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Found 49 results

  1. I have a 2005 Chevy Suburban that has been frustrating me with a "Service 4WD" and a "stability control system disabled". I've been troubleshooting it for a while and I have been doing the various things that I find on the interwebs. Some work for a while and some do nothing. I removed and cleaned some grounding switches under the driver's door. - Nothing changed. I replaced the selector switch next to the steering wheel. - This seemed to work, but then the errors came back. At this point, the drive system started randomly shifted between 2WD and 4H or 4L. I assumed this meant that the encoder motor has gone bad. I purchased and installed a new one and now I only get a red light on the selector switch. I'm not sure if something else is wrong or if I have a bad replacement encoder motor. I have reached out to the online parts store to see what they say and don't have an answer from them yet. I scrolled the forums and went cross-eyed before finding a thread that talks about this. Anyone out there that maybe has gone through the same thing and come out on the other side? Thanks!
  2. Well guys, it finally happened with the 2019's coming out and all these dealers trying to move their new and used 18's I broke down and upgraded my 2014 GMC 1500 to a Certified 2018 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 w/ only 2700 miles! I am pretty excited about it, she's bone stock and she won't last that way for long. Going from 35's to stocks is going to be quite the transition at first, but don't fret! There are changes coming soon and I figured I would track my build right here, hope y'all will enjoy! It already started yesterday as I did some research and discovered my K & N cai will fit on the 2018, so I pulled that off and put the stock intake back on, also took the hidden light bar out of the grill, and of course took my good ole trusty tool box off (this will be truck number 5 for the tool box!). I placed an order just a few minutes ago and there are more goodies coming soon! Please let me know if y'all have any comments, ideas, or questions!
  3. Dealership sold me hail damaged truck

    Bought a 2017 Chervrolet Silverado crew cab 4wd Lt from Gateway Chevrolet in Avondale, Arizona. It only had 2800 miles when I bought it, certified preowned. This was back in November 2017, few months ago I realized the truck had about a dozen dime sized dents throughout the roof, very slight dents but definitely there. It infuriates me how they didn't disclose this to me, I bought the truck for an unreasonably expensive price considering it had dents on the roof. It angers me because The truck cost me 38,000 dollars and they didn't disclose dents on the roof, body damage!!! it will cost me nearly a thousand dollars to repair. I called Chevrolet and of course there is nothing they will do about it. I called the dealership and I haven't even been able to get through to a person in charge, they keep on giving me the run around. I am so pissed, I can't believe Chevrolet did this to me, I feel lied to I decided to buy Chevrolet because of the reputation it has but am now wishing I would have bought a ford instead.
  4. Last week i decided to level my 2014 4wd silverado. in the process of removing the plugs from the eps i broke the upper most plug and now its loose. I have been trying to find where i can buy a replacement but have had no luck. where could i buy one? or what would be the proper name for the plug so i can do a better job when trying to explain to people what im looking for. thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, Tonight on my way home I had the 4wd light flash periodically in my 2wd 99 Chevy Silverado 1500. I am totally clueless as to why this would happen as I figured that it would be disabled since I don't have a transfer case. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks
  6. Hello, Tonight on my way home I had the 4wd light flash periodically in my 2wd 99 Chevy Silverado 1500. I am totally clueless as to why this would happen as I figured that it would be disabled since I don't have a transfer case. Any ideas or suggestions?? Thanks
