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  1. Have you considered doing the Denali cluster swap? Easy to do and will for sure set it apart. Looks like you have an aftermarket exhaust already? If not, I'd consider doing that. Vinyl wrap the wheel well moldings? New LED tail lights? Color match tailgate handle? Color match bottom portion of the mirrors? That's about all I've got minus a lift and rims, very good looking truck already! Merry Christmas and best of luck, keep us updated!
  2. Well I finally did it...

    Alright guys, I’ve been doing some thinking and trying to figure out which way to go. 4” and 35’s is where I’m at but that’s as much I’ve got figured out. I can’t decide if I want to keep my stock 18’s or go to aftermarket 20’s or 22’s or go with the stock 22’s. Let me know what y’all think or if I should go a completely opposite way. Thanks guys! Merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 2.5" RC level w/ 33" Terra Grappler G2's
  4. New truck options

    The only differences on the Denali's are the Magneride, the cluster (which is a possible mod for an SLT), the design of the leather on the seats, badging (obviously), and I think that's really it. You can get every other option on an SLT or LTZ. However, you're more likely to find Denali's with the 6.2 instead of the 5.3. Denali's are more of statement maker but not a whole lot of differences with a loaded out SLT or LTZ. Best of luck on the truck hunt and Merry Christmas!
  5. I understand what you're saying completely but its just the fact that I truly do not care about gas mileage. Call me stupid or anything else if you'd like but I don't buy trucks for gas mileage. I buy it to hunt, tow my boat, and get from point A to point B in the safest, fastest, and most legal way possible. To each is own mi amigo. Have a Merry Christmas! Very very carefully, life's hard lol that was a good one! Have a Merry Christmas!
  6. I had a 6.2 in my 15 Sierra, then went back to the 5.3 in my 14 Sierra and 17 Silverado. I would not go back to a 5.3 after this truck and I almost want to sell my 17 and buy an 18 with a 6.2 just because of how good these deals are getting. 5.3 is a great motor, don't get me wrong, but I just like the power and torque that the 6.2 has to offer. There is a noticeable difference when just normal driving and towing. I say why not spend the extra little bit of money and get the big boy motor! P.S. GM does recommend that you run high octane, I usually would run mid grade and every other fill up put premium in at around half a tank and there is certainly a noticeable difference when running the high octane stuff.
  7. That is for sure a bit high, for that price I would be looking at new SLT's or I'd spend another $5,000 and buy a new Denali. I would look around for a better deal and I am almost positive you will find it. Especially the third owner on an 18 talk about a pain in the ass when it comes to reselling. My dad bought his truck at Howard Bentley in AL and got a great deal. I could look for about 15 minutes and find a better deal than that, don't let distance deter you. Get on a plane and go pick it up or ask them about trailering the truck to you, get creative and you'll get a better deal. Good luck! Let us know what you end up doing.
  8. I sure don't, I have a Carven single side exit which I love and it sounds incredibly good for a very good price. But as far as your question goes, it will be pricey and incredibly tame for an "aftermarket" exhaust. My recommendation would be to head over to your local dealer and ask them if they have a truck with the exhaust installed and tell them to fire it up. I'd be very surprised if they didn't have it on a truck there and in person will always be better than a video clip. Best of luck!
  9. Here is a crazy idea if you want good gas mileage don't buy a truck. I drive around 800 miles a week on average and get 15 mpg, I just really don't care about gas mileage and it reflects in how I drive. It just blows my mind how people are going to buy a truck and then have the audacity to complain about the bad gas mileage, if you want good gas mileage go buy a Prius or some other car or a POS Ecoboost. When I buy a truck not only do I not want or care about gas mileage I want the biggest motor they make (6.2 in the case of 1500 GM's). I like the sound it makes when I slam on the skinny pedal. That's my two cents, not that you asked for it but you got it.
  10. Well I’ve had 7 GM products, currently own 2 and I’ve owned 1 Mopar and the Mopar is the only one to ever shake so I don’t worry about it much when buying a vehicle. Being afraid of your truck shaking before you buy it is like worrying about knocking your girlfriend up before doing the deed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Shouldn't have any problems at all, my K&N did the same thing and it threw a code and said it was running too rich. Reconnected and made sure clamp was tight and have had no problems since.
  12. I Took Delivery Today !

    Great looking truck, congrats!!
  13. Go for it, sounds like a good deal and now is the time to buy an 18, killer deals! My 18 doesn't shake at all but again what squeak said some shake and some don't. Worst case you will have a warranty.
  14. When you put it that way, I couldn't agree more. I'll be going back to the dealer!
  15. No sir, it'll be my 7th GM product actually.

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