I have (front and rear) has a parking mode which is set to start recording if the vehicle gets hit while off. That way it does not need to be on 24X7. It is very sensitive and the slightest bumper tap or hit will set it off. This is the same setup I have on my Infiniti as well.
  10. I bought these ones for my trucks. I have the gray toned one on my truck and the Red/White/Blue on another. I always keep them in and just pop them out when I need to put the hitch in. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MXF7TYV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Forgot to post this from a few weeks back when we were dumped with a bunch of snow.
  12. I have that cover on my truck, and it has been on it for the life of the truck (last 5 years) and no problems at all. Over the years the hard board has sagged a touch (maybe 1/4 inch) but nothing noticeable when the cover is on. This was all during the care of the previous owner. I have cleaned it off every time it has snowed and I can tell it's a very solid cover.
  13. I'm actually planning on getting the same exact one in the near future. The reviews on amazon are great as well.
  14. I have that feeling sometimes, but then I get compliments on mine and I'm all smiles
  15. Put my snow plow on the truck for the little bit we had (plus had to move it from its current location to the new spot in the driveway).
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