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  1. I have a 2009 Yukon Denali that seems to have the same issue. Upon a firm acceleration, there is a "clunk" or sometimes a "clunk clunk" from somewhere in the front. Cant tell if its right side, left side or the middle. It makes a similar noise (may or may not be the same noise) when going over a speed bump (or in my case the end of my driveway). I've tried a hard acceleration with my foot on the brake and there are no noises to report so I don't think the engine mounts are involved. Any additional thoughts or solutions?
  2. I'm looking for a replacement ECM for my 1998 Corvette. The part is only good for the 97 and 98 model years. Changes were apparently made for model years 99 and newer. Delco part number if useful is: 19332289 or 16238212. This part has proven much more difficult to find than I anticipated. If you or anyone you know own one, please let me know. I'd love to get my car back on the road!
  3. I've got a 2009 Yukon that has some random LED headlights in it. I really like the look of the led's but they are garbage as far as visibility. Anyone have a bulb combo that seems to work well with the stock Yukon headlight assembly?
  4. Debating on the next firearm purchase. 1k or so is the budget and caught between 2 totally different animals. Do I buy another historical M! Garand? (I have a huge fascination with them as well as other war memorabilia) Or do I get a CZ Scorpion Evo just for the hell of it? Rock and a hard place... What would y'all get and why? Any other firearm considerations?
  5. Alright gang, I've got an '09 Yukon Denali that was having cruise control issues from time to time. I replaced the brake light switch which seemed to solve that issue but shortly after I had the service stabilitrak/traction control message display come up as well as a glowing ABS light. The switch was replaced a couple of weeks back. The traction control/stabilitrak message has illuminated maybe 5 or 6 times since and only comes on when I have stopped at a light or a stop sign. I know this may be a wheel speed sensor issue but the fact it showed up shortly after changi
  6. I havent checked the alternator itself however the voltage on the gauge cluster seems to be within normal operating ranges while running. But, I suppose I might as well swing by a shop and see what they have to say. Since I replaced the battery the truck fires up right away so I dont believe it it be a battery issue. The flickering is reduced when the AC is off but it is still present.
  7. So, My 2009 Yukon Denali throws the "service battery charging system" message on a daily basis. The little red battery light comes on as well and stays on for varying times. The message seems to only come on while the truck is idling or moving at slow speeds (like when I drive down my muddy driveway or stopped at a light). The battery light may be displayed anywhere between 10 seconds to 30 minutes. Performance of the truck doesn't seem to be hurt in any way however the voltage gauge doesn't stay super consistent while driving. I had the old battery checked and replaced shortly after I bought
  8. So I bought some surplus ammo from the CMP a while back to feed my Garand. Got the loose packed stuff in a .30 cal ammo can with the intention of sorting it. I stumbled across about 40 rounds or so with 1945 head stamps 30 of which are marked VC 45 (Canadian I believe). The remainder are marked SL 45 (Saint Louis Ordinance). Anyone know the value of this stuff if anything? I'm debating whether its worth holding onto or if I should get some more enjoyment out of my rifle with it. Thanks!
  9. I've got a friend who originally recommended them to me! Everyone I have talked too seems to rave about Vortex as a whole.
  10. Its going to be a combo of coyote hunting and general plinking.
  11. So.....Im looking to buy a new optic for some double duty action. I need an scope that can function on both my BCM ar15 AND my Remington 700 chambered in 7mm rem mag for some distance shooting out to 500 yards or so. I'm interested in either the Vortex Viper or the Vortex Diamondback (killer warranty). I realize there may be a need for 2 sets of scope mounts in order to fit the two rifles but that's not an issue for me. Which model and configuration do you think is best for my application? Thanks!
  12. Well, I've decided to spend the money and purchase a little quieter bang for my buck. I recently graduated college and decided a suppressor would be a nice way to reward myself. I've got my selection narrowed down to two but I'd like to hear some input from y'all to narrow it down to one. Both are 5.56 and will likely stay on my BCM most of the time. I don't have a use for any 30 cal cans seeing as how my only 30 cal is a vintage M1 Garand. Griffin Armament Recce 5- Average sound reduction, 35db 6.2" long 14.5oz in weight $645 from Silencer Shop Griffin is
  13. 1) Yes, I am interested in accessorizing my truck. Nothing too crazy but I like to do a few subtle changes to make mine stand out from the crowd a little bit. My top priorities that I consider when choosing a product include price, quality and the reviews. 2) When shopping for an item, it is rare that I would sacrifice quality for cost. You get what you pay for. 3) No, I would not buy just on looks. If it has to look the part, it has to play the part in my opinion.
  14. No, it has been ridden maybe once over the last year for any period of time although I try to start it, let it idle for a bit and cruise up the street for a couple minutes to try and keep things in working order. The clutch feels fine when riding but I don't have enough experience to pinpoint exactly when and where things may go wrong. I suppose I should take it for a good ride one of these days and see if it helps, otherwise I feel some new parts are in my future. Thanks for the help!
  15. So I've got a 2002 YZ250f that I got from a family friend a couple years back. The bike had a 100% tear down and rebuild including the motor just before I picked it up. It ran great for the first year or so that I had it but just recently it started to lunge forward and stall itself when I drop it from neutral to first with the clutch pulled in all the way. I have to push the bike, hop on and complete my shift while still moving to avoid the stall. Likewise, I cannot stop whatsoever while in first gear or its also an instant stall. Adjusting the clutch cable on the handle bars doesn't do much
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