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  1. My King 3.0 bypasses took 8 weeks (build to receiving package) -- Given the current state of the world, I'm sure their entire supply chain has been affected; with a reduction in workforce, inflow of build materials taking forever to get shipped in etc..
  2. Yes.... I have 2 racing shocks in the front and 1 shock that goes through the bed hahaha
  3. Yes caging the truck was in the response. The day after install I did a shakedown and jumped the truck going 80MPH, never clenched my ass so hard before as I preloaded the suspension from a dip and the rear started to lift higher than the front a quick sec when I got air time.
  4. I just cracked my 2nd set of passenger side LTZ headlights -- I see my fab guy in 2 weeks to see we can salvage it with reinforcements to the current mounting brackets, if we can't save them I'll purchase these from you.
  5. I'm running the Camburg kit. It's night and day difference regarding off-road performance with the additional bypass. The people who are happy with just a 2.5/3.0 King/Fox coilover even at custom mid-travel spec just don't drive their vehicle hard enough. Without the bypasses I was constantly bottoming out the front, next step is to work with a shock tuner to get both the rear/front 3.0 triple bypasses properly tuned. Once everything is tuned, I'm going to use this current set up to improve my off-road driving skills. In 1.5 / 2 years or so I will do a 4WD delete and run a race kit in the front (might do j-arm set up but need to see if the additional 3 inches is worth it from your typical 17/18in travel from race kits) and link the rear (not sure if I wanna do short course or traditional) and cage the truck. I'm still undecided on engine modifications, I see dudes with 600HP+ blown L86s who are not using all that power off road and that kind of power would for sure get me in trouble lol. I regularly post stories of me on Instagram sending/pushing the truck pretty hard -- shoot me a DM for the handle if your interested in that kind of content.
  6. I'm on 35's; 35x12.5x17 BFG KO2's 2 inch preload up front, no a simple NorCal mod is all you need to clear 35s -- if you do plan on off roading, do some minor trimming on the front bumper as well to ensure there is no contact at full bump. Yeah, I love living on the West Coast / South West -- lots of open land to play with!
  7. Here is my truck with a few other long travel gm truck buddies at king of hammers.
  8. Added 3.0 king bypasses up front, removable tire cage w/ jack mount, quick release fire extinguishers.
  9. Added king 3.0 bypass shocks up front, removable tire cage w/ jack mounts and added quick release fire extinguishers to the bed cage. Brb while I go bully some Raptors.
  10. Anyone else getting major T1 GMC Sierra vibes from the front of the new F150? More pictures can be found here: https://www.motor1.com/news/399836/2021-ford-f-150-face-revealed/
  11. Really depends on your application and what you want out of the truck, with that being said I'm not a fan of Icons and their digressive valving. I only run Kings and alot of the big boy trucks I see also run kings. When comparing Kings to stock shocks, it'll be a night and day difference offroad -- for me it was being able to gas through washboard sections when everyone else was slowing down I currently run: King 2.5 w/ adjustable resi + King 3.0 triple bypasses in the front and 3.0x16 triple bypasses in the rear -- I eat 95% of the off road terrain I've encountered thus far. After 20,000 abusive off-road miles on my front King 2.5 coilovers, I had them rebuilt and the oil wasn't as degraded as I thought it'd be. If you're looking for photos you can find some on my out-dated build thread:
  12. @NSSANE02 Is this still available? Can you DM a shipping quote to Phoenix, AZ?
  13. From what I heard from industry people here in the states, http://greenautoworks.ae/En/, seems to be a knowledgeable and reputable shop when it comes to anything high-speed running in Dubai; I believe they carry a lot of BajaKit products. I personally wouldn't ever touch Icon products, King / Fox are the way to go.
  14. DirtKing Bed Cage w/ King 3.0x16 triple bypasses has been installed. Shook down the truck with 70MPH runs over the weekend and now the front suspension can’t keep up, looks like my next mod will be adding 3.0 bypasses in the front.
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