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  1. I bought a 20 19, 2500 HD last March. In October or so of last year, I started getting the occasional exhaust smell in my air conditioner as well. This truck has 74,000 miles and has zero modifications. It really is aggravating that no one can figure this out. I can’t imagine that I’m alone and have the only two trucks that have this problem.
  2. I had mine smoke tested and there were no leaks found. I have changed my whole exhaust system: long tube headers, ORY pipe w X pipe and dual exhaust out the back. No better and no worse.
  3. I went back with OEM. One lasted 160,000 and the other 200,000. Do you have a lift of any type? I have a 2.5 I think. its the max recommended, what ever that is.
  4. None. its always had the tick that you can hear in the drive through at idle but no issues. My vacuum pump is weak and needs changed. I have repaired/replaced: 2 transmissions, radiator due to tank crack, 4x4 was locked on shortly after I bought it but repaired at NC, brakes ay 144,000, and 4 sets of tires. Great truck, so they dont all suck. Too many dont have that luck, though.
  5. 2015 SLT CC 231,****** miles on 3rd trans. engine has been really good though, except for I have an exhaust smell in my cabin. dealer that did the 1st trans swap says it was cracked manifold and/or gasket. I put headers on and have had it smoke tested and still have the smell at idle. Liked the truck so much I bought a 2019 2500HD with 66,000 miles on it. Aside form the trans issue, it has been stellar. Even the interior has help up well. knock on wood....
  6. I bought a 2019 2500 HD with some sort of minor lift, not sure how much. It has 265/60/20s (stock tire and damn they are small...). Front fender is 41" and rear is 43" at the wheel centerline. Looking at 35x12.5's. Hopefully no rubbing. Anyone have the stock height on same tire to see how much lift it has? It has RC upper control arms and RC shocks front and rear but they seem worn out already.
  7. hope you find out. I have a 10" sub under my seat with Bose but I think the noise cancelling keeping it from achieving its potential.
  8. 1 was about 70,000 and the other at 55-60,000. Both started to die around 95-100,000. I had an 09 that went 140,000 and towed a lot and never had any trans or engine issues. I'm a believer the heat from the high stat and probably some converter issues killed the 2015's.
  9. 230,000 yesterday. No engine issue but on my third transmission… still wouldn’t drive a Ford.
  10. The LED bars on each side apparently have come loose. Its very noticeable at night. I am considering painting the chrome if I do get them apart. I purchased them previously converted.
  11. OLD thread but was hoping to find someone in DFW-Austin, Texas area or in between that has done this. I have a set that has been previously modified and I need to open them and make some corrections. I don't think I have the patience to not eff them up in an oven... LOL How hot is the light when getting out of the oven? How are you handling them? switchbacks.zip
  12. Thanks, I have found a few threads on it after posting here. Any idea an what the NEW PN is?
  13. Have had the same issue in my 2015 and have yet to find the cause. Mine started after the first trans replacement (122,000). Had it tested and found no leaks. Only does it when stopped. As long as I’m rolling it’s not there.
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