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  1. I noticed when I set the cruise, the speed-o-meter always reads 2 mph faster. Does anyone else see the same thing? Is there a fix? Thanks
  2. Just wondering if any of you have tried the Thrush Welded muffler? https://www.thrushexhaust.com/mufflers/thrush-welded-muffler?p=3 I have a 21 RST dbl cab 6.2 and plan on removing the flapper (only have one upstream) and leave the resonators in tact. How does it sound and is there any drone? Audio clips would be a plus. Thanks,
  3. Hi Folks, been a lurker for awhile and appreciate the expertise from the group. im looking at a 21 LT DC with the snow plow prep and Z71 package. The plow pkg indicates “heavy-duty” front springs. Do we know if the HD springs give any lift to the front end? i suspect it’s will ride and handle a little stiffer than a non plow prep truck It’s hard to tell if there is any lift when looking at the pictures of trucks on dealers websites. thanks!
  4. Agree that the 10 speed would take care of the concern but was trying to save some $$$ with the 8 speed.
  5. Yea - I heard about the transmission fluid. i searched the forums trying to deduce if the Z71 vs non Z71 made a difference but no luck. I’m looking at a few trucks and it really doesn’t matter to me if it has the Z71 or not - I was just trying to stack the deck in my favor. thanks
  6. I was wondering if the 5.3 / 8 speed transmission issues are more prevalent with the Z71 package or without? Does it make any difference ?
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