  7. Hows it going, any help and advice is VERY much appreciated. 2000 Silverado 4.8 vortec 1500 4wd. I have been trying to figure this truck out for months, shakes at all rpms although certain rpms are worse than others(the missfire) I have replaced intake manifold gaskets, double and triple checked vaccum system for leaks doing smoke tests (no vaccum leaks), replaced pcv valve, thoroughly cleaned injectors, confirmed everything fuel wise is working properly, new fuel filter. Still shaking badly. The other day I had a great idea, I waited until it got dark outside and decided to run the engine and look under the hood. Sure enough, I noticed sparking (shorting out) happening on pretty much all of the coils. The sparking is COMPLETELY random and there is never a consistent spark, for example one moment coils for cyl# 2,5,1,7 will be sparking, the next moment they wont and others will, and sometimes they look like they arent sparking at all, Also may mention that the drivers side of the motor seems to be sparking more often but it does indeed happen on both sides. It seems to spark a little more frequently when you spike the throttle. All i have replaced in the ignition system is the spark plugs, and made no difference at all. All of the coils are producing a spark at the spark plug. I have checked the common grounds to each ignition coil (plug on the top of the coil) and they all were grounded. Truck has 240k miles. If someone could please help me I would really appreciate it I feel like im SO close to fixing this thing and is my only car right now and need to figure it out. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, Have 2014 Sierra SLT AT 4x4 with 1600km's and this past week had the seasons first couple inches of snow and tried out the 4 wheel drive for the first time and right away noticed a slight but noticeable pinging high frequency noise coming from the dash when in "4 wheel high" or "4 wheel auto" but immediately goes away when back in "2 wheel high". When I first heard it I thought is was my keys jingling and grabbed a hold of them and ruled that out.. (only one other key) Mind you it's nothing cranking up the radio can't take care of but otherwise it's annoying as heck.. Anyone else experienced this? It sounds much like jingling keys but high frequency. Only happens in 4WDHigh or 4WDAUTO, never in 2WD.. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this at all? Will mention it to the dealer next time I'm in.. - Al
  9. Hey Guys! I bought an 01 sierra 2500hd, 6.0 198xxx. I use it as my daily driver. (:/) Anyways, when in 4 wheel drive, i am hearing and feeling a clunking sound not entiringly unlike that of the cv axels. the sound occurs going straight forward and straight in reverse. higher engine rpm, the faster the clunking. (almost as if a belt was turning faster than a pully.) This sound occurred with and without a goose neck trailer attached. i replaced the cv axels and the problem, noises and feelings continue. well i thought the Transfer case would be the next logical place to look, and since i was doing a tranny flush thought i would take out the Tcase and look inside as well as do a pump rub fix. the inside looks flawless besides the pump clip being broken. I am lost gents. I do not know where to go next. im going to order a the merchant pump rub fix but besides that i dont know where to turn. could the front differential be the problem maker?
  10. My new Silverado was stuck in 4WD. The dealer found a Chevrolet "Field Action" for the vehicle that indicated the transfer case shift control module required reprogramming. The "Service 4WD" message appeared on the driver info screen. Some of the vibration issues being reported could be that the truck is stuck in 4WD - that causes steering wheel vibration at highway speeds. In my case, the control knob was in 2W HI and there was NO indicator light on the knob. The service 4WD did not come on initially.
  11. So Here is Ontario we got our first snowfall this year, so I went to go move my 08 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab Long box pickup and wouldn't go as I didn't have any weight in the back... So I switched it to 4 and went to go but nothing, The 4WD switch indicator light flashed for about 30 seconds and then finally switched (Or supposably) switched to 4WD HI and the 4WD HI light was aluminated but the 4WD wasn't working so I switched from 4HI back to 2HI and it switched normally on the switch no waiting 30 seconds... and tried switching it back again and then the service 4WD message on the dash came up. i also tried putting it in Neutral and tried 4L and 4HI but nothing. Back in the summer I was in a murder situation pulling a heavy trailer uphill so I switched to 4 all good and drove out, a few mins later went to switch back flipped it and immediately on the display came up "Service 4WD System" so I just kept driving (as per I was in a time crunch) and about 5 mins later after a few jerks of emptying a dump trailer and restarting the truck it finally switched to 2HI. After that i never thought about it again until now. I also have a loud/ quite like humming or growling noise like what winter tires would make when driving on pavement in 2HI at anything above 60 KM/h. I have bf Goodrich all terrain Tires on my truck, so I assumed it was just that. but now a little skeptical on if it is the tires or something like the transfer case. I am a good do it your self-mechanic, I don't know too much but I learn as I go, so any help is much appreciated.
