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  1. Why all the rub fear/dread?

    That is your choice not to tolerate rubbing. I'm sure there are a LOT of people on this forum that tolerate rubbing much more severe than mine and that is there choice also. It's their truck, their choice of what they are willing to tolerate. It really is quite an easy solution to my scenario honestly.. Mine barely rub at completely full lock in reverse = slowing down my reverse speed by a mile or two per hour fixes the issue. It's not really the end of the world for me to do so. That minor fix is worth the big difference (to me) the 2.5" makes over the 1.5" I previously had. Still a little confused as to how a very minor rub in reverse at full lock is a big safety issue? Or how losing one or two degrees of steering in reverse is a big loss in function? Now, in other more severe rubbing scenario's I could see more logic in your statement..
  2. Why all the rub fear/dread?

    RC spacers are that bad huh? I’m thinking I could honestly live with the rubbing..
  3. Why all the rub fear/dread?

    What is the concensus here on wheel spacers? Are they more trouble than they are worth? I see Rough Country makes a 1/2" spacer, maybe that would alleviate my rubbing issue.. If not, I could honestly live with the UCA rubbing I have.
  4. 2016-18’ Gold Silverado Bowtie (front)

    Bump price dropped to $15
  5. Black Center Caps

  6. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Same here. I was originally looking at Tacoma’s before considering a 1/2 ton, had the price made more sense I can honestly say I would probably be driving around in a Taco right now.. but in the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay more for less. I’m very satisfied with my Silverado.
  7. So, before ultimately deciding on my lightly used 18' Silverado 1500 DC LT, I had window shopped pre-owned 18' Tacoma's and Colorado's. To my suprise, what I found was that models with comparable trim/mileage were almost the same price as my Silverado that I chose. To be specific, Colorado's were around the same price or 1-2k cheaper, while most Tacoma's were actually MORE expensive by 1-2k. I guess I'm just stumped as to why anyone would want to spend around the same price or possible more for "less" truck? I mean to be fair a Colorado would be somewhat more appealing I suppose, in that they were on average somewhat cheaper and better MPG than the average V8.. but obviously you sacrifice bed space and towing capability. Tacoma's are a different story. They are usually MORE expensive, worse MPG etc.. don't get me wrong, I think they're good looking trucks. But all things considered, I guess I'm just perplexed as to why there isn't more of a price gap between comparably equipped mid-sized and full-sized trucks on average? And why people are willing to pay more for less, so to speak?
  8. Hopefully I don’t get flamed for this, go easy on me.. I’ll admit I’m a newbie truck owner. So after a LOT of research here sifting through countless threads, I finally decided on Moto 2.5” front level and 1” rear block. I am absolutely satisfied with the the look. It’s exactly what I was looking for on my 18’ with 20” oem replica wheels with stock offset and 275/60r20 tires. Though guess what.. minor UCA rubbing at absolute full lock! Dun dun dun.. Ok, sorry. I kid. But really, why do so many people fear it? I couldn’t really find any info correlating it to to any signficant damage? All I see is extremely minor rub marks on the UCA’s. I can live with it, seeing as that I almost never fully lockout anyway. So is it more the rubbing sound, annoyance factor that people are so drastically afraid of after level they their trucks?
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Went from just a Motofab 1.5” up front to 2.5” front and 1” rear block. Very happy I did..
  10. Ahh I suppose that makes a lot to sense. I was here thinking GM was being pretty generous with the HID’s on all 15-16 models.. Is your Sierra lifted? I noticed once I put a 2.5” on my Silverado I started getting some flashes from oncoming cars.. a quick headlight adjustment fixed that.
  11. My thoughts exactly man. It’s borderline insulting that you can see someone driving around in a new Camry with LED’s that cost half of what a new Custom costs with lousy cheap halogens. I’m sure someone in GM’s financial department realized they could profit much more by offering LED’s in the mid/higher trims and I would assume cost cutting had something to do with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attempting to crap on GM. I have been and always will be a die hard Chevy supporter. I just thought I may have been being a bit too nit picky, so it’s nice to hear other people feel the same way on this particular aesthetic topic..
  12. Oh really? I knew that the 14-15 models didn’t have projectors for the most part, but I wasn’t aware that the standard halogen lamps were that bad. I agree. It does surprise me that Ford and Ram skimp on the lights, I mean with Ford you basically have to buy the Lariat or Platinum trims to get upgraded lamps and LED drl’s. When you’re paying $40k plus for a truck, decent headlights should be standard at this day in age (and for competition’s sake). For sure! I was seriously considering a 19’ Custom since they were in my price range before I ultimately decided on my LT and I don’t regret going with the 18’ one bit.
  13. This is a topic I’ve been meaning to bring up here.. Let me first say, I am not a new generation owner (I have an 18’ LT). But it really surprises me that GM did not choose to make LED headlights and DRL’s standard across the board for all trucks. To me it’s pretty disappointing that they took a step backwards in this regard. I was always impressed that GM decided to make HID’s and LED DRL’s standard equipment for all 16’-18’ Sierra/Silverado trims. Definitely gave them an aesthetic edge over all the other major manufacturers who made you pay for it as an upgrade and if I’m going to be honest, was definitely a selling point for me when I chose my 18’.
  14. Nexen Roadian HP 275/55r20 Tires

    Bump. Price dropped to $300

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