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  1. Fernando emailed me back first thing Monday morning, said engineers are working the revision, sent me a service tag and they are paying for the shipping. Told me to ship after the new year since they will be closed till the 4th. So far, Fox customer service has been great. TeeDub, what was the fix they did to your coil overs? Adjusted preload? What is the measurement now on exposed threads on the lower end? Well sorry you had to go through the same situation, good luck on the sale, and looking forward to seeing pics of your truck on 22s or 24s.
  2. Haven't had bilstein but read great reviews on them, almost went with them but wanted the "little more" lift, but so much for that! The fox'es so far ride way better then my stock ranchos, but not worth 800 with no lift. I agree TeeDub, and I'll be on the phone after the new year expressing the same!
  3. So I contacted Fox on Tuesday, spoke with an Alex, he mentioned they were aware of the problem but couldn't do anything till after the new year, they will be closed for two weeks, and to send them the service request form. He mentioned about hearing of the issue, prob TeeDubs's Coil-overs. I didn't like the fact that he said I would have to pay for shipping. I emailed them the service request form today and CC'ed performancelifts.com, I bought these back in Oct, but didn't install them till Monday, I was waiting on finding a deal on wheels and tires and couldn't decide on which ones I wanted. Now the wheels and tires sit in the garage. Anyway, performancelifts.com emailed me back asking for the part number of the coil (039-38-600), mentioned they're a 600lbs coil and I need to adjust the spring preload to archive my lift. That CC trucks are some of the heaviest trucks and expecting the same coil over to provide extly 2" of lift on every GM truck sold simply isn't realistic. So, I'm waiting on Fox's reply and hope they pick up the tab on shipping.
  4. TeeDub, any update? I also just installed 985-02-018 and have the exact issue. Only lifted the truck a 1/2" then went back to stock height after a day of driving around. Went to 4 wheel parts and made an appointment to do the adjustment, after I had the same issue with renting a spring compressor. Now after reading this, think I need to contact Fox. My truck is a 2015 Silverado, CC, w/aluminum suspension.
  5. Very nice truck! How do you like the double cab? Roomy in the back?
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