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  1. No actually residue. It’s more of a reddish shadow.. maybe I’ll have to try the 3M. You would think the manufacturers of those vinyl window decals would heat test them so this doesn’t happen..
  2. Has anyone tried the RC Speedometer Calibrator? If so, how does it work? Once plugged in do you manual select what you want? As in add or subtract MPH, or is it all completely automatic pretty much? I'm thinking about giving it a try since my speedo is off a bit after adding bigger wheels/tires..
  3. By suspension change, do you mean going from the basic OEM shocks in my 2016 LT to the Rancho's in my 2018 z71?
  4. 275/60r20. The same exact tires and wheels from my old truck.. My in-service date of my 16’ was in June, so it seems that both trucks do in face have the same UCA’s then.
  5. So I had a 2016 LT with 20” GMC honeycomb replicas that I put a 2.5” Motofab level on and had slight UCA rub at full lock in reverse.. just traded it in for a 2018 z71 (transfered the honeycombs over from my 2016) and put the same 2.5” level on. Somehow, I don’t have any rub whatsoever? I’m pretty sure all 16-18’ models had the same stamped UCA’s. Very peculiar? Just wondering if anyone on here would have any idea why I’m not getting any rub with my 18’ since basically nothing is different..
  6. Thanks for all of the input.. I actually found a bottle of spray Goof Off I had laying around, still no luck. Snowcamo, I’m think I may have to give the razor blade a shot.. though I’m a bit apprehensive. Can it damage the glass in anyway? I’m guessing the reason it’s been so difficult to get off is because I’m thinking it’s not adhesive that I’m dealing with, but some of the color from the vinyl decal that got burnt on the glass somehow.
  7. So, The previous owner of my recently purchased 2018 z71 had one of those perforated vinyl window decals that covered the entire rear window. It came off very easily with no noticeable residue leftover.. That is, until I was driving home the other day and the sun must have been coming in at just the right angle, because I happened to look in the rearview mirror and saw a few faint red bars in the middle of the of the window (it was one of those firefighter american flag decals). I tried alcohol with a bit of elbow grease, no luck.. goo gone, no luck.. My guess is that the heat from the rear window defroster must have somehow adhered the color/dye from the decal when the previous owner turned it on? Any suggestions would be much appreciated for a good window cleaner would be much appreciated!
  8. 2018 z71 Redline DC - Motofab 2.5” front, 2” rear
  9. Do they come with the wiring harness? I think I may need that since I have a 2018 without factory LED tails..
  10. Yea. Don't get me wrong, I love GM and try to think of myself as pretty loyal.. but not sure how they justify charging you just under $40k for a "special edition" vehicle and then don't even include premium lighting.
  11. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news.. I was in your EXACT situation a few months ago. I bought a 2016 LT without fog lights because it was a killer deal. I thought oh well, I'll just pick up a new OEM bumper with fog lights and add them later on.. Well, after I had bought all of the necessary parts I started doing some reading of threads in which other people on here tried doing the exact same thing, but ultimately could not get it done because dealers are unable to flash the BCM to allow the fogs to work. Even with all of the correct parts. I promptly called my local dealer and they assured me that it would be no problem and that they could install them. Long story short and much frustration later.. the dealer ended up being wrong and they could not flash the BCM and there was some kind of complication with the fog light wiring to the fuse box. I ended up getting stuck with a bunch of parts that took months to sell off unfortunately. Ultimately I ended up trading it in for a loaded 2018 Z71 a couple months ago that has fogs. I know some people couldn't care less if they had them, but for me they're a necessity. Your only options are to either settle for aftermarket fogs with an aftermarket switch or having your BCM custom flashed and doing some custom electrical/wiring work yourself. Not sure if the latter option causes any sort of warrant complications. I wish I was wrong, but unfortunately it is what it is man..
  12. Does anyone know what exact model Rancho's are included with z71's? I'm assuming maybe the RS5000's..
  13. I really don't have any complaints so far. I think the ride is pretty good truth be told, especially for an "offroad" shock. What I am surprised with, is that they didn't add an inch or two lift like they finally decided to do with the new Trail Boss's. You would think they would have since they tout the offroad terminology. No biggie for me though, a simple front level and rear block are cheap and easy enough to install to add just a bit of height/clearance.
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