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  1. Also, what are "spline" or "acorn" lug nuts?
  2. Wow, they're a bit pricey. They do look quality though. Do they offer anything over a similar $50 off brand set?
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! Appreciate all of the input.. I'm leaning more towards the RC I think
  4. Man that sounds like a PITA. What length/specs do I need? I'm pretty much stock specs with my wheels
  5. Nice .How do you like the looks of it? Bulky at all? I have not seen a sit-on-top in person..
  6. Well, I think the RC looks pretty solid, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm a fan of the sit-on-top style. The Gator looks pretty awesome with the flush look, but there are reports of some minor leakage that I've read. Also if I'm going to be completely honest, I think the big goofy alligator logos that Gator uses look kind of tacky.. though I know how petty that sounds. So, I'm somewhat torn!
  7. So, after much internet browsing and searching on here... I think I've narrowed down my two choices that fit my budget and preferences: Rough Country Tri-fold - https://www.americantrucks.com/rough-country-hard-trifold-tonneau-bed-cover-1418-silverado-1500-w-short-standard-bo-chevy.html Gator EFX - https://realtruck.com/p/gator-efx-hard-fold-tonneau-cover/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2018/ They both seem to get good overall reviews from what I've read. Looks like the big main difference is that the Rough Country sits more on top of the bed rails versus the more flush Bakflip style like the Gator. Seems like the RC may be sturdier due to that fact? Though that is pure unfounded speculation on my part. Does anyone have any input on either of these? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for locking lug nuts? Brand? I'm thinking about picking up a black set for my black GMC honeycomb replica's I have on my K2. I'm not a big fan of the chrome ones on there currently..
  9. Does anyone here have the Morimoto XB's on their trucks? They seem very similar to the Raxioms and have read similar things about the hyperflashing from other threads I've searched on here. I'm thinking about picking them up for my LT (non-factory LED), but not sure if I want to drop almost $500 and have all the headaches I've been hearing..
  10. Does anyone know if you need TWO keys in order to program the spare key yourself? I’m looking to get a spare key, but only have one ignition key..
  11. I'm thinking about doing something with the stock system on my 18' 5.3.. but, I'll be completely honest, this is my first truck and I know absolutely nothing about exhaust. I thinking I want a sound just barely above oem. I actually like the sound of the oem exhaust during a cold start, but wouldn't mind something just a tick above. Not looking for anything droning or obnoxious by any means. I'm thinking maybe just going with a muffler would be the most economical route given my situation? I've heard good things about Magnaflow and Flowmaster, but feel free to add any help/suggestions!
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I'm going to revive it since I was in a big debate between getting a used Sierra or a Silverado a few months ago. Actually a F-150 was in the mix also if I'm going to be honest.. 2018 F-150 XLT CC: Pro's - crew cab, 3.5 ecoboost was pretty quick Con's - lackluster interior (tiny screen, cheap feeling dash, dials etc), halogen headlights/DRL's 2018 Sierra Elevation DC: Pro's - HID's/LED DRL's, spray-in bedliner, exterior styling Con's - lower trim interior (floor drive selector, mid-grade screen, basic non-leather steering wheel etc) 2018 Silverado LT DC: Pro's - HID's/LED DRL's, exterior styling, LT trim interior (bigger 8" screen, leather wrapped steering wheel etc) Con's - drop-in bedliner, no fog lights Not a completely fair comparison (different trims levels, cab sizes), but those were my three best options that fit my budget after months and months of window shopping. Ultimately I went with the Silverado and couldn't be happier. Even though I would have been getting a crew cab with the Ford, I just couldn't deal with the borderline base model interior and halogen lighting. It was a close debate between the Sierra and Silverado. I think both trucks look pretty sharp on the exterior, but ultimately the better interior on the Chevy is what swayed me. I'm a big proponent of making sure you like the inside of your vehicle.. after all, you spend most of your time inside, not outside staring at the pretty exterior.
  13. How much fuel does idling actually use? I was always under the impression that the amount was negligible, but while sitting parked in my truck the other day I noticed on my DIC that my average MPG dropped about 1/10th MPG for about every 30-40 seconds spent parked idling..
  14. So I just had an OEM remote start installed on my 18’ LT. Are there any sort of options/preferences for things such as to have the heat turn on automatically when remote starting? My friend’s 17’ Z71 heat comes when he remote starts his truck (his came installed from the factory). I tried going into the settings screen that has the remote unlock options, but I didn’t see any setting options for the remote start..
  15. Not sure why you think 8k a year is a lot.. read any recent statistic, the average American now drives anywhere between 10-15k/year. 8k by statistical definition is a good bit below average.
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