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  1. Rough Country Trifold Hard Tonneau Cover - fits 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierrra 1500 6.5 bed $200 Local pickup near Bloomsburg (PA) preferred, but would be willing to meet at a location within reason. Thanks!
  2. Pedal Commander PC65 - excellent condition/like new - compatible with 2007-2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500’s as well as some other GM trucks *note* - comes with zip ties and velcro cradle for mounting, but no adhesive velcro strip for mounting surface as I used that previously for install. Though any cheap adhesive backed velcro strip found at a hardware store will work! $200 shipped via USPS w/tracking
  3. Thanks for the links! I have replica 20” GMC Honeycomb wheels, judging by Motofab’s website I’ll need wheel spacers? Aren’t wheel spacers usually frowned upon? Or maybe I’m just regurgitating something I read somewhere..
  4. Good to know. If it does end up being a bad upper ball joint, I’ll probably just swap out the stock UCA’s for aftermarket ones. Like I said, the clunk is really sporadic and only happens once and a while. Is there anything else that could possibly be causing it? I haven’t noticed any uneven tire wear (yet) etc..
  5. Yes, they are the stock UCA’s. I know I took a gamble keeping them, now I may be paying the price. I’ve heard replacing upper ball joints isn’t cheap, so I’m fearing that price may be high..
  6. I have a 2018 Silverado with a 2.5” RC level kit. Occasionally/sporadically when making sharp, slow speed turns (usually when parking) I’ll notice a faint “clunk” coming from the front end. The truck itself has 33k miles (about 6k w/the level kit). Could this be indicative of a bad ball joint? If so, is it normal for a 2.5” front level to wear a ball joint out that quickly? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply. I looked into the MBRP a bit more, but it specfically said on their website that the Black Series is not recommended for use in environments that could have road salt. Guess since I’m in PA that rules out that option.. I found a few clips of Carven’s systems and they sound pretty nice, especially for the price. They seem like a relatively new company. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing..
  8. Hmm that could be an option as well. Do you have an recommendations over Flowmaster for a muffler?
  9. So I’ve had my 2018 Redline (5.3) with a K&N CAI for about a year now and have been pretty satisfied with it. I liked that it sounded pretty much stock until I got into the 2k-3k RPM range and then the CAI opened up a little bit of audible grunt, which was nice. But now I’m contemplating picking up a full exhaust system. I’ve done a fair bit a sifting through threads here and I ideally would like just little extra growl when I get on the throttle and preferably minimal to no drone at all since it’s my daily driver. The CAI is great, but as I mentioned, you can only hear it arou
  10. Hey all, Hopefully I’m not breaking any forum rules by posting this, but I have a bunch of brand new/like new Magpul accessories that were intended to go towards an AR build that never came to finalization. Willing to let the whole lot go cheap since it’s just taking up space in my closet at the moment.. - 24 Flat Dark Earth Mlok Rail Covers (new) - Flat Dark Earth Angled Foregrip (new) - Flat Dark Earth MOE Grip (new) - Black Vertical Foregrip w/Mlok Adaptor (like new) - Flat Dark Earth Mlok Vertical Foregrip (like new) $55 shipped
  11. M1, no question. They’re only going to go up in value. I went through the CMP for mine and I highly recommend them!
  12. I also have the RC bed mat. It definitely is heavy duty and overall I like it.. but beware of the "recycled materials" disclaimer in the description. Mine came with a TON of embedded brown carpet fibers. I sent RC a message and they acknowledged how bad it was and sent me a new one.. the second one was just as bad. I just decided to keep it and ignore the aesthetic defects and use it as a beater bed mat to save my factory spray-in liner. Just something to keep in mind..
  13. What year is your Sierra? Your profile says 2014, but your avatar is of the 16-18" front end?
  14. Fold-a-Cover Bed Cover w/Personal Caddy - Fits 2016-2018 Silverado/Sierra with 6’6” bed (may possibly fit other manufacturer 6’6” beds also) - small pea sized puncture (see picture) - located in Central Pennsylvania - $150 https://www.foldacoverfactorystore.com/GM4932-G4-Elite-Fold-A-Cover.html https://www.foldacoverfactorystore.com/GM4932PC0-Personal-Caddy.html
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