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  1. I was @ 122,000 and my 2015 6L80 trans went out and the dealer I bought it from, used, got Gm to pay $2000 on the replacement. Same warrenty as above. It now has another 92,000 and it’s been fine. I did get it reprogrammed shortly after replacement. I would def go ask the dealer.
  2. Looking forward to the build. Would love to turbo my truck as well. You doing the pill flip for the trans?
  3. Unfortunately, I dont have the bulb... That is why I am trying to find out what it is. And yes its a blurry pic from the seller. its all I have to go off of. Thanks for your help.
  4. I would do the battery disconnect again, but also turn the key on when disconnected. youill have to rest your clock and drive 5-10 miles and your thermometer will readjust. You may need to visit a tire shop or the dealer and see if they will rescan your tpms Def sounds a little off.
  5. Safelite used OEM on my 2015 Sierra with lane keep assist 2 years ago.
  6. What model bulb is this? H13 or something else? Bought some lights with non stock projectors but not sure of the bulb type.
  7. Changed mine at 205,000 miles. Wish I had done it 150,000 miles sooner. One of the best and cost effective changes I’ve made to the truck.. Dismounted, they extended about the same. Like almost exactly the same. But the compression was considerably stiffer. No scales, just based on feel with multiple trials. My truck rides so much better, less bounce and better control. Slightly stiffer but def better. Not rough. good luck!
  8. Here is mine Details above. Nothing special, just a reference.
  9. Yes, long tubes and ORY pipe, stock to muffler, MagnaFlow 5in x 8in Oval Center/Offset Performance Muffler Exhaust 12259 - Straight-Through, 3in Inlet/3in Outlet Diameter, 24in long to factory tailpipe, no flapper. Great video! Thank you. Sounds really good but maybe more sound than I am looking for.
  10. Does anyone have any video/sound clips of LT/cat delete/am muffler and resonator delete with a single exit? I’m thinking about removing resonator on my set up. It’s pretty tame right now and I’d like a little more but don’t want ridiculous either as it’s a DD.
  11. Yes it will be easier for who ever is doing it. They won’t have to run/drive it to get temps to 192 to have it allow the fluid to move through the lines.
  12. Shouldn’t have any rubbing. I have 2” spacers and 305/50/20 on factory snowflakes and BARELY rub in reverse turning left.
  13. Bear thanks for the reply but it doesnt answer the question of how much difference. Current tires are Michelin Defender LTX 305/50/20 that list at 42#. Im looking at BFG 33/12.5/20 that list at 56#. How much difference is expected? Does anyone have any figures?
  14. I think its a reasonable question to see what the difference is in a real world comparison. I currently have 32" Michelins that are rated at 43# each. I would like to go up to a 33 or 34" tire. The weight difference on most tires I've looked at is about 15# each. I do a lot of long highway runs and losing 1-2 vs 3-5 is a lot of difference. Adding 60# of rotating weight is significant. But, how significant? 1-2 I can live with but 4+ is not worth it to me. I added BFG AT on our Jeep and lost 2-3. It went from 21-22 to 18-19. Same height but wider and much heavier th
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