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  1. You are going to be perfectly fine, I wouldn't worry about it one bit. Whenever you get back from your trip take into the shop that put the lift on and check everything, just to be safe. Every single lift manufacturer and offload shop will tell you to come back in and get everything checked out as a CYA move. In the sue happy world we live in today everyone has to take extra precautions to protect themselves....see below. LOL *Please note that this recommendation is what I would do and is no way a promise your lift won't fall of the truck*
  2. I don't think they would cover it under the powertrain warranty. It should be just the bearings, I had to replace the bearings on my 14 Sierra but it was relatively inexpensive and easy. I would agree to jacking it up and seeing if it moves, that's going to be the easiest and safest way to figure it out. Good luck!
  3. It has gotta be a code, it might be something so small that it's not setting off any lights on the dash though. I have a K & N CAI on my 18 and had it on my 14, no problems ever on the 14 but I put it on my 18 and boom. About month or so after my remote start wouldn't work and finally it threw a code and my CEL came on. Took it in and it was getting too much air, took apart the whole intake and cleaned everything plus the filter. Put it back on and still had a CEL. I was getting mad at this point, put the stock intake back on and took it to the dealer, turned out to be a bad air sensor. Try cleaning up the filter and see where you can go from there. Good luck!
  4. Well I finally did it...

    Update 3 continued: I did the install of the exhaust system myself, in the garage with no lift, no jack, nothing. I have got to say it was a bit more difficult than expected, the only hard part of this process was getting the stock exhaust off and man oh man was it a booger! I ended up going to Advance Auto and getting one of the exhaust pipe cutter tools and I have gotta say that thing did the trick! I was very skeptical of it at first and it was a hell of a workout but after some force and a lot of turning, it made an incredibly clean cut and I was able to slide the stock exhaust off with ease...I won't tell you how long I laid on my back and tried to slide the stock exhaust off without cutting it...it was a long time. I also won't tell you how much my Uber cost to get to Advance because my stock exhaust was stuck under the truck completely unattached. But after it was on I fired that thing up and it was worth every minute!! She sounds MEAN. Carven Single Side Exit Competitor Series...thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this exhaust!
  5. Well I finally did it...

    Update 3: I was on the fence with this one for quite some time but I finally decided to pull the trigger and make my truck sound like a truck! I've gotta say I am very glad that I did. Carven exhaust was a new find for me and I have gotta say I am really impressed with the quality of the exhaust, the ease of installation, and the sound is spectacular. When @ low speeds and driving around town she's throaty and mean but get it up to highway speeds, I usually run the cruise on 80 (Texas speed limit is 75) and it really quiets down and there is little to no drone in the cab. I have had Flomaster, Borla, Magnaflow, etc...I have covered the basis on exhaust systems and this one is the real deal.
  6. Well I finally did it...

    Profile shot of the almost 33's and tinted windows. The 33's are a placeholder until we do the 4" lift and 35's...but I've gotta say I really like how this truck is looking!
  7. Well I finally did it...

    Update 2: Finally got the tires in, after several weeks and the tires going to two separate locations that we're wrong, thank you UPS, they arrived and they look pretty dang good on the truck! I'll upload a profile shot in just a minute!
  8. Well I finally did it...

    Alrighty, here we go...get ready for a bunch of updates! Update 1: Finally got the windows tinted, we did 0% on both back windows and back glass, 15% on the front two windows, and a 5% strip on the windshield. I think it looks a whole lot better myself, never been a fan of the "fish tank" lol
  9. Well I finally did it...

    Alright, sorry guys! I have been all over the country the past several weeks I have got a few more updates coming very soon! Thanks for waiting on me lol
  10. Well I finally did it...

    That is so funny, literally describing how it went for me! My biggest point of contention was what they wanted to give me for my truck because I already had them exactly where I wanted them on the new one, financed it for 48 months instead of the 60 I was at and my payment only went up $125 a month. I am very happy with the purchase, only thing has been going from the GMC to the Chevy but I'm working through it lol
  11. Well I finally did it...

    Next update guys! I sincerely hope everyone can forgive me because prior to taking it to the shop this morning for the installation of the 2.5" level/lift I completely forgot to take a before picture. But let me tell you there is a noticeable difference! These are the after pics and man oh man am I happy with how she looks, she looks like an actual truck now...a truck that isn't nosediving or looking for a lucky penny. Now I am sure it will be noted that I am currently suffering from TTS (Tiny Tire Syndrome), which is a very real disease and a common occurrence. Don't y'all worry though, the new 33's are in transit and had a slight misunderstanding and ended up in the wrong place...long story short the tires will be here on Friday and will be put on early next week! The 33's should hold me over for a brief period of time, that is until I want 35's again but only time will tell that story. Not pictured are the new Weathertechs, so that's pretty exciting! Next up besides the tires will be reinstalling the behind the grille light bar and some other goodies coming soon! Thanks for following along and I hope y'all like her progression as much as I do!
  12. Well I finally did it...

    I've got two things to say here. 1. You must be a genius because great minds think alike! 2. Damn good looking truck brotha! But really, that is a crazy coincidence lol
  13. I'm right there with you, I'm in Tyler and there are 5 Chevy/GMC dealers within 30 minutes of my house!
  14. I'll report back to you on the rub on my new truck, I bought my 18 Silverado and the 2.5" level is going on tomorrow and the 285/75/18's on going on next week. After all my research I don't see it being an issue, however the 33x12.50x20's after doing my research and talking to some people those would probably rub.
  15. First Lifted 2019??

    I agree, I'm pleasantly surprised by that! I had 35's on my 14 with a 3.5" lift but that came with heavy trimming. Glad to see they may have made things easier to run 35's!

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