  12. I've searched for an answer but can't find one identical to my question...I apologize if I missed it. I've got a 2007 Silverado w/ 4.8L, manual shift for 4WD. My 4x4 light stays on even when I'm in 2WD. I can switch to 4Hi or even 4Lo and back to 2WD and light stays on regardless. What could cause this issue? Thanks in advance.
  13. No doubt this has appeared somewhere in the GM-Truck forums, but I've been searching and can't find it. Anyway... I towed my 20' travel trailer for about 100 miles in 4WD HI on dry highways this weekend. Average speed about 55-60 mph with occasional bursts to pass. The truck may have handled differently than usual, but towing the trailer masked it. I noticed it when I reached the campground and rightly felt like a complete idiot. I drove around slowly in 4WD to check for anything that felt or sounded wrong but all seemed normal. On the way home I checked the tiny indicator light about every five minutes to be sure it was in 2wd. It seemed to drive just fine at highway speeds, too. Is anyone willing to admit to this bonehead move and/or share experiences after doing the same? Have I damaged my truck in the short or long term? Is there anything I should do now besides remember to switch out of 4WD? Joe SW Ohio 2011 Silverado 1500 (4WD with 5.3L, 6-speed, 4WD, 3.42)
  14. hello all! I did a search and didn't have much luck with it...I have kind of a two part question about 4wd auto feature... 1) I understand that you can use it 'all the time' if you want, but how does it work? is it like all the front drive is fully engaged but in neutral? so all the parts gears, clutches, etc are getting used but no power going to them? if so, does this promote potential premature wear-out of these parts? 2) how long does it take to engage when your computer senses a wheel slip/ have you felt it being effective/ when have you used it? Thanks in advance! hope everyone is staying warm...its brutal out there!
  15. 4wd issues

    My battery died when it was well below -20 on my way home from work, I was in 4hi at the time my truck shut off and stalled. The following day my dad and I went out and tried to jump start my truck but that didn't work so we ended up just putting a new battery in. Ever since then none of the 4x4 modes in the truck will work, the light changes on the button like it switched but I don't feel the actual 4x4 engaging. I tried 4lo which works some times, 4hi just doesn't work, and when I try to use the auto4x4 it makes a whining or whirling noise and I'm scared to go over 5mph. Also there is now a rattling noise coming from what sounds like the front passenger area. This is kind of an urgent issue because I live in the middle of no where Iowa where no one bothers to plow the roads so working 4x4 is a necessity. My truck is a 2002 Silverado 1500.
  16. jacked up the rear of my 2016 4wd suburban lt truck has been in 2wd for about 50 miles shut traction control off put in drive gently hit the gas rear wheels did not spin front wheels were pulling car forward As soon as I felt the pull I was surprised and glad it did not pull the car off the stands I wanted to use the rear axle to grind down some rotors by attaching them to the lugs so they would spin and then use my grinder. Anyone know why the front wheels were pulling? Thanks,
  17. Brought my truck into the shop due to a "Service 4wd" light, as well as the selector switch acting up. Mechanic inspected the transfer case, found it shot with a lot of loose slack on the chain. He indicated it was an NP8 transfer case going to a M30 transmission. Could someone help with the part number naming on these? Trying to find a replacement online but don't want to buy the wrong one. Open to recommendations where to find the best refurb/used case as well.
  18. Its says service 4wd on my dash and the switch is not working so i bought a new one. but that did not work, the switch doesnt even light up at all and when i press the buttons nothing happens it is currently stuck in 2wd any help?
