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  1. third time and they have no idea what to do .. They said Chevy doesn't know what to do either.. My last truck was A 2007 classic 2500 and never went in for anything ..
  2. Going over rough roads / rr tracks door latch sounds and feels like the door isn’t shut . 4000 miles in the shop twice and still have the problem . Any ideas! ???
  3. I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 hd High country . I only have 4500 miles on it and have had it in the shop twice for the door latch on the drivers side . as you go over bumps /rough road/railroad tracks ... the door feels and sounds like it isn't shut tight . they have tighten the latch and done some thins else to it too.. still have the problem. How could I get them to try to replace the latch ?? or is my problem something else??
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