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  1. i'm running 17" Method NVs with 0 offset and i dont have any issues. I'm only on the fox shocks though, so it just leveled the front end, not a full lift.
  2. I ran stock 18" +18 offset method grid wheels on my 2015 with 305/65r18 falken AT3s on a 2" level and only rubbed the felt liner in reverse in one direction. You would definitely be good to go on aftermarket +18 offset wheels. I would think you might be ok on stock too, but i'm really not sure. I feel like i've seen it before. Depending on where the tires are at, they might do a test fit for you first.
  3. To compete with the raptor, the ZR2 doesnt even come close. The ZR2 is a completely different style of offroading to the raptor. For Chevy to legitimately compete with the Raptor they would need either a super charged 5.3 or a 6.2 with AT LEAST mid-travel suspension, 35s, bigger brakes and some cooling improvements. They have these engine mods already done in sports cars, just move it over to a truck platform and put some REAL suspension on it. It really wouldnt take much for Chevy to do that. Quite a few people on this forum have built trucks that could keep up on runs and such (su
  4. I've heard some having the creaking and some dont. Seems to be hit or miss. The only reason i had someone install was because 1: they did it for free and 2: i didnt want to have to remove the shocks to adjust the level. I've heard you dont HAVE to remove the shocks to adjust it, but they do a lot of these and said it's better and easier if you do, so i just let them handle it. They got the truck adjusted properly height-wise and to my liking, then fixed the squeak a week later after it didnt go away. (the worst part about the squeak was you couldn't hear it outside, only from ins
  5. I have the 2.0s and LOVE them. They ride great and eat up bumps way better than the ranchos could ever dream. Cornering is great too as mentioned above. If you are hard on them, you could go with 2.5s and new upper control arms as well. I'm running the 2.0s to where my truck is leveled and have 17" methods (0 offset) with 295/70r17 cooper XLTs. Rubs the felt liner and thats it. About to zip tie that back and fix the issue. FYI though... my fox shocks did creak a good bit and take some adjusting to get the height that i wanted. I would recommend going through a
  6. Went with the Fox 2.0s and couldn't be happier with them. They ride awesome and leveled the truck out well.
  7. Here are a few more pics I took yesterday. Weather was kind of cool so i washed the truck and got a few more.
  8. So I decided on tires and the mods are now complete! In case anyone is curious, i did confirm before installing the new wheels that after leveling a 2018 model, the stock wheels and tire set up DOES rub on the upper control arm. Seems stupid that GM designed them that way, but after hearing from TXGREEK above, i chose the shocks and new wheels route vs a full lift kit. I ended up choosing Cooper AT3 XLTs in 295/70r17 and the trucks looks AMAZING. So pumped with how it turned out and the shocks ride SO GOOD. Pics below. Before wheels/tires:
  9. So its been a couple weeks and a lot of things have been happening. 1. Camper shell was moved over from the old truck. 2. Had the new truck tinted. 3. AFE Momentum GT Intake (with dry filter) was put on. 4. Fox 2.0 shocks were installed on the truck and front end was lifted about 2" and truck is now level. 5. 4" Magnaflow catback (Part #15318) exhaust installed. 6. New 17" Method NV's were ordered and should be in this week. Oh and I also installed the black GMC Emblems that my buddy got from the dealership. The only step left is to deci
  10. With the stiffer suspension and airbag set up, things should be more than sufficient for 7k.
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