  19. Dear forum members, This is my first post and I'm glad to be here. I will try to be a kind user I look for some help in diagnosing missing 4WD drive in my '95 K1500 Suburban LT which I have bought some weeks ago. This is a very uncommon car in my country so I have decided to ask for help here amongst such experienced Chevy users. So basically how it looks now: Faulty 4WD fuse (no.24, 25A) was replaced. If the floor lever switched in 4H position then the transfer case engage power to the front differential properly. But there is no voltage applied to the front diff actuator. I don't know if the front actuator was faulty because the voltage is missing somewhere before it. In the meantime I have replaced and upgraded the front diff actuator from thermal to electric (still no 12V going to it), I have also replaced the transfer case switch. This was of course totally useless because there is also no power going to it The real problem I think is that I have misured that there is no power at all going to fuse no.24 and imho this could be the clue I know that I can always add a separate wire and a switch directly to the actuator as suggested by some user but I will try first all possibilities to maintain the harness in original state. Hopefully we have a very light winter so far. I will be grateful for some tips about what to check now. Regards.
  20. So I have a 2007 Silverado Classic with 205,000 kms, I had the normal transfer case input seal leaking, fluid never got low, in fact it was overfull. I repaired that issue and filled with new fluid. Now I went hunting a couple weeks ago and noticed a low growl, bearing type noise that sounds like left front mainly when turning left, or slowing down. It is only present in 4wd, it does not do it in Auto 4wd. So my question is, If I am reading about the auto T-case correctly, the actuator controls the torque and front diff is already locked when in auto or full 4wd, therefore my noise is likely coming from the transfer bearings. Is this a legitimate thought process? Thank you in advance.
  21. Hey guys, I bought my first square body from a farmer who used to to haul manure. This truck is in pretty rough shape but mechanically sound. It has the 6.2 diesel and TH-400 transmission. 8600lb GCVW Short cab with a long bed. Fairly base with a few selected options. Any tips or tricks that are good to know for this year and engine?
  22. 4WD Light

    Hey everyone, I am having an issue with my 4WD light. It's not so much the 4WD . It will engage in 4 wheel hi and low, and disengage but the 4WD engaged light never goes out. I tried hooking this up to a scanner to check for error codes and there are none. I have been reading through a few forums and found it might be the front differential actuator? I am wondering if this is the most likely cause of this problem and if there is a way to test it to make sure it is the issue before I buy the parts because it looks like a fairly easy fix if it is. Thanks Nick I should have mentioned. 2012 Silverado 1500 LS 4.8L with manual 4WD
  23. I've posted on here before for the same topic. I've read about this issue and its rampant on the GM trucks. Yet, GM refuses to acknowledge the problem and help. So here is my latest..... From Day one (8/15/05) my Selector switch has given me problems. 2 switches, software update, TCCM replacement (warranty finally) and now I'm being told that my transfer case needs to be completely replaced!!! I'm done! This has been the only consistent issue with this truck and GM will not acknowledge the issue. HD's and Diesels do not have this issue, I have asked anyone and everyone who i see that has this style of truck. Looks on the Silverado 1500 also shares this issue (to be expected) and its crazy!!!
  24. I dropped my truck off at the dealership this morning for routine maintenance covered under the 24k 2yr plan. I am also having the voice command prompt repaired for the second time (it does not initiate the command prompt when hitting the button). Anyways, the dealership notified me of a 4WD software issue recall. He was not able to elobarate, I will get more info from one of the service guys when I pick it up. Just wanted to notify others and ask if anyone has the details on this? I am going to start searching online for more info. Thanks! Nate
  25. I'm new to this forum, and would like to know about converting a 2002 c2500hd to 4 wd. It has a regular cab short bed with the 6.0 vortex I don't know the tranny type. I would like to know what I would all need to do to convert it to a 4 wheel drive truck. I do not own it yet, but am looking to buy it. I own an older Chevy truck that I did a rolling frame swap on it so I know what I am doing I just haven't done a 2wd to 4wd conversion. And would I need to change the computer in it.

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