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  1. Gotcha, I wasn’t aware of the tow hold.. and yes, It’s the same 6 speed as mine
  2. So I just drove my Father-In-Law’s 15’ Suburban and was surprised how much more responsive the throttle (especially bottom end) was compared to my 18’ 1500. It has the same 5.3 as my Silverado to the best of my knowledge. Do the Suburbans have different gearing?
  3. What made you choose your GM over any other manufacturer/model? I'm new to GM and my 18' Silverado 1500 LT DC is my first truck, so I can't exactly say I chose my truck based on a history of GM loyalty.. but I can say that I think the Silverado is one of the best looking trucks out there aesthetically speaking and I've heard the 5.3 is damn near bulletproof. I could have bought an 18' F150 CC with similar miles, but I just felt as though I got more for my money with the Chevy (minus the cab space of course). I got HID's/LED DRL's, bigger infotainment screen, better interior quality/materials and a V8.. which to me in my current point in life more than compensates for less cab space. Very happy with my choice so far!
  4. I just purchased a used 2018 Silverado LT in April. Does anyone know if our trucks come with any kind of basic/limted/trial subscription from the factory? Honestly, I've never bothered to check on mine, as I just assumed it wasn't enabled and that I would have to pay for it..
  5. Windshield border

    Awesome, thanks for the tip!
  6. Post Your Transformation

    Am in the same boat as you. I’ve been eyeing an LTZ grill for my 18’ LT, but $600 is really steep for a piece of plastic. I’ve seen the one you have here on Amazon. Looks good..
  7. Windshield border

    It's the black corner piece. MY164X4 was correct, I found a replacement on Ebay realatively cheap. It's ordered and on the way.. Now I wonder how much of a pain it is to swap out
  8. Windshield border

    Awesome, thanks man!
  9. When getting in my truck yesterday, I noticed that the plastic/rubber corner piece at the edge of my windshield is faded with water stains. I tried everything to clean it up to no avail. Looks like I may just have to order a new one. To be honest, I have no idea what it’s called and I couldn’t come up with anything after searching around on here. Does anyone know what it’s called? Or have a part number?
  10. 2018 Leveling Kit with Stock Wheels

    I have a 2.5" front spacer and a 1" rear block. Running 20" GMC replica NZM's (stock offset) with 275/60/22 tires.. very slight rub at full lock in reverse, nothing I can't live with. This setup leaves me with between 0.5"-0.75" of rake which is perfect for me. When I hook up my bass boat my truck is completely level, no squatting.
  11. LED DRL’s

    Guess I'm the only dork who notices this stuff
  12. New Silverado Owner

    Congrats! Welcome to the forum!
  13. So, what’s everyone’s favorite LED DRL design? (regardless of manufacturer) Obviously I realize this is a GM forum, so I realize there is going to be a bias, but it seems like it’s the trend these days to design unique LED DRL’s on most new vehicles, so I thought it would be interesting to hear people’s opinions. I’m just going to rate current generations for the most part for the sake of simplicity. My opinions.. F150 - Not a huge fan of the current gen DRL’s. They just look gaudy and too flashy to me (though I didn’t mind the yellow LED’s on the previous gen) Ram 1500 - I do like what they did with the dual bar design, but I saw one driving today and I just don’t think they look bright enough. Especially in daylight. Tundra - Not bad. I can appreciate the clean look of how they wrapped the led bar around the majority of the headlamp Titan - No opinion either way. Reminds me of the corner style Tacoma DRL’s Sierra - Definitely think they look great. Similar to the Tundra but with a bit more geometry Silverado - Unique. Subtle, yet definitely enough to catch your eye. I know I’m biased as a K2 owner, but I’ve always liked the 16-18 style DRL’s. They’re simple, yet striking and really bright. They really accentuate the boxy square look of the front end and I like the noticeable LED “dot” seperation versus the solid straight continuous bar of light some designs have.
  14. OEM 2014-18 Silverado Mirror

    Off of 2018 Silverado LT - Passenger Side - Heater - Excellent Condition $30 plus shipping
  15. Camber

    I did have an alignment done immediately after installing the level..

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