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  1. DirtKing Bed Cage w/ King 3.0x16 triple bypasses has been installed. Shook down the truck with 70MPH runs over the weekend and now the front suspension can’t keep up, looks like my next mod will be adding 3.0 bypasses in the front.
  2. Added a DirtKit bed cage and King 3.0x16 triple bypass shocks.
  3. @300 Blackout Do you have any recommendations on two piece drive shafts?
  4. Painted my white fiberglass fenders over the weekend. Glad to be back in the single color paint club
  5. They are currently set up for forged steel or the smaller taper UCAs. Hardware can be purchased to swap out the current uniball adapter spacers and bolts for aluminum/stamped steel UCAs. When purchasing these new from Camburg, two sets of uniball adapters are included to accommodate the different UCA tapers.
  6. I decided to go full long travel on the truck so I no longer have any use for these 1.25in Camburg Racing upper control arms for the 07-18 Silverados. Less than 5,000 miles on them. Asking $500 + Shipping to you.
  7. Here are some new additions to the truck, all parts purchased and installed by the SDHQ team in Gilbert, AZ. New items: Camburg Racing Long Travel Kit Deaver U182s Leaf Pack Mazzula Shackle & Hanger Kit DirtKing Lower Arm Weld Washers DirtKing Heavy Duty Upper Arm Alignment Cam Tabs SDHQ Skid Plate FiberWerx +3 Front Fenders I'll post better photos once I have the fenders painted. Bonus photo of my truck next to BIGRED811s for those interested in seeing a comparison of a wider Silverado vs. Stock.
  8. I did NorCal mod so it doesn't rub on the fender, it is rubbing against my chrome bumper; this is with a pretty aggressive trim. I work the truck pretty hard and bent the passenger side fender when I bottomed out on my last run. FiberWerx fenders + Dirt King Oversize Wheel Wells are coming in my near future.
  9. This isn't the best photo but here is a shot without the air dam.
  10. Hey All - I have a 2016 Silverado LTZ 4x4 5.3 w/ 8SPD that I just paid off and am looking to go full long travel. Here are the current truck specs: Front Shocks - King 2.5 Adjustable Reservoir Upper Control Arms - Camburg Tubular UCAs Rear Shocks - King 2.5 Adjustable Reservoir Tires: 35x12.5x17 BFG KO2s Wheels: 17in Method NVs Lighting: 2-Baja Designs XL80s (SDHQ A-Pillar Mounts) Other: Range AFM Delete The current set up is ok, I can keep up with stock Raptors on certain trail runs. Given that I want more out of this truck, I'm looking at the following long travel kits: Camburg LSK Suspension Dirt King I'm leaning towards the Camburg & DK kits as they're only +3.5 on each side vs. +4.5 for the LSK Kit. My garage isn't wide enough right now to accommodate +4.5 and will barely accommodate +3.5. Here are the other mods to follow in the next 2 months: Rear Bed Cage Whipple Supercharger +3 FiberWerx Fenders (All Corners) 37x12.5x17 BFG KM3s 4.10 Gears
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