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  1. Soon to cam...

    i've read lots of people going with the 212/218 112lsa cam on stock converters with no issues and definitely made a difference in power. if anything you could do a tbss converter for cheap and it be even better. A 6.0 or 6.2 swap would easily give you more power than a cammed 4.8 with just the motor itself. All about what you want i guess.
  2. Lots of lifted 2wd’s. Nothin wrong with that. Hell its easier to do than a 4wd. I have an 01 z71 that’s got 12” on 37s and hasn’t seen mud/dirt in years. I don’t understand that “get a real truck” bs. 95% of the trucks around here that are lifted don’t see any kind of gravel road, 4wd or not. It’s about the look you want. Any of those lifts will work for what you want. Also check out Superlift, they come out with a new design 8” lift that’s suppose to be pretty nice too. I’d upgrade the shocks on any of em with bilstein 5100s while in there
  3. mcgaughy, full throttle, fabtech
  4. Love my Texas speed on both my trucks
  5. ^ what this guy said. Hell my 2.5” level was 45$ on eBay. No issues on any of the 5 I’ve put on for mine or friends in the past year. There’s much much better options for tires than BFG.
  6. I have a 14 6.2 and did the afe momentum gt Intake, Texas speed stainless headers, and dyno tune. Right at 390/420 on 33s is what it put down. Made a huge difference. Kinda wish I had done it on stock tires to see what it could really do. I wouldn’t mess with the throttle body or the manifold unless you planned on going further than bolt ons
  7. Post a pic of just your angles and that’ll tell you why. 2.5” is the safest max usually, over that and you’re wrecking the life of your front end.
  8. Well...for starters, stackin levelin kits is about to wreck your front end components. A 3.5” kit alone is already pushin the envelope not to mention throwin another 2” on top of that. Decent arms will be the rough country ones. I’d recommend gettin an actual lift if you want 5”. You’re bound to have somethin go terribly wrong with 5.5” of levelin kit there.
  9. Most are the “ladder style” I guess. If you want just a simple bar look at longhornfabshop or cognito also makes a simple bar style setup. My brother had the longhorn fab and they were great bars, heavy duty as hell and made a difference on his lbz he had.
  10. Sucks to hear. I bought a mcgaughys for my nbs in their silver powder color. Got it and the “powder” was a think layer of paint really. Needless to say they compensated me for it and were more than willing to make it right when I sent them pictures of everything. Instructions weren’t bad, pictures could’ve been better I guess but this was also the 5th or 6th lift I’ve put on at this point on various trucks so I knew where things needed to go. Sorry to hear about your experience, like said people are still goin to buy their products. Fabtech is a good lift from my experience but also not perfect. Best one I’ve put on is cognitive without a doubt. Top notch everything.
  11. G80 is gone from my 01. I replaced it with the tru-trac and it's been awesome
  12. If it were me, I'd do the 6" with a 1.5" zone body lift. I have the body lift on my 01 and love it.
  13. It depends on how high you want it. Rough country has a 2", 4.5", and 6" kits for your truck. 2" is a levelin kit, 4.5" is a 3" spindle lift and 1.5" levelin kit, and the 6" is a full bracket 6" lift.
  14. I'd give Texas-speed a call and explain to them what you're lookin for. Prolly best option
  15. 6.2/6 speed on 33s gets 16-18 hwy depending on how fast i go...loaded down this weekend with 18' pipe trailer and 2 four wheelers and a lifted side x side with coolers and gear in the bed of the truck got 11 consistently doin 70mph in hill country. Has LT's, afe intake, dyno tune

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