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  1. Fold-a-Cover Bed Cover w/Personal Caddy - Fits 2016-2018 Silverado/Sierra with 6’6” bed (may possibly fit other manufacturer 6’6” beds also) - small pea sized puncture (see picture) - located in Central Pennsylvania - $150 https://www.foldacoverfactorystore.com/GM4932-G4-Elite-Fold-A-Cover.html https://www.foldacoverfactorystore.com/GM4932PC0-Personal-Caddy.html
  2. Thank you! I swapped the factory 20’s with the red stripes for replica GMC honeycombs.
  3. Ha my thoughts exactly. I'll say it again.. I don't hate Toyota's, but the blind cult-like following and blatant overpricing are not a good look for the brand or the fanboy demographic in my opinion.
  4. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. I think (most) modern vehicles these days hold up reasonably well if you take care of them. Which further was me perplexed as to my the Toyota reliability factor still holds so much water with sales these days. In regards to your comments about Toyota interiors.. I can’t comment on rattles/squeaks that develop over time, but I can say in regards to the Tacoma it looks vastly outdated and borderline cheap. I think it’s best attribute is the aggressive exterior styling, not much else intrigues me about them. The V6 is inefficient/middle of the pack (comparing to competitors), the transmission is ancient and it lacks lots of general features (not even an option for remote start). Yet Toyota charges big bucks.
  5. Before I bought my used 2018 Silverado a few months ago, comparably equipped used 2018 Tacoma's were the same price, if not a few bucks more..
  6. Yes, I do hear that they excel off road. Does anyone else here feel like Toyota uses their "reliability" reputation as an excuse to justify charging a hefty premium for their trucks while skimping on basic things like regular updates (both mechanically and aesthetically) and features? I don't have a problem with Toyota vehicles in general, but I've always felt that way.. and it comes off a bit greedy to me.
  7. I have not. The interior's do look a bit cramped, more sedan-like than truck-like. Tacoma's seem to have a cult like following too.. not sure why? They do look pretty sharp with the right suspension and tire/wheel combo, but other than that I'm not sure why people tend to go so crazy for them.
  8. Just curious.. Have anyone of you guys ever at any point considered downsizing to a mid sized truck? I will admit, I do like the look of Tacoma’s and was considering one before picking up my used 2018 Redline.. but I just could not bring myself to pay the same amount for a smaller truck, smaller engine (no gain in mpg compared to with 5.3 with AFM) and less features.
  9. Yea, I was just wondering if there would be a difference. Maybe I can live without a plug. I just hate looking at a rusty hitch.. though like you said, it’s pretty much inevitable unless you sand everything and repaint it often. Sounds like a PITA to me though.
  10. Just wondering if anyone uses a trailer hitch plug? I was thinking about picking one up to throw in during the winter when I don't really tow much. Thought I wonder if plugging it up might cause reduced airflow, thus allowing for more rusting? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Chevrolet-Silverado-Avalanche-Tahoe-Suburban-2-Trailer-Hitch-Cover-Plug-GM/311007346805?fits=Make%3AChevrolet&epid=654749393&hash=item48697b8075:g:19YAAOSwDk5Tv13y
  11. Has anyone had luck with the dealer addressing this issue? Just noticed this on my 2018 as well as a squeaky/creaky brake pedal (the creak seems to be coming from up higher near the brake booster). I was just going to live with the annoying creaky brake pedal, but after the squeaking started I think the both of them may warrant a visit to the dealer. I found someone on youtube (posted below) that posted a video about the same issue and while reading through the comments he stated that he eventually got the dealer to replace some exhaust components which solved the issue completely. It’s unfortunate these two issues happen often (Almost every time you accelerate or brake) and become highly irritating. My truck is still under warranty thankfully. Am I being too critical or would this stuff bother you guys also and deserve a trip to the dealer?
  12. Bought mine about a month ago and love it. I don't think I would be able to tolerate going back to driving without the added sensitivity now..
  13. Awesome! Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. Looks like I’ll be putting an order in soon
  14. Hey guys, K2 owner here. I’m hoping you T1 guys can answer something for me.. So I found a black OEM exhaust tip I would love to put on my 2018 Silverado w/5.3, but it says it’s for 2019/20 models with the 5.3. I’m thinking it may fit my exhaust tip which is around 2.75”. To the best of my knowledge the T1’s with the 5.3 and without the dual rear rectangle tips should have the 2.75” tips as well, is this correct? Thanks! https://www.chevrolet.com/performance/silverado/exhaust
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