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  1. What is it actually doing to help slow down the truck? Just a different shift program that holds the gear or downshifts more to try to take advantage of engine braking?
  2. Seems like a major screw up to be planning a truck that hasn't come out yet that is already beaten by a 2015 F-150.
  3. You must be delusional. In Maine the wax is garbage, there is no excuse for how quickly GM truck frames rust thanks to this coating. My 2016 has seen two winters of plowing and it's rusting at all the edges and the frame looks brown everywhere else because the wax takes on the dirt/dust from driving on dirt roads somehow. My theory is its deliberate so that trucks need to be replaced every 10 years at most, otherwise this is 2018 and there has to be a better way to keep trucks from rusting this quickly.
  4. I should have known there was YouTube video for that...thank you.
  5. How do you "pop out both mirrors" to get started?
  6. Unless you have Max Trailer package, I would say you're over your GCWR and max trailer weight for that truck.
  7. 7640 was the total of just the two truck axles or that includes the trailer weight?
  8. Hmm. Not sure. Someone told me that some electronics are in the way if you have the digital.
  9. Can I put one on my 2016 truck with the digital steering assist? My understanding is the bracket is no longer there. But is there an aftermarket one that will work still?
  10. Perhaps calling it a shimmy is a better term. I can feel it fighting to turn the wheel back and forth even when I hold it tight to stop the wobble. It's not a full on death wobble, though, as I have read you have to slow down to get that under control on the Super Duty trucks. Thanks all for the input.
  11. Poor geometry I would agree with. Just curious if all the guys in here that are leveled also can't hold on to their wheel and think it's ok. Because there would be nothing different that way between mine and all the others. Worn out, I'm skeptical. Truck has 28,000 miles on it. The tires look ok but hard to say, maybe these tires amplify it and the snow tires I was running it do not for whatever reason.
  12. There is no frame bracket on the later trucks for a stablizer? Do you think a stablizer would help with this more high speed wobble?
  13. Ever since I did a leveling kit a year ago on my truck, I've had a lot of bump steer issues. Or at least that's what I call it. Basically whenever the front end hits a bump the steering wheel wobbles back and forth. I've had the truck on stock wheels and aftermarket wheels, and two different sets of tires. I've had it aligned twice. It's lifted about 2" in the front by the Cognito leveling kit, and I have the Cognito UCA's. I think it rides better than a stock truck, I just hate the steering feel at this point. Particularly right now where I just put on my XD Buck +18 offset wheels and 275/65R20 KO2 tires. It's really bad. See attached video which isn't the best example but you get the idea. On a rough road basically I can hold the wheel straight but I can feel it oscillating all the time fighting to bounce left and right. I've been told perhaps aligning with positive caster would help this, but I haven't tried it yet.
  14. Why in the modern day where fuel savings are so important are we driving around turning any part of the 4WD system except for when we need it?

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