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  1. What are people’s measurements with these on? Runnin a 2.5” level with 1.25” body lift on stock 284/45/22s and am getting semi close to my garage. Wanna see if I’ll be able to fit in it or not with the increased height
  2. I pulled em myself and had a shock swap the struts. $40 total and took 2 1/2 hours for everything
  3. No, no no no. Don’t do that. If you already have a 3” level that’s the max you should go without a full lift. Get the shocks but leave em on the lowest setting if you want to keep that 3” level.
  4. Don’t know what kind of off-roading you’re lookin at doin but this is leveled with 33s and 20x10s. Did just fine and is my daily. Haven’t replaced anything after that trip, all still tight as can be. 2.5” eBay kit with 33x12.5 Yokohama g003s MTs and 5100s all around.
  5. I have the old tube style RC arms on my 14 and have no issues, they did rub the tire when I was runnin stock 20s and 33x12.5s. I just installed the newer style RC arms on my sisters truck a week ago or so and they’re pretty beefy compared to the old style.
  6. If you don’t drive it much then I wouldn’t worry about gearing. I’d be more worried about if they’ll fit or not
  7. I’d say the only issue I have with it is that when coming to a stop with the “grade braking” active, the 2 to 1 shift isn’t pleasant sometimes. But most the time it has no issues when downshifting. Only sometimes does it seem to hang up in 2nd. Now if I turn the grade braking off then I have no issues at all.
  8. With headers on heavy 33s mine dyno’d at 415/430 to the wheels with this same cam. Never did an e85 tune on it though. Was planning on swapping the cam out for a different one and adding a whipple to it within the next year. Good numbers!
  9. i've read lots of people going with the 212/218 112lsa cam on stock converters with no issues and definitely made a difference in power. if anything you could do a tbss converter for cheap and it be even better. A 6.0 or 6.2 swap would easily give you more power than a cammed 4.8 with just the motor itself. All about what you want i guess.
  10. ^ what this guy said. Hell my 2.5” level was 45$ on eBay. No issues on any of the 5 I’ve put on for mine or friends in the past year. There’s much much better options for tires than BFG.
  11. I have a 14 6.2 and did the afe momentum gt Intake, Texas speed stainless headers, and dyno tune. Right at 390/420 on 33s is what it put down. Made a huge difference. Kinda wish I had done it on stock tires to see what it could really do. I wouldn’t mess with the throttle body or the manifold unless you planned on going further than bolt ons
  12. Post a pic of just your angles and that’ll tell you why. 2.5” is the safest max usually, over that and you’re wrecking the life of your front end